Ode To My Menstral Cycle: We Are Women Dammit… We Bleed! ♀

So as chromosome XX or female  lol, we have all been there.. You know the #PeriodStruggle! Lol Mine has always been irregular since I could remember. My doctor told me that my body produces too much estrogen! As if my days could get any more hectic SMH From time to time, I experience spotting and I STRONGLY think it’s connected to my birth control.

Too much estrogen + birth control= #RantingsOfMocha 😭😭 Don’t judge me! It’s my choice..  

I had the mirena IUD at first and let’s just say, that thing is not built to last 😂😂 I actually discovered it coming out in the shower! Crazy right?! But after sharing my story, not so much.. Apparently, it happens often and you might be able to get some dough for it if it caused you complications. Fortunately for me, it just experienced complete shock 😱

Now I’m using Nextplanon.. It pretty cool. The procedure is a bit painful. It’s surgically implanted into your arm; and you change it every 3 years. 

Honestly, I couldn’t move my arm for 2 days (which sucked because I was breast feeding at the time) & I had to leave the gauze on for a day! It burned like hell! But I’m happy to say it works. No babies yet! (You should definitely still practice safe sex if your not in an exclusive relationship) Chyyyyyyyyy, it seems like every time I change birth control I got pregnant 😂😂 I’m good bro! They tried to get me; but that’s a whooollle #NuthaPost

Any who today, I’m set out to request free samples from the leading feminine hygiene products such as U by Kotex, Poise, Tena, to name a few. I wanna see how they stack up against a beautiful, active, hard working, #AmazonWoman like me 😘😂

I need something that’s​ going to give me maximum support, not look like a diaper when I’m flowing heavy, and look appealing to the eye when carried! Something to match my jazzy in case it’s seen (OR shared 😍) I’m a sucker for a comfortable winged pad!

I used to hate growing up and having to carry my “Care Pack” with me at school. My mom made it with my period essentials. It was a little ass pad in a ugly white wrapper! At least my #TriedAndTrue Always Pads had a cute pink wrapper. I find myself needed the purple wrappers when I first start ✌ Don’t judge me I feel protected! LMAO 😔😂 *Sigh* the struggle. Forget that! 


You can go directly to the companies websites and request free samples! Some will even pay for your feedback! Check them out yourself and you be the judge!! You can possibly score some high valued coupons as well!

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Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

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