When Have You Gone To Far? Is It Offensive To Change Your Race?

So I’m scrolling down my timeline on Facebook today, and I happen to come across something rather startling. Now, when I say startling I mean more taboo if anything. I really don’t know whether to be hurt or outright appalled!
Understanding someone’s differences is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing. I guess that’s why I’ve always been intrigued with psychology. Let’s just get to the point!

Elsa Estevéz, a Caucasian and Hispanic female damn near caused Facebook to crash when she made a brave and bold statement to come out and identify racially​ as an African-American woman. She also goes on to state that she will now​ be wearing ebony toned foundation, Afro kinky typed wigs, and she also plans to sprinkle CURRY SPICES.. YES, you read that right, CURRY SPICES on her wigs to smell “Black.”

You can check out her original post in the picture below:

Now, when I saw this I had a vast variety of emotions fill me. Of course all the normal motions I would experience; as an African-American woman, in America today! But the most strongest one was a feeling of sadness. I’ll explain why.

I felt a vast sense of sadness after reading the post because clearly this woman is having some type of identity crisis. Black Dysphoria… Yeah okay, more like WTF! What is wrong with this woman, to feel like it was acceptable to even consider painting her face… In my opinion “Black face?” I mean, you can identify with a race or culture, that is understandable.. But it’s all about how you present yourself. Two, if you claim to be so identifyable as an African-American woman, you should of mostly do all the research on our culture before your horrid, public announcement! 

Now dammit this is just my opinion! Any other race with their face painted dark, and its racial undertones (or blatant race involved content) we see “Black Face.” An era that we feel like should of never been created in the first damn place! It depicted African-American people by white people paint with black faces! It is highly offensive to us mainly because at the time we weren’t even considered HUMAN BEINGS, we were treated as “less than” rather than “equal to!” Property! #Tuh 

We wasn’t even able to play the parts that “so called” portrayed our “so called” depicted lives. When we finally did get a chance, we had roles like Lincoln Perry’s the“Laziest man In the world” characters evolved. 

You can find the whole article here:

To add insult to injury, other times black women were viewed as the maids, cooks, and nannies. Black men, they were viewed to be violent, killer, rapist that were out to take the Divine dignity of the white woman! Annnnd they still wasn’t treated equally, nor getting fair pay in the lucrative early motion picture business! Can you imagine this being shown to children, families, etc? 

This created the whole image of the “Intimidating Negro Man!” So at what point again I ask, did she feel like this was acceptable?!  Why do you have to go to this extent to justify something to the world that you feel internally?

Side Bar: Early in film, African Americans were not always depicted as savages. One popular film is  SPITFIRE released in 1922.  It’s categorized​ a Race film. You can find out more information about Race Films HERE:

The race film or race movie was a film type produced entirely in the United States between about 1915 and the early 1950s, consisting of films produced for an all-black audience, featuring black casts. … The term “race film” is sometimes used to describe films of the period aimed at other minority audiences.

Check This Out:

Contrary to the later years in film, African Americans were doctors and prominent people in they’re communities.They were articulate and showed they wanted more in life! 

It was only until in 1915, a silent film called “Birth Of A Nation” was released. In that, the whole movement of the “Savage Negro” emerged. 

Here are some screenshots from the movie:

Black men were​ depicted as animals, uneducated, and savages!

Black women were depicted as maids, cooks, nannies, and also portaited uneducated and untrustworthy. (Strangely, they can still cook your food and watch your children though. SMH) The sick world we live in!

An white actor, in Black Face, depicting an animalistic “black man” (negro), roaming the woods. He eventually ends up running into a random white woman and tries to rape her.


In 2016, I would say it was an attempt to start another era of Race Films by Nate Parker! At least he tried to lay the foundation for unity.. He also released a movie called BIRTH OF A NATION which depicted the rise and life of the Infamous Slave Master Slayer Nat Turner. 

Let’s just say, a certain group of people didn’t like how they were being depicted in a movie… Ironically…. Which evidence upon evidence, points to this certain group of people ACTUALLY COMMITTING THESE ACTS.. Both sides… Around the time of the movie release, his old past transgressions surfaced about a “rape” incident in college.

When a white woman accused him  a of raping her, he was AQUITTED of all the charges. Years later, the woman committed suicide, sadly, for whatever reason. NOW, honestly him getting AQUITTED of raping a white woman is rare. So there had to be something concrete presented in court to justify his innocence!

Why does this resurface now? It came out THEN, AT THAT TIME, TO KILL THE DREAM OF RISING AFRICAN AMERICANS.. Yeah I said it! WHOMEVER, the elites are caused this info to come out to discredit Nate Parker’s  work. To prevent his movie, from giving African-Americans the same “crazed” affect the ORIGINAL, 1915, Birth Of A Nation had on the Caucasian community!!  #WeAreGettingWiser Now tell me I’m lying tho…

 Check out ratings and reviews here!


Another thing that bothered me and I would say wanted to make me whoop her ass more than anything (Yes, I know it wouldn’t solve anything.. It​ was sarcasm 😂😭 because at this point, I’ve seen it all!) was when she stated that she wanted to wear Afro kinky wigs… Sprinkled in Curry Spices!! 😰

Now hair is hair!!! And I can’t be mad at her wanting to wear different textures in her hair. It’s hers! Hell, I had a Brazilian ladies hair in my hair that I bought! I’ve worn virgin Indian hair before.. I would be a straight hypocrite if I said anything about the wig. But what I can talk about boo boo, is the fact that you think all African-American people smell like Curry powder!!!

How do you even fix your lips to state this? How do you not have this little thing in your mind that lets you know when you’re​ fucking up! And I mean in a major way?! But then, after I start thinking about what her belief may be. I start to feel again sad, and curious.. DONT JUDGE ME! I’m curious to know what goes on in that head of hers? How did she come to that conclusion?! Does she know anyone can purchase Curry Powder at ANY supermarket 😂😭 Oh the burning questions ✍💌

I would love to do a Vlog with her just to see! Omgee, no shade just open discussion. I feel like we need to discuss more an hate less!! #DiscussMore #HateLess
I would be lying, if I didn’t say I get great inspiration from Jamali Maddix, on Viceland’s “Hate Thy Neighbor”

On his show, he travels and links up with people who are CLEARLY racists.. lol For many different reasons, and does some investigative journalism with them to understand why they believe so strongly in hating another race, gender, Creed, sexual orientation, etc.! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, PLEASE CHECK YOUR​ LOCAL TV LISTINGS!! Or, you can visit they’re website directly and check out the other amazing shows they have to offer as well!


Here are some screenshots from his show “Hate Thy Neighbor”:

#MochaYourOffTrack Okay, Okay..

Anywho, I find this whole this outrageous in the points I’ve presented. But trying to find the positive in a Taboo situation, she also stated that she suffers from Race Dysphoria (when you believe to identify with a race other than your  I own) When I heard this, I immediately thought about Rachel Dolezal! 😂😭 But she never tried to paint her face black or used Curry Chanel Perfume! She just hit the tanning bed a little long than most. Lmao

I also feel like its somewhat cool that someone would want to identify with my race. We have been demonized so much but it is definitely more to our being than what is shown about us in the media! Shaping generation, after generation, until we eventually believe it to be true! How she did it, it just kills that little bit of blah as it started.. Lmao

I only say this because I love the diffences within cultures. For example, I love how Native Americans are so in tune with nature and what is around them in the metaphysical sense. In a way, I can identify with different cultures all across the board.

“HOWEVER, YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME OUT HERE​ AS A NATIVE AMERICAN FOR HALLOWEEN! WHY WOULD I OFFEND THEY’RE CULTURE LIKE THAT? If I truly honor and respect it? (Just leave the race Halloween costumes alone!! Okayyy, DAMMN.. JUST MY OPINION..)” –Mocha Kittz 💕

For the same reasons, I feel like Elsa Estevéz should of showed respect in a different form. It may sound vain, but if anything pull a Rachael Dolezal.. 😂😭She gave back and was heavily involved within our community. #DontShootTheMessenger

What’s your​ Perspective on the situation? Does her having “Race Dysphoria” justify her actions? Do you think she was doing this to be offensive? Comment in the box below and let me know your opinion! I would love to hear it!! 


Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

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