Simon Cylus The Tabby Cat: My Charlotte Humane Society Rescue Story

Growing up I’ve always felt great empathy for animals. I would literally get in trouble for taking food out of the kitchen… It was like literally taking hard-earned food out the house.


Growing up I’ve always felt great empathy for animals. I would literally get in trouble for taking food out of the kitchen… It was like literally taking hard-earned food out the house. When I was younger, I moved to Gastonia, NC, initially from Brooklyn, NY. I will never forget it! A little townhouse in the Georgetown Woods community! We had a small portion of trees as a backyard. I would always catch a glimpse of cats roaming. Even then, you could catch me leaving a can of my mom’s best salmon out for a stray!


We randomly got a dog named Cleopatra. At this time, we were still in New York. We didnt moved to Gastonia until my little sister was a few months old. Cleopatra was a beautiful honey brown, pure bread boxer. She was awesome! So active and playful. A friend that never left my side. The memory of her running down the hallway to me still lingers with me to this day. I was only 10-years-old but at that moment I became a “Pet Mom” Lol It was like, finally after years of begging, the kids won! Let’s just say, my mom became a mom as well because she started experiencing morning sickness! It was assumed to be the dog at first! Crazy.. Unknowingly, she assumed herself to be allergic to the dog.. Honestly, morning sickness is horrible, I’m sure the right thing was discussed with her husband. It just hurt my heart to never had a chance to say good-bye! I think I’m emotionally attached to every pet I come in contact with. Seriously, it more of an energy thing for me.


We’ve had a series of cats over the years. We’ve had Patches, Tiger, Sylvester, just to name them. We’ve hosted they’re mother Booshka when we suspected a mice issue. Which isn’t really that uncommon when your living in a 16 Story building. Hunnay, she wasn’t one to bring the “reward” back to you either.. After she showed us her prize the first night; she went rogue!  Truthfully, we weren’t her real owners any ways. She was there to do a job. She never “claimed” us like her kittens did!

“I don’t know why people are so wishy-washy when it comes to the topic of cats.. It’s like, you hate cats with a passion, but you love watching cat videos on YouTube? You mean to tell me, you love Hello Kitty, but you wouldn’t rescue a kitty? OR at least seek to try to prolong its destiny for a safe home?” –MochaKittzSays

Can you imagine what cats experience on the street? Hell, that’s any animal.. What are you planning to do to? How can you contribute?  One major way you can contribute and do your part is to partner up with your local Humane Society! Here are some things you could check out!

  • TAKE A TOUR: Actually visit the site to get an understanding of the daily routine of saving/rescuing animals.
  • Bring a donation: A lot of times any thing helps! Dont feel ashamed if you can’t donate lavish things (huge boxes of food, etc.) The staff will not judge you. In fact, they will appreciate your kind gesture.
  • Interact with the Animals: You would be surprised at how many people claim they don’t like something; but never tried it?! Go into this animal sanctuary with an open mind and heart. Be empathic and humble. The universe is so humbling. At any point in life this could be you. The roles may be reversed and it is you whom could be needing a helping hand, a warm heart, an empathic soul.
  • Ask for volunteering opportunities: Don’t think rescuing a pet is for you, but you don’t have the time or space for animals? Volunteer! Donations doesn’t always have to be monetary. Donate some of your good vibes at your local Humane Society. Who knows, maybe a furry soul will pick you!  Make sure you spay/neuter your pets if you haven’t already!

Fast forward to 2017; I’m finally ready… Honestly, I could have rescued a pet by now. I’ve been so busy and felt like I wouldn’t have the time. Here’s why I say a furry soul may pick you…

My home girl, Chelle invited me to come on a visit with her to our local Humane Society of Charlotte, 2700 Toomey Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203.

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I already talked myself into staying focused. This was her day, although she was encouraging me to get a pet as well. Lol We arrived and of course they have the cutest cats/kittens in the lobby and behind the counter. We walk around (our kids were more like excitedly jogging). We checked out the dog kennels. They were so cute and friendly! All different types of breeds. I can say at this point, I mentally rescued 3 before I even got to the cat building!

I had my 1-year-old daughter in a baby carrier and she was absolutely enjoying the whole experience. We have a Shih Tzu, named Zoëy and she loves her to death.



Most def, vice versa! Zoey was literally there my whole pregnancy. Holding my ponytail during morning sickness and everything! KIDDDDING… But just know that she was making sure I was okay the whole time. Any who, she was really putting her learning skills to use. They boys enjoyed themselves as well, asking questions and drawing conclusions! Overall, I believe this was an amazing learning experience for the kids, and myself. Unknowingly, we were educating them through experience, and allowing them to create their own personal views about different animals. Don’t let society tell you what you like! The only way to know for sure is to try it out yourself!

My good-hearted friend, Chelle, ended up rescuing her a beautiful cat and changed her name to “NeNe.” She says she is a hyper cat that keeps up with her 2 boys, yet gentle enough to be a little rough-housed by her soon-to-be 1-year old daughter. She knows how to be left alone when she wants her space.. Her donation was small; totaling $5! No judgement, just information paperwork and a care package! Simple, right? In NC you do have to register for a Pet Owners License. For more info see below:

Pet Owners License Information HERE

Sooooo, I begged and pleaded for 2 months to get a rescued pet. I was rejected… I like for my living space to be harmonious. If we can’t unite via votes.. Oh well… But one day, it was a blessing in disguise. Mice dropping.. Like who really gets excited about fecal matter?? Me! I knew then, I’ve won be default! (Thank you Universe, Thank you!) I think you know where I’m going with this.. After 2 more weeks of convincing, I find myself walking through the local Humane Society!

When I walk in, It seemed empty. Last time, I heard meows in all directions from numerous display cages. Dogs barking in a distance. Today, just a few meows from behind the counter floor.

DID YOU KNOW: PetCo Partners up with the Humane Society to feature animals to increase their chance for being rescued? But at Petco, you pay a $150 adoption fee for the same cat you can rescue for a small donation at your local Humane Society? I never knew…

Then, I understood the meowing from the floor. PetCo was about to carry 3-4 cats to a store location. One doll was trying to get my attention, so I kneel down to do my weird ” Human Meowing” thing. They whole office just gets quiet… I didn’t even notice I was on the floor, behind their desk, meowing! The office staff was very understanding and say it was cute; they went back to working. Like I had simply coughed or sneezed too loud! It was hilarious. The lady from Petco and her staff collected the cats and left. The nice lady working the desk stated that it was spay/neuter day. The majority of the animals were doing medical. They should be back around 2pm. This hurt my heart, but I understood.

As I’m talking, I notice an alluring white, gray, and black cat with beautiful eyes come out of hiding.. We literally locked eyes and fell in love! The cat stretched and walked up to the cage door. He started to reach out for me; meowing. He must have noticed me interacting with the other cats that left prior. I walk over and return the love. His name is Simon, a domestic tabby cat! We knew then, we claimed each other. I don’t know if it was because I came dressed to slayyy with an oversized hat & shimmer choker; or if it was because he sensed my warm, inviting energy.. I don’t know but to me, it was destiny..

Simon Sure Claims To Have A #KittySlayFace As Well!!

We decided to come back to see the other kittens at 2pm. During the wait, I went out buying cat essentials enchanting them with Simons name. Still trying to be open-minded about the other cats.. Needless to say, the family members who claimed to not like cats, sure had a ball buying little treats and toys! We spent a good bit in Wal-Mart on cat things. A lot of the stuff we just extras, we got a little carried away!

Basic Starter Kit:

  • Litter and Litter Box
  • Litter Box Liners
  • Cat Food (Wet or Dry)
  • Comfy Bed
  • Flea Collar/Shedding Brush/ Lint Roller ( Cats will shed mildly.. It should calm down drastically once s/he gets settled into the home. Shedding could also be caused by stress as well, just give it some time)
  • Optional: Catnip, Toys, Laser Pointers, Scratcher, Claw Caps, etc

I returned back to the Humane Society Of Charlotte and still enjoyed myself interacting with the other animals that weren’t there before. I believe my 2 runner-ups was “Lady Mouse Catcher” and “Lord (Something)” Thinking back, I can remember Simon’s face lighting up when I walked back through the door. It was almost as if he knew he wasnt going to see me again; it was already processed! Little did he know, I couldn’t stop thinking about him since I left. He was a little jealous watching me with others.. Displaying it by reaching out for me, meowing. I always came back to him and pet him just to reassure him I didn’t forget about him. He was mine, I knew it from the first moment we met.

Simon Cylus the Tabby Cat ( Yes, that’s his whole name, lol) is such an amazing soul! At first, he was shy yet adventurous of exploring the house. He was litter trained and even puts his “mess” in a pile (covered with the litter box lining). He is very sweet with my 8-year old son, protective of my 1-year old daughter. He didn’t have his claws when I got him, they were shaved down. I’ve allowed him to keep them, for defense reasons. He is a cat, right? Since I’ve had him I havent experienced any aggressive behavior towards my family. When he wants his time alone he knows how to disappear somewhere in the house. He always returns so sweet and ready to cuddle! He’s really made for me.. Now imagine if I never had an open-mind? My friend, Chelle as well? Where would these wonderful souls be? Treated with care, I’m sure with the amazing help of the Humane Society of Charlotte! Every animal isn’t so lucky to be re-homed!


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All I’m saying is just give it a try. Visit a shelter today and get as much information as you can. I can’t imagine what/where Simon Cylus The Tabby would be if the kind person responsible for his initial rescue; didn’t do their part by calling Animal Control & Care (8315 Byrum Dr., Charlotte, NC, 28217, 704-336-7600). They allowed Simon Cylus The Tabby to stay on their porch and provided food for him. They showed compassion for him until animal control arrived.


Simon Cylus The Tabby Sure Loves To Get Comfy! He Loves To Cuddle as well 😘

On top of gaining a life-long friend, Simon Cylus The Tabby came to me almost wrapped in a bow! I received an amazing starter pack from the Humane Society Of Charlotte. He was:

  1. Completely spayed
  2. He was already mirco-chipped
  3. Came with a year free subscription to
  4. Vaccination was up to date (Tags Included)
  5. One month free of health Insurance
  6. A big bag of his favorite food (Hill’s Science Diet)
  7. A safe carrier
  8. A great book of popular Charlotte’s business professionals with animals. Some even rescued from the same shelter!
  9. Completed Paperwork for Pet Licensing application (You may be a discount if the animal is spayed/neutered)

It’s an amazing experience to open yourself up to! Do a little more research and create good vibe! Rescue a pet today! So you think you’re ready to be a Pet Parent? Check out some cool links below!

Humane Society Of Charlotte
2700 Toomey Ave
Charlotte, NC 28203

Humane Society Of Charlotte


More Information On Pet Licensing In NC

Pet Data

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Simon Cylus The Tabby Cuddling With His Pet Mom MochaKittzSays


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