I’ve been gaming for years! Literally years.. My mom was blessed to have a Nintendo when she was a young adult and took care of it really well! Yes, I was blowing on game cartridges.. I can relate 💯

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombie In Spaceland

We’ve alllllllll been thinking it but no one has ever made it public! You know the Good Sis, Mocha Kittz will say it for you! You know what really gets my natural curls poppin? What chaps my lipstick ever time I think about it? Ugggghhh But not in the picture below baby… I came to SLAY 💋 #LookAtMe looking like a snack 🍭🍬

I’ve been gaming for years! Literally years.. My mom was blessed to have a Nintendo when she was a young adult and took care of it really well! Yes, I was blowing on game cartridges.. I can relate 💯 Do you know what game this is from? What type of Controller did you have to switch to, to play this game?!

Over time we switched to PlayStation; which we played Crash Bandacoot, Spyro, all types of Isssh! I even remember the promotional game disks of “A Bugs Life”..  You may not understand, but Im part of a weirdo gap of millennials… I actually got a chance to see almost 3 decades of evolution! Ok, I’m #Ranting…. And possibly telling my age Lmao

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Anywho, WOULD YOU STOP THE ANTICS when it comes to online gaming?! Lol How often do us gamers, clear just a sweet portion of time out of the day; just to take some zombie heads off?! Ohhhhhhhh, the feeling of hearing “Max Ammo” in a ghoulish voice… 

If Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Zombies In Spaceland) isn’t your game of choice at the moment; [Insert Your Experience Here 😝😝]! Yassss, now we’re rockin’! I need you to be fully on board with me.. 


🎮📱What really chaps YOUR​ KHAKI’S when you’re​ online gaming with other people?! LOL Come on push through! First off, what’s  your​ game of choice? What is some of the most annoying $#*t that happens to you when online gaming with other people?! I would love to know! Im creating a “Gamers Code” handbook, OFFICIALLY CREATED FOR THE GAMERS, BY THE GAMERS to be displayed on my website! More info will be sent to SELECTED WINNING commenters! 


According to BigFishGames.Com‘s Study on “Online Gaming & Trends In 2016”, more people are gaming yearly; the findings may surprise you! I’ve clipped just a portion of the passage for you… Just to save you some time… Didn’t I tell you the #GoodSis has got you covered?!

Who is playing games?

155 million Americans play games regularly (This means 3 or more hours per weeks). 4 out of 5 households own a video game console. The average age of gamers is 35. The average number of years gamers have been playing games is 13. That’s the same amount of time most students spend from pre-school through high school graduation. That’s quite a lot of gaming education!



Not to burst your bubble or anything but, ummmmm, it looks like there are more Team #GamerChicks out here bussin azz, and taking names; than Team #GamerGuy! I didn’t want to run it in… But ***Ah Haaaa* 😂😂

It’s really not up for debate, we can argue another time Chyyyyyyyyy… We have  ISSUES TO ADDRESS!

Whether you’re Team #GamerChick or Team #GamerGuy you gotta feel me when I say “I Hate A Sore Gamer” 😕…

 You know, the gamer that wants to quit when their kills aren’t up to par… The gamer that wants to throw endless bombs.. Frags… Grenades; killing every one! For what? Some imaginary money?! 

We’ve​ all experienced it and Hunnnayy, let me tell you this you meanie, sore gamers….

 *CLEARS THROAT* YOU SALTY GAMERS SUCK!! You take all the fun out of online gaming!

So let’s just get to this overdose of online gaming fails by announcing:


  • When playing Zombies In Spaceland, or any other Zombies rounds​; be a friendly team-mate! Seal up boarders and purchase barriers.. The money isnt real you know? That is, if you have enough money 💰

  • Don’t be on the microphone, forcing people to spend their money! Lol If you have a plan, approach the other gamers in a non-aggressive way… The “Aye, Man Come Open This Door” when you yourself have $10,999 bucks hassss gottt toooo stoop! 😕

  • Stop the damn endless knifing and random bomb throwing! Would you just F*#kin stop it?! Especially when your​ kills aren’t up to par? ⚠ Do you really think killing you whole team for point is a good idea? Do you?! Knifing, well we all know that’s a unless waste of energy… Unless your trying to communicate, just STOP! Ouuuuu, and don’t let me have my perks on fleek… Why I oughtta! 💣💥

  • Stop taking the rewards of another gamers struggles! If you didn’t help collect parts, if you didn’t want to unlock doors, if you did any of the $*@t listed above MF; don’t be the first ​person to “Kill The Box”! That’s just real!

  • This one is debatable 😂😭 When I deem a person has “Bad Gamer Morals,” I often can be a little petty.. SMH So this one is an open question… To see if your really reading.. In the comment box below, if you agree I should be nicer and share 💰 with “Bad Gamers” for the next 10 games type “Umm Yess”… If not, and I should be a “meanie” type “Hellz No!” All replies will be entered into a separate prize drawing 😄

  • Do revive players if you can safely.. Don’t be the douchebag to constantly run past a player as they bleed out! When i started out, it was many times people ignored me.. Nothing was there, they just didn’t revive me!  Has that ever happened to you?! 😟 I can’t be the only one that actually gets​ frustrated at that madness! Would you just stop?! 😒 Then got the never to talk junk… My revenge is sweeter tho.. #CarryOn

  • Don’t expect the same person you just either let bleed out, or played with their “Gamer Emotions” by waiting to the the very last seconds to get a person; to break their necks to revive you! Karma is so sweet. Often times, I try to get more points by completing the melee missions… I suck at knifing… That’s when I usually go down.. But later on in the rounds IM A BEAST! LOL So you better stay alive.. Because I hold grudges when gaming #ToBeHonest

  • DO NOT GET ON THE GAME JUST TO QUIT! I can’t stand this! Especially when I’m playing Zombies. I will be completely in my gaming groove, almost to crafting my special weapon AND BOOM! People start dropping like Jeri Curl Juice on a Pimp head, in the middle of a sunny California day! 😥😣 I really be so pissed…. *Sigh* Can you tell?

  • STOP HATING ON THE FEMALE GAMERS! I can’t help but to notice all the fellas decide to team up on female gamers.. This one is in Team Death Match as well! Especially when online gaming.. Smh Just admit that a woman can game just a well as you #GamerGuys and we can all live in unison 💯 But the same fellas talking $#¥+ will be the main people committing this next one piece of fuckery…

  • WOULD YOU F*CKIN’ STOP TRYING TO HOLLA AND “BAG” ONLINE GIRLFRIEND’S VIA GAMING NETWORKS?! Some women may find it romantic, I find it rather creepy! It always starts off with the infamous game invites.. Then eventually leads to a message! HOW’S this… Let Match.com make their money, boo! Lol Leave it alone….

Get Up on Out Of My Inbox”- MochaKittzSays

As you can see, the list goes on and on with the absolute fuckery of pet peeves to online gaming.. I know you can at least feel the majotity, if not ALL, of what I’m saying..  One more Meme before we go… I low-key LOVE MEME FRFR This one is for the Team #GamerGuys… Just as a peace offering, after all, Team #GamerChick does outnumber you now! #JustAJoke



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Don’t forget to leave a comment below about your favorite game you like to play, and your pet peeves when playing with other people! Be on the look out for an update blog created  with the Gamer Pet Peeves created BY THE GAMERS, FOR THE GAMERS!! LIKE, COMMENT, FOLLOW to be ENTERED IN PRIZE DRAWINGS! 🌟🌠



Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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