So here is my long story. I had internet & phone. My stay is was up in December so I called AT&T to transfer services to my new address.  Agent 1 states that the new address would have to get a new package because I wasn’t able to transfer the current services to that address. Mind you, I was wrongfully enrolled (sales) in the internet/phone package when I initially signed up. I found out after calling and speaking to a representative, that I could only get that package if I had DirecTV as well! But because I already claimed the gift card;I was allowed to stay enrolled in that package for that price.
Agent 1 stated that she would go ahead & make notations on my account, and give me a little time to do package research because it was kind of a unexpected switch BC of the situation​. I knew that I owed a balance of $133 & I was willing to pay that, I just didn’t want to pay it blindly and enoll in the package that I possibly could not be able to afford. She stated as long as notations was made it on the account any representative will be able to read it.
When I finally knew which package I wanted, which was still internet lol, I called back and spoke to Agent 2. I paid stated the balance of $133. She said somehow I got a restoration fee which she was going to wave! I gladly paid at that time so we go over Internet packages I liked! She was the nicest! Lol She states that she would be able to get me into a bundle deal with internet phone and DirecTV, the one I was supposed to have. Now I decline this offer a good 3-4 times, but she kept sweetening in the pot! She said that she would remove my home wire protection from my account; to fall off at the start of the new service, so that I wouldn’t have prorated charges. Send a Visa $150 promotional gift card, and she also stated that she will get supervisors permission for an expedited installation for January 17th! Now initially, I didn’t call for all of this stuff I really just wanted internet because I can purchase Fire Sticks and pretty much watch TV as needed. With all this juicy stuff I finally said yes, why not let’s try it out!
January 17th rolls around no technician comes out. I took off of work that day because they said the technician will be coming to the house between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. I called that night and spoke to Agent 3, in sunny San Diego! He stated he saw where I was supposed to have installation on January 17th, but Agent 2 never completed the order. Agent 3 reassured me apologizing for the mistake of Agent 2. He stated that for SURE I would have installation on January 19th. January 19th rolls around, no technician! So at 10 a.m. I decided to call the customer service number. I ended up speaking to Agent 4, in Texas. Again he stated that he did see order but he didn’t see a technician handling it. The technician must be running late & reassured me that a technician was on the way.
Around 2 o’clock I called back and spoke to Agent 5, Libra. She stated after taking a look at my entire account everything was set up incorrectly!!! Thehe order would never be completed because it was never sent to a technician!!!! I’m pissed because now I’ve missed multiple days of work. I run a business at home so now I’m behind in my business work! It was really frustrating. At this time, I asked Agent 5; would I have any extra charges on my account? Will I be penalized for anything? Trying to check Agent 2’s work. She stated no you should have a combined bill of $115 for your internet,TV and phone services. She stated that my home wire protection was due to be removed at the start of my bill, and that she does see where I qualify for a promotional gift card. You may get correspondence in between then BC of the merge, but your FULL bill will have DirecTV listed with your internet and phone services. You pay then. So feeling confident in Agent 5 I settled. She got Agent 6 in the installation Department on board & they reassured me that I would definitely be having a technician come out January 24th. But buy this time I have mustard seed faith in SOME customer service reps at AT&T. I quietly accepted. A day later, I finally get the tech installation emails. Installation was great! The technician was very friendly, he was very detailed about the new things from DirecTV. He was a great facial representation of the company!
I must say.. I do enjoy the services they are awesome! I don’t have any problems with my internet, the TV works really well, one of my favorite features about DirecTV is that I can watch two channels at once! There’s never any lagging when I’m gaming, and I love the fact that you have on demand as well!
Fast forward to today and now my services are interrupted because of a $84 bill, that has a restoration fee of $50 on it and $6 for home wiring protection. Whatever else may be taxes and fees which I know I’m responsible for. But what happened to it being included with the bill entire bill?
So I call AT&T customer service number and speak to Agent 7, Tanya Jackson, and explained the situation to her. She is telling me that these are valid charges and that I must pay my bill to get services restored! I asked her very kindly to take a look at the notations on my account (Because that’s what Agent 1 stated, and Agent 2 was supposed to credit) to see all the chaos I have been going through while having this service, as far as switching it to this new address. She kept telling me that I had to pay my bill and that these was a valid charges. There nothing she can do! I explained to her Agent 2 told me when I signed up for my package; that I wasn’t supposed to have that restoration fee! It was supposed to be a credit so I shouldn’t of had it on my bill at ALL to even have “services interrupted.” Agent 2 stated that she saw on the account notations of me calling and talking to Agent 1, my situation based off my incorrect package, and she waived it! Agent 7, TONYA JACKSON did not want to hear what I was saying! She was in account Collections and that she needed my payment. Very rude, I might add. Not empathic at all and I would rate her a 2 in a survey! At least she came to work… Smh
Anywho, I asked to speak to her Supervisor, TANISHA, and she took a look at my account. After putting me on a brief hold (I don’t think she read anything actually) She stated that everything that I stated CHECKED OUT in the notations in my account EXCEPT for the waving of the restoration fee. I was STILL responsible for it because it was a VALID CHARGE. ONCE AGAIN,  I explained to her the misunderstandings and it is error on AT&T! Not me, this wouldn’t be on my bill if it was credited at the time Agent 2 stated.  She claimed that she did not see the notation in the account and that she was sorry for everything that happened but I still needed to make a payment in order to restore services!
How is this my fault that my services is interrupted? IVE HAD THIS SERVICE A LITTLE OVER A MONTH and my service is interrupted? It’s reported to my credit! And it seems like the AT&T representative don’t want to take into consideration that some other Representatives possibly, may not have be knowledgeable about the merge with U-verse and DirecTV as others!
I know my story is long but is there anyway that you can check into my account and see what can be done? I need my services restored please and I feel like it’s said to have to go to the length of Facebook for be heard. Especially when y’all pay good money for training your reps! That’s not fair to the customers, nor AT&T as a company!  If anything extra needs to be paid I will pay. But I don’t feel like it’s fair that my services are interrupted and I haven’t even had a full chance to enjoy it!!! And if my internet and phone is currently interrupted because I have the bill for $84; why is my DirecTV not working if they haven’t even generated a bill for it yet? Nobody can’t tell me the exact amount of my real bill but my services are blocked at no error to me??? HELLLLLLLLP

Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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