About The Brown Boned Bawset🙊

“When you walk to your own cadence; your stride just flows better. Show em your jazziness, Yassss” -Mocha Kittz



Mocha “MochaKittzSays” Williams: Is An Ambitiously Corky, Freelance Gamer Chick, Writer, Brand Ambassador, And Budding International Blogger/Vlogger, She Provides Her Subscribers With Thought Provoking Content Such As Reflections, Beauty Tips, Fashion Advice, Innovative Hair Care Tips, Revamped Product Reviews, Story-Time Tales, And Much More. Broadcasting In North Carolina And During Travels. Originally Born In New York, She Relocated To The Charlotte, N.C Area, At 12-Years-Old, After Living In Gastonia, N.C; A Year Prior. She Attended West Mecklenburg High School And Graduated; Attending Fayetteville State University To Major In Bio-Psychology.

Her Low-Key Demeanor, Determination, And Enterprising Mind Is Known To Influence, Inspire, And Also Drive Many Women In The Local/International Community To Dream Big! Perusing Each Goal With Grace, Originality, And Purpose. As A Beauty & Fashion Social Media Influencer, She Challenges Women To Step-It-Up In A Slay-Savvy Kind Of Way. A Warrior In The Name Of Women’s Empowerment; And Delivering Genuine Support To Aspiring Entrepreneurs Of All Races & Genders!

Mocha Attended Fayetteville State University Maintaining A 3.0 Average Her Sophomore Year … She Was Unable To Complete Courses In Her Junior Year; Leaving Fayetteville To Escape Her Domestic Violence Abuser.  Still Healing From The Ordeal, She Began To Take Control Of Her Life By Diving Into Modeling, Print-Work, Fashion Shows, Promotions, And Brand Ambassador Work. Mocha Was Affiliated With A Local Promotional Modeling Company Which Allowed Her To Get Her Feet Wet In The Modeling And Promotional World In Her Local City! Helping That Promotional Company Grow In The Charlotte, N.C Area By Providing Genuis Promotions & Marketing Ideas. Mocha Was Able To Build And Maintain Powerful Relationships With The Elite, Fashion Forward, Business Savvy People In Her Community Whom Recognized Her Potential.

With The Blessings Of A Few Consultations With Prominent Business Women & Leaders, She Was Advised To Place Her Ideas Into Action. By Creating A Website— A Blog— It Would Be Able To Capture The Personality Many People Are Not Privileged To See. Mocha Was Advised That She Was A Star In The Making; Having A Natural Niche For Radio, Television, And Lifestyle Advice.

Finally, In February 2017, Mocha Launched Her First Ever Self Created Website Rantings Of Mocha, Powered By WordPress, After Her Horrible Experience With A Cable Service Provider. The Article She Posted Got Such A Huge Response, That It Was Shared Multiple Times In Agreement.. Prompting Her To Continue On With More Informational Articles Such As “The Bawsey Shoppers Handbook”: A Guide To Obtaining Coupons, And “Simon Cylus: My Tabby Cat Rescue Story.” Mocha’s Will To Always Discover Something New, Meaningful, Exciting, And Apply It To Everyday Living Is The Reason Why She Is Always Sought After For The “Next IT Thing”.  Mocha Is A Introverted, Yet Powerful Woman Whom Overcame Trying Obstacles,  The Struggles Of Being A Brown Boned Girl In A Darker World, And The Ambition To Keep Going To Inspire Current And Future Generations.

Rantings Of Mocha

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