Weird Chick Chronicles: “Smoking Mirrors” A Poem From #MochaKittzSays

Smoking Mirrors

Took Me Some Time To Even Pick Up The Pen,

Mental Caged Lioness, Throw These Chicks In The Pin,

I Know Where I’m Going,

Cause I Already Know Where I’ve Been,

So Don’t Be Alarmed When My Shimmering Stilletto Walks In,

One Chromosome Off Monkey Chicks,

Still Nothing Like Them,

Simba & ‘Em,

Barney & Friends,

Mediocre At It’s Finest So We Battle With Them,


Baby Bop A$s “Women” Second Childhoods Within,


Glorifying Being Used And Dismissed,

Random Men Courting Just To Smash & Dash…


I Spazzed So Hard In My Earlier Years Because MY Dudes Would Go Mess With Chicks Like.. 


But Now Reflecting Back On Life,

These Same Chicks Whom Have Been Used Up And Mentally Abused By Men,

Have These Broken Ways They Project And Glorify To Society,

Displaying The Brokenness & Darkness They Can’t Seem To Escape,


Because The Way My Mind “Twerks”– I Hustle Hard I’m A Winner,

I Don’t Even Wanna Do This But It’s My Calling,

I’ve Picked My Pen Up!

Established Chicks With No Mind Inspiring Youth,

Check Their Chin, Eh?

Huey P. Newton Mean Muggin’ Oh So You Think You’re A ‘Ten, Eh?’

I Been Killin This Fashion Shit Since Before I Was Lending Out Tampons 🙊

Fall Back.. Your Misguided.. Let Me Baptise You With This Blessing,

Like A Mother Hen In Ya Church “Aww Baby You Need Some Direction”,

I’ll Make It Easy Follow Me,

Ain’t I Who You Wanna Be?

Cover Up Your Body, Find A Hobby, Get That Money Smarter.. Stack Some ‘Cheese’,

No One Said It Would Come Easy,

See, You Have A Lot Of Me In You..

Young Lady,

Your Value In This World Is 10x’s More Superior,

If You Use Your Mind Instead Of Your Physical Being!

Lock Down Your Interior,

They’re Going To Try To Take You Out Your Element,

So Put Them Frustrations Down In A Book,
When You Finally Align Your Chakras And Then They Take A Second Look,

When They Doubted You Because Your Virtue Wasn’t Offered Up To Be “Took”..

By The “Book” Or Any Social Media Group, Chat, Pull Up Etc Just For How It Looks,

To Some People Of Society That Wouldn’t Stand Up For You If Your Life Was POOF 


You Smiled So Damn Hard When There Was Darkness At Every Look,

When They Wonder How You Got Here,

Without Your Reputation, Pride, Nor Determination Shook,

You Look Back Over Your Shoulder,

BE JAZZY You’ve Earned It!

That’s Right Bat Your Eyes Just A ‘Lil,

You’ll Say…. 

“The Mirrors In My House Doesn’t Do Any Second Guessing.. 

And… “You Should Give Your Mirrors A Second Look…”

Written By: MochaKittzSays

All Rights Are Reserved To Rantings Of Mocha®


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Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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