Twisted Motivational Mondays: Do You Have “Best Friends” Or “Loyal Royals”?

I just wanted to swerve through and check in, I usually post about 3 or more articles monthly… I haven’t fallen behind in my work, I’ve just fallen behind in keeping you loyal readers up to date! I have so great stuff in store. I have so time from making Hookahs (AYYYYYEEE) TO #OffSomeHeads 💅 I apologize for bullshittin chy, you know I’m out here slaying! Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean I’m not working hard!

Anywho, during this time your girl has been booming. Booming, meaning ALLLLLLL over the place.. Hosted One of the newest Clubs In Charlotte, Nc, ClubOne! It was so beautiful! I will be back 8/25 💯💯 💯 💯 THAT BLOG IS SIMMERING HUNNAY.. I ALSO WILL INCLUDE THE STORY OF MY FAILED ATTEMPT TO LINK UP “ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDED FEMALES” LOL I still had a ball and got re-booked Sooooo 🙌🙌 #InspireOften?

Sometimes solo is the best way to be! Of course being a great #Inspiration to my haters, non-sayers, and bandwagon hoppers..

“Pick A Side.. Either You F*Ck With Me Or Not… Don’t Be My Biggest Fan And Biggest Hater.. Pick A Side And Stay There”— One Fiesty Loyal Royal

I call what you would call your “Best Friend” my “Loyal Royals..” They support me no matter what! I have never gotten a sense of negative energy from them, I see the same joy in their eyes when I tell them about my accomplishments that I get when they share one.. I literally have less than a handful of people that has EVER CROSSED ME NEGATIVELY.. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS MOTIVATION!! LIKE MYSELF.. It doesn’t feel phony either..

I feel comfortable enough to tell them my ideas, because I know they won’t leak, steal, nor abuse my trust.. I don’t have to feel like I’m looking in the mirror when we hang out… Lmao We compliment but never “bite” and if we did it’s probably because we asked to borrow the item… With me, it’s watches 😂😭 One Loyal Royal just gave me one.. Like here… Damn!

#MochaYourRanting… Okay, Okay.. So It has been called to my attention that I have been harboring a #Fraud, a #Fake, a #Phony… Ewwwwww and I should create this blog post to show appreciation to the saying “Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery.. & “When We Pull Up… Skrrt Skrrt, Yeah We Down To Ride”. Normally, I’m the one to ignore shit because my rage would break the brick wall I felt like I was talking to by caring… 🙏🙏👏

I did it, weeell because they are ACTIVE readers.. What the hell, I agreed to be midly petty with a motivational twist for THEIR NEWLY SUGGESTED #TwistedMotivationalMondays So Here Goes….

Doll, you need to keep people on their toes. Especially the ones that’s close to you for no particular reason!

I will tell a bihhh when she is doing well! I will tell a bitch when she needs to tighten up! That’s the kinda “friend” I am.. Lol It all comes from a place of love.. If you see me in #ClapbackMode on anyone I once hung hard with.. Best believe I got “sent for”.. Lol The bitch deserved it!

“There’s no problem with giving another woman props… Especially if your going to mimic her every moves as your own. Congratulate the woman and ask your insecure ass for help… ” – MochaKittzSays😂😂

Don’t look at me like that! I’ve been burned so many times by “friends” I forgot the shit was HOTT **O. T Genesis Voice** LMAO I have no problem motivating a woman who is secure in everything she does.. Whether it was right at the time or not.. She knows or is positively trying to know herself.. A woman who can give meaningful props/respect… Who genuinely wants to see other women successful, thriving, and on a serious come up! But baBEE, beware of the wolf in a sheep’s clothing…

Just only around when your at your gains, not loses… Always around when something is free, just to be an opportunist… Not to support you, but to see what they can “Pick Your Brain” for.. They don’t really want to see you win, they just don’t want to be left behind that curve! You know, that shit! I see the 🐍.. And The Loyal Royal Do Too.. That’s a shame, they can sense the shade over social media so I can’t be tripping… #TeamTooNice #TeamRageIfYouEverKnew

Whattttttttttttttttt?! You betta say that… Those Loyal ROYALS BE ON IT! LOL Drop the “Bestie” & “Best Friend” shit.. What is this middle school?? Where are the Bawset ass chicks that need #LoyalFriends?

Who needs to be removed because their season has come and gone?! Who is not being a positive influence on your life? Kick them out because sooner or later it’s going to be your downfall! You will feel bad in the end because you’ve again extended you loyalty to get it trashed 👎

Honestly, I could go on, and on, and on about the shit I see on social media.. The screenshots of group messages, the silence to my messages, the unsettling vibe I get when certain people are around. Mainly because they are unsure if I knew anything that was said..

At this point in my life, I can honestly say that I’m tired of trying… The trying to care… The trying to look past shade… And you should too!

Twisted Reflection:

Take a second to rationalize that everyone is not going to support your dreams. Some people you may have known for years, may change up on you.. It’s not that they don’t care about you.. They may.. They just don’t want to see you doing better than them! Please consider you may have been doing things to support others causes, before yours.. They may not be as excited as you.. Your brand may not be acknowledged. That shit is completely ok! Stay focused because “likes” from mf doesn’t pay bills.. Trust me if you judged my bank account by social likes I would be in debt for yearrrrrs 😭💀

You’re going to feel some type of way. Your going to be mad, angry, petty, you allow yourself to experience whatever… Then let go! You will be aiiighhhht chick! Especially if you’re trying to start a brand. I thought I would get all the free promo from my “Best friends”… They still to this day keep scrolling, and now, so do I! Ummm, no more being taken advantage of over here! Lol

Of course, here they come running asking me to buy shit that helps their brand! #Ironic

It may seem a little petty but if I’ve never seen a #RantingsOfMocha post on your page, I’m at the point where I won’t even share your shit! I say a positive light prayer and keep it moving.. 😭 I know that’s what happens to mine post.. But can tell me what’s on my page! My whole mentality is not of the era.. STG and I’m good with it!

Young Bawsets, you just stay motivated, fuck these people on this weird earth. Lol I always say it’s a certain level of wavelength to get along with me anyways 😂😂 I’m very accepting of diversity but I don’t like the fake, phony, too too messy, nor shade throwing “friends”.. #DatWay Focus on what you go going on boo!

Let me get my ranting ass out of here… I wanted to grill a little bit but this rain is more soothing lol!!

What Is Some Motivation You Would Give To A Inspired Female Trying To Build A Brand? Do You Have A Case Of A “Silent Hater”? Or Maybe You Are One Bihh Push Through!! Like, Comment, Share!

Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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