2 Week Review: Using Grab Points AND Swag Bucks

When things are free, they are so much better! 😊 Can you think of a time when you really wanted something but you had priorities; or maybe didn’t have the full amount?! Well as you know, I’ve introduced to you the #BawseyShoppers guide to saving big (check the previous blog); but here is an update! I wanted to show #InspireNation my results after earning points.

Now, I will admit I’m not a person that is on these apps faithfully. Maybe on the weekends will I earn the most for the week. I normally do a survey when I have down time; or claim the daily points sent to me, if nothing at all. I just like the option to not paying​ full price for the things I would normally buy! You, on the other hand, may be a pro with the finessing of the point system! Whatever’s your deal hunnay, I’m just here to spread the word…

**Here Are My Points At The Middle & End Of Week 1***

This Took 2 Surveys On Grab Points

Call it whatever you what, but Swag Bucks is a lot of work! So my preference is Grab Points. Why do they make you work that hard? Lol

“It’s not about who does it first, it’s about who does it best!! If your authenticity is someone else’s blue print; have fun playing catching up! “-Mocha Kittz

 I just didn’t feel like my time was worth it for so little points from Swag Bucks. Soooo, I just redeem the daily codes for points on their Facebook wall. I really don’t engage with the application. Well, only to see what new possibilities are out. If Swag Bucks has it, you can believe the Grab Points does as well, and you’ll most likely get more points from it!  You can still send the Swag Bucks points to your PayPal account once you accumulate enough earnings! It’s sort of a cushion to what you earn fron Grab Points.

In my opinion, Grab Points gives you way more points for qualifying (and completing) surveys; their rewards are more obtainable, and you can start claiming rewards literally with 4 completed surveys! Eventually, you will be able to buy something personal, for a loved one, or for your pet!

🎭🎭I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but ummmmm, when I put my race as African-American, I don’t seem to qualify for many surveys. Why is that? Why is it when I use I’m either full Caucasian or Caucasian with a Spanish background, I almost always qualify! Why is thaaaat?! I literally didn’t start feeling like I was earning my time; until I change that small info, and started applying. 🎭🎭

**I don’t know if it happens to anyone else; but it is definitely noted. If you don’t qualify often, change that info, *Looks Around the Crowd** & try your surveys out 🙊**

Do you know of any other apps that help others earn points to covert money, gift cards, etc.? Please feel free to comment in the comment section! Where can they be downloaded?  Please leave your referral codes for me to use below when I try new apps..  😍I think I wanna do something #Jazztastic I will record myself drawing them out of a BAWSEEEEE BETSEY JOHNSON BAG! (I love Betsey Johnson) You know my saying “Help Me, Help You” **Good Luck** 

Ok, Grab Points is where it’s at! Check out my current point accumulation after 2 weeks:

The Results Are In! I Like It! 😍

Not bad right?! My goal is to eventually cash out at 20,000 points! Which will be equivalent to $20.00 PayPal money. How have attached a little cheat sheet to the Rewards system, just so you can get a better understanding of how it works! (IDKY you haven’t gotten the app yet, though lol)

Easily Obtainable Rewards On Grab Points
Easily Obtainable Rewards On Grab Points

I love the fact the have so many places to choose from! 😍

Enjoy A $10 Gift Card To Sephora from Grab Points!!
Easily Obtainable Rewards On Grab Points (StarBucks)


*89+- They Didn’t Forget The Fellas! It’s So Many Rewards Out For You Too!

Seee, I told you! They are much more obtainable than Swag Bucks and my secret is really the surveys guys, I can’t stress that enough!

Look How Much Points Your Opinion Is Worth!

The various ways you can earn points for cash to “slay on ‘ya haters” from Grab Points is to read articles, watch videos, complete surveys/offers,  download applications, share things on Facebook, and play games!  Check out some of the photos below if you don’t have the Grab Points app, and want to get a sneak peek! 

Easy Ways To Earn Grab Points

Quick Links & Referral Codes To Websites:

Get #free gift cards with #GrabPoints! Start with 500 points with my invite code to Grab PointsVDGU6O

Here’s the link to get a Swag Bucks to cushion up your Grab Points!!

Click here To Get $30 On your first load, when you order a FREE PRE-PAID Rush Card!!

Ya girl is full of goodies and surprises! I must admit, I’ve “Surprised” a couple chicks in my day 😁😂 #Insider 👊 Oh, I crack myself up!



I’ve been on a long, tiring, yet rewarding quest to saving money legally… Lol A sweet darling of #InspireNation messaged me about a app called IBotta! The name itself makes you want to know more right?! I know, so I’ve set up an account & can use it to do grocery shopping! 

The New Game Changing Grocery Saving App Called Ibotta

Not only am I saving by using my in-store saving card; I’m earning points on my PlentiCard, annnnd I can now earn more money towards PayPal by using IBotta?! Don’t let me even think about shopping at Walmart and use my savings catcher app! 👏👏 People… **MIND EXPLODES IN… 3…2….1…🌋***

Join IBotta Today! Check out Ibotta to get cash back! Use my referral code, tbgkecm, and you can earn an extra $10!!!

Have you seen the advertisement for a website called RoseWholesale.com?

Wonderful products are offered on Rose Wholesale!


Well, I’m sure you have and just scrolled by it. Im suuuure you couldn’t deny the beautiful products they had either! Lol Or maybe you loved something, browsed, and thought you wouldn’t be able to afford it! If you sign up with this website, they have a option where you can “Share & Get It Free”. Hellll, no it’s not that easy as a simple share. You definitely have to read the fine print here, folks! 

What the button looks like! It’s Your New Friend!

You sign up for a free account on the website, once in you can browse (and shop) all the products available. If you see something you like, it will be a pink button under the item saying “Share & Get It Free”.. The next step is Share, share, share! Lol 

A detailed break-down of the “Share & Get It Free” option.


When people sign up using your link, they get AMAZING codes to use towards purchases, INSTANTLY! WHICH IS GOOD FOR YOU, because they (or one person) would have to buy about 2-3 items to get you your product free (or $50 voucher). The sign up codes are spectacular, they are also available to you as well! Can you imagine all of your friends and family using your sign up code? The possibilities are limitless 🌺🌹 You can basically get the items you really love on your wish list! Definitely head on over and see what all the fuss is about! 

Help support my dreams, my ambitions, my hustle! See why I go so hard! I’m still in the learning stages, yet so humbly willing to grow!! Read more of my story HERE!



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