It’s not often that we come across some genuine, unique, humble, and down to earth people. A shinning star; whom is willing to align other beings in the sky for greatness! A lot of the times, people are trying their hardest to make it. They forget that the next man; is also eagerly trying to make it, as well… I wonder why that is? What sets aside a fiery torchbearer from a copyist follower?

The Almighty Universe has been creating leaders since the beginning of time.. We all know that… Leaders are born… Yes, Damnit I said it! Those naturally born leaders whom continue to aggrandize with other loyal, worthy leaders; will truly obtain their destiny. How so? Soley because they walk to their own cadence to disorder we call a normal “Life”! Those who live with purpose, not for popularity.. Who choose to answer THEIR calling and are willing to merge support to other innovators, for maximum growth and knowledge.
Now Hunnnayy, I said that to say, DUSTY “DUSTY WIN” WINCHESTER is in his community of Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas, spreading so much love. He has some innovative thought processes, products, rhymes, and a marching spirit that is undoubtedly inspiring! He prides himself on the fact the he has a “Old-School with a New Era” feel; and makes the choice to “spit” meaningful lyrics! You can’t help but to respect his wavelength!
One of the newest products this “Man Of Many Hats” has available at the moment; is from his own #JAZZY BRAND N.I.C.E ENTERPRISE (NOW I CAN EAT Enterprise on Facebook) T-SHIRTS!!! GET AHEAD OF THE CURVE HUNNAY AND ORDER YOURS TODAY! DON’T forget to LIKE the page to stay up-to-date with NEW RELEASES!

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One of the things that really stands out to me, is his knowledge of motivational diversity to promote his ambitions! Informational diversity, in my opinion, is the most JAZZIEST way to understand what another person’s point of view is in conversation. Whether a person is completely different from you, or you share the same interest, you will never walk in that person shoes! You understand?
According to ScientificAmerican.com’s “Social Studies on Diversity.” It is scientifically proven that diversity is the most effective way to increase creativity. Also, you get the most creative juices going when you share ideas with others that have different lifestyles, cultures, habits, hobbies, etc. Needlessly saying, when you elevate your mental capacity, come together with a bunch of people different than you (or slightly similar); you share new mind capturing ideas.. Things you never would of thought of (possibly) by yourself; without the influence of someone DIFFERENT than you!
#MochaYourRanting, ok, ok, that’s enough of the deep stuff! Im sure a lot of that stuff is self explanatory.. I’m just continuingly being a Good Sis out here 💯 So once again, I’m screaming #SUPPORTYOURLOCALS!!!! Is that on a t-shirt yet?! Lol
So let’s get straight to it! Please believe DUSTY “DUSTY WIN” WINCHESTER’S NAME IS BOOMIN… But if you didn’t know… Don’t worry! YOU WON’T HAVE A CHOICE BECAUSE……

Real Hip-Hop: The Album from Dusty Win

Dusty Win is a dope fella in my book because he is driven on his craft, focused, motivated.. A real F*ckin hustler! All while he is grinding promoting his dreams and aspirations; he is effortlessly supporting other locals! I can dig it, yasssss 💯💯

It doesn’t hurt either, that he is a conscious emcee that is not afraid to promote individuality, personal growth, and bringing back LYRICS to hip hop! Most of the people our youth aspire to glofify the wrong things; especially when it’s placed on a beat. Dusty Win’s superb knowledge of self sets him aside from everyone else…. He’s not glorifying the “RockStar” lifestyle… HE’S ONLY OUT HERE BEING DUSTY…. PERIOD! But please don’t get it twisted… He can switch it up and “take it there” too! As long as you just keep it real, positive, & respectful…. You “Won’t Get No Smoke” Lmao **KNOWN SLANG IN CHARLOTTE, NC*** You can find out more about what not to do, by checking out Dusty Win’s, SUPER CREATIVE track On YouTube titled “Woolie Face Monster”!

A Quick Photo From Dusty Win’s Video “Woolie Face Monster” (Rantings of Mocha has No Rights To This Photo)
A Quick Photo From Dusty Win’s Video “Woolie Face Monster” (Rantings of Mocha has No Rights To This Photo)
A Quick Photo From Dusty Win’s Video “Woolie Face Monster” (Rantings of Mocha has No Rights To This Photo)

Chyy, you know I love to do my research on a artist before I blog… Not because I’m meddling, but because I like to learn about them soley, by their work. I truly enjoy listening to new music and learning new things.. You should never stop trying to expose yourself to new, healthy things to expand your purpose in life. My mind is like a sponge absorbing everything artsy & enlightening… While doing a little research, I ran across a cover song from Dusty Win on YouTube titled “Dusty Winchester: Crew Love Remix”. Since this track Dusty Win has released many other head banger singles such as “Real Hip-Hop”, “Whole Lotta”, “Middle Finger 2 Ya”, “Here Come Carolina”, and many more deep joints to ride around ANYWHERE in your city to. They are guaranteed to be continuous hits and sure to stimulate your mind intellectually!

I had a chance to actually question Dusty Win about his experience displayed in his biography. Rapping and break dancing at 5-years old? Wow! Oh course I asked if he could still break dance, I’m still waiting on a response Lmao 😂😭 j/k I also questioned his about his first performance. Dusty stated that he performed for his close friends and family! He felt a great sense of accomplishment and knew then; he was a talented emcee! His advice to his younger self was to look, listen, observe, and be respectful!! In his eyes, these verbs are the keys to gaining knowledge in life… So take notes!

Side Bar: I love to go just a little bit deeper.. I think me majoring in Psychology has me asking deep questions. Me being an empath doesn’t help either my ass either. Lol I so wish I knew how to control this urge to ask people so many questions 😖😂 So don’t mind me! Lol A lot of the times I can dream something, can’t remember the dream until it plays out that day… I know I’m gifted… Now what?! Yeah, yeah, I know… I’m #Ranting… I’ma get back on track now y’all! Lol

I asked Dusty to mentally take me to this particular space in time.. Time travel with me.. Let me explore what makes you.. you.. Dusty Win stated that he was on a massive stage, lights beaming, fans packed to the brim alllat! Fans shouting, chanting, and rapping along with his lyrics! He stated that when he performs, he still flashes back to this moment, to this day! Sounds like a “litty” ass WORLD WIDE TOUR to me! I’m just going speak it into existence for you brotha! It’s amazing that even at an early age of life, you can already KNOW your destiny… Hence why I believe leaders are BORN!
Anybody can obtain a “leader position” without the foundational elements of a leader.. But it takes a BORN LEADER to utilize those elementals for PURPOSE! YALL DONT HEAR ME THO…. *Snap* *Snap* *Snap*

Before my rambling ass continues to ramble… Let’s just talk about his track titled “Dusty Winchester Crew Love Remix” on YouTube!

A Picture From “DUSTY WINCHESTER: Crew Love Remix” on YouTube
A Picture From “DUSTY WINCHESTER: Crew Love Remix”

“Middle fingers 2 y’all anyway/ I’m from another world that’s outta space/ The Devil will try to knock you off your square/ Please Don’t Push No Buttons, Nor Take Me There…”– Dusty WINCHESTER

This piece of art is so delicately crafted, yet so damn capturing and motivational. Dusty Winchester is not promoting the destruction of “our” community in his music. No, not AT ALL! This gifted guy is promoting the continued growth we so desperately need in the community! We are truly lacking humble, yet torchbearer male leaders in our Charlotte, NC Community. I truly thank him for the fact that he is writing and recording the essence of him, versus what is “Hot Right Now”.
Words of advice: Never dull down yourself for anyone else’s consumption…

You can tell for sure Dusty Win was heavily influenced by old-school hip-hop. Let me tell you, baBEE anyone who was blessed to see the evolution of break dancing… Should know what REAL hip hop is!💯 It was SO MUCH SUBSTANCE IN MUSIC during these times… I always felt that people who were either exposed to the blossoming of Rap/Hip Hop, or born into the era of hip-hop, really had a chance to see how many times it has evolved.

Over the years, real music heads have seen it manipulated (often times for the worst) so many times. Dusty Win is determined to bring it back to everyone and we should definitely be supporting his movement. He kinda puts me in the mind of a “Notorious B.I.G” or “KRS One”, real hip hop heads will follow me… There is substance in EVERY SONG HE HAS DROPPED! You understand? Dusty Winchester is just too positive! When you are secure in yourself, along with faith, you’re sure to win!

Dusty Win, is definitely out here winning! He has his album “Real Hip-Hop” to be released soon! He is also booming with his right-hand man, Munchie with their ‘FYYYE ASS SINGLE “HERE COME CAROLINA”

Cover Art For “Hear Come Carolina” (Rantings Of Mocha has no Right To Photo)

Click here to listen to “Here Come Carolina” on YouTube! Download links coming soon!

YOU BETTER GET IN LINE TO GET YOURS NOW! THE PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR THIS ALBUM FOR SURE!! Makeeee suuurrre you stay up-to-date with his Facebook page Dusty Win for snippets and new releases!

Dusty Win’s Cover Art for “Real Hip-Hop: The Album”

DUSTY WIN is also treading with acting in indie films by being in the NEW WEB SERIES “A CAROLINA TALE” PRESENTED BY CAROLINA EL & CACKTOWN VISIONS!! If you hadn’t had a chance to check it out, don’t worry… Didn’t I tell you I was a Good Sis out here?! I’ve left the first episode below for you! 💪💯 Make sure you like Comment, share, and subscribe to ALL channels so you don’t MISS A DAMN THING!

Quick Pic From Web Series “A Carolina Tale” PRESENTED BY CAROLINA EL & CACKTOWN VISION
Quick Pic From Web Series “A Carolina Tale” PRESENTED BY CAROLINA EL & CACKTOWN VISION


Check Out Some Of The Videos Dusty Win has out already at the moment! MAKE SURE TO SHOW SUPPORT BY LIKING, COMMENTING, AND SHARING!

Dusty Win-Win: Sniper On The Roof Top”

Quick Snap From Dusty Win’s “Sniper On The Roof Top” (Rantings of Mocha has no rights to this photo)

“Every Verse”

Quick Snap From Dusty Win’s “Every Verse” Featuring Javon Jackson A.K.A Juz1 (Rantings of Mocha has no rights to this photo)

“Woolie Face Monster”

A Quick Photo From Dusty Win’s Video “Woolie Face Monster” (Rantings of Mocha has No Rights To This Photo)

“Crew Love Remix”

Quick Photo From Dusty Win’s Video “Dusty WINCHESTER: Crew Love Remix” (Rantings of Mocha has No Rights To This Photo)

If you don’t support after seeing how hard this fella grinds, along with his team… Then you may not be a born leader!! Lmao #ShotsFired There is no way you can deny this man’s gifts and talents! Even if you do, you will DEFINITELY SEE HIM ON A **“TELE-TUBE”** near you!!! #SupportYourLocals!!!

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