When The Stars Are Universally Aligned For Your Strength!

IT’S STRANGE, you would think that because I have a blog site, I would be completely open with my life. Contrary to that logic, I’m kind of a heavily private person.

There’s been many times to where I’ve opened up about my life (Business & Personal) to people and they took my kindness for weakness. My situation for a joke.. My strength for a lie.. I still pressed on. That’s the reason why I started writing when I was younger. I still have songs, poems, stories dating back from 1999! Lol The writings that I was able to maintain anyways. I felt like I had no one to talk to.. So I talked out the window, to the stars and I wrote.

I’m a winner regardless. I’ve overcome so much in life to be counted out! Whenever I receive negative light, it is countered.. I receive more blessing 😜 So whomever thinks they can intimidate me, bully me, try to down me, etc., they have the Universe to deal with!

We all know how Karma does. Hunnay, I’m sure your tired of running🏃 I’m so covered it’s unbelievable! Blessed to have been shown I have a calling on my life early! Could be a reason why many envy me… Then again, go ahead! Envy me 😏 Everything for me, is for me, and I should do nothing but be positive to support what’s for others!

So although I’ve grown as a strong, confident, woman, from time to time I do think about my past struggles. Allowing people whom; from what I have seen spiritually, living in hell on Earth, determine my energy.

I often think about my “past lives, astrology and all that other weird Astrologer/Universalist-in-training deemed by this “normal” world. I have a better understanding of myself, my past lives was LIT, juicy, sex scandal filled, and deadly.. I was told a man is attached to me and he makes sure I’m safe, focused, and always in truth. Yes, I know but if your not open minded, you’re probably on a bandwagon.

I love the aspect of African and Native American traditions of truth and light! In my opinion, slavery in the Caribbean/Virgin Islands & American regions disconnected us from our ancestrial customs, beliefs, and traditions. You take a look at African and Native Americans spiritual tradition and you see many similarities. We were here first, we paved the way, and do the actual research before you loyal readers email me 📵

Call it what you want, silly, made up, whatever– but you can’t deny that African-Americans are not commonly born into family spiritual customs. The customs we do have within our families is severely Americanized; to conform to society.

If you truly know me, you know I’ve always been intrigued with the stars and alignment of zodiac signs… My family knows I’m empathic and some times I feel energy, have dreams with certain colors around people, you know nothing major. Lmao The colors indicate certain things to me that I been sealed to never reveal the meaning. I didn’t get a true understanding of who I am until I learned to master this gift I was born with!

For yeeeeeearrrs, I’ve been into this shit! (Old Facebook Posts Don’t Lie 😏) I had a chance to log back in my old ORIGINAL Facebook.. WOW LET ME JUST SAY, IM ASHAMED OF SOME YOU ALL CONFORMING TO THE TIMES ASS PEOPLE. 😂😂 I’m like, wooooow I like this decade of person better. You can literally see where originality died in the masses via comments from 2004 and beyond.. I’ve always been a leader.. Check the posts… And I can see a hint of hater then in some folks 😜😂

Some of the “memories” confirm why I believe I made a good decision by weeding out some people in my life.. The little things in life, like helping crickets out the house safely, gave me a sense of reward. I was literally disgusted reading old comments and post from some people I know. Only because I knew these people’s energy, on that level, has died. You can mature, but your essence remains the same. Unless you allow it to be altered. I’m a natural nurturer and the Universe creatively designed me to complete a destiny.. My. OWN. DESTINY!

Chyyy no, now that everyone is starting to get into this whole “Universe”, “Meditation”, “Stay Woke” movement (thanks J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Jay-Z); I’m like “WHERE WERE YOU AT WHEN I WAS SOUNDING COOO-COOO FOR COCOA PUFFS LIKE 10 YEARS AGO?!” LOL When people was like “Oh no, your going to hell for denouncing God.” Absolutely not! I do believe that it is a higher power out here. Helping us and guiding us to do the right things..

Even when you just want to knock the teeth out of your biggest haters mouth.. You still conduct yourself like a God.. I’d like to think that it’s my ancestors motivating me! Some like to think that is a blonde haired, blue eyed, European man… But neglect the scripture that says “His Hair was like wool and his feet the color of brass” 👀👀

The Bible has been changed and altered too many times. The Catholic Church has already been exposed for removing Books from the Bible that either showed to much of Jesus’ Christ “human side”, as well as, Books from the Bible that showed remarkable African-Americans Kings and Queens. Now why would they do that? Hmmmmmm

What I do know is, when I’m doing something wrong, I get a “your fucking up” feeling. When I give props it’s always filled with intentions of light and positivity. I check my ill emotions, because I am sensitively charged and at the end of the day.. Human!

We already have the knowledge of our ancestors.. History just repeats itself and the feelings everyone else gets naturally, I get intensified. What can I say? After getting my energy read, I can see why I “don’t fit in”! It was never meant for me too!! Lol No, really.

I’m honestly glad that people are getting their Chakras aligned but you better be doing it with good intentions in your heart or you WILL REAP EXACTLY WHAT YOU SEW! I have a few Wiccan/Brujerian friends and let me tell you… This is very real! 😂😅😂

The first time I participated in the what we call “frenanigans”, my feelings got hurt. You think you know so much about the world, the people around you, the life you thought you had.. SMH I needed that, but that’s a little too intense for me 👀 I support their beliefs though. #LoyalRoyal Im going to just stick to my star gazing and reading up on how to connect my body right with nature.. My journey for truth and light has been AWESOME!

THIS IS SO RANDOM, I saw on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Brooke Valentine had a White Eagles feather! Must give props to her! Chanel West Coast literally made fun of African and Native American culture. While millions of people agreed to Chanel West Coast comment to mock a sacred spiritual tradition, they didn’t bother to research WHY Brooke Valentine even had it to begin with… But I’ll let you do that! Mine is on the way, blessed by the Cheif on a reservation and blessed just for me! Ayyyyyyyyyyyyee

I thought I would share just a portion of my life. I’ve been advised I need to open up a little more because my style is authentic. You know how you can tell when someone is influenced by everyone around them? (Then the fact that “mutuals” are saying my whole style is being ran with.. But the way is slime.. The energy is slime) SMH Not even #InspireNationWorthy but just wanting to fit in with the times… Ummm, no! I’ve always been on a search to find out what the Universe holds. I then, let the Universe and it’s wisdom intensify me. ♋♌ #Canceo

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Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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