If NBC Won’t Pick Up The Carmichael Show, Let Netflix Or Hulu Tackle The Job!!

This saddened me to my entire core! I literally record the episodes on DVR, just to watch them again later! Each character is a reflection of either someone we know, have known, or aspire to be! Each character explains their point of view, whether you agree with the statement or not; you got a chance to hear another side for once!

The horror!!! 😖 The tragedy!!! 😢😔😢 How could it be??! It was recently announced that Jarrod Carmichael’s The Carmichael Show shown on NBC; will NOT be renewed for a third season!!

This saddened me to my entire core! I literally record the episodes on DVR, just to watch them again later! Each character is a reflection of either someone we know, have known, or aspire to be! Each character explains their point of view, whether you agree with the statement or not; you got a chance to hear another side for once!

The family usually has deep discussions in the family room or over food about the issues they deal with in society. Each member of the family articulating their thoughts in their own unique, shocking, or outrageous way!

The Carmichael Show was definitely the pioneer to captivating diverse audiences through controversial topics, open conversations, and of course comedy! Some of the notable actor’s and actresses on the show are:


Jarrod Carmichael: Jarrod Carmichael (Son)


David Alan Grier: Joe Carmichael (Dad/Husband)


Amber Stevens: Maxine (Jarrod Carmichael’s Girlfriend)


Loretta Divine: Cynthia Carmichael (Wife/Mother)


Lil Rel Howery: Bobby (Jarrod’s Brother)


Tiffany Haddish: Nekeisha (Bobby’s Ex-Wife)


It’s not often that we have a chance to be entertained, informed, and a little caught off guard with our TV shows– for the positive! Most of us are used to the messy-messy-shade-throwing drama of reality tv. The issues on THIS show reflects active issues that we face in America… Especially, issues African-Americans/Brown people face today in America!

I may be a little bias–well because the show is actually themed in my town Charlotte, NC!! I would like it to stay on air mainly because it’s one of the many shows that is genuine in its message… Chyyy somebody has to understand my struggle! Lol

Charlotte, NC has experienced a lot within these short little years.. This city is really beautiful and we actually have a sense of harmony here. But you do know “Harmony (sometimes) Is Just Fear Swept Under The Rug.” Also here in Charlotte there is a lot of unspoken energy… A lot of things that aren’t addressed in the presence of the community, which should be, to aspire meaningful change!

If NBC wants to acts “funny” as we would say in layman’s terms, and cancel The Carmichael Show because it gives reasoning to black/brown issues in America; then let Netflix Or Hulu carry the torch!

… WE GET IT SUPERHEROES ARE COOL LOL…How many times can we reintroduce another Marvel Or D.C Comic?! Don’t you DARE come for me #IMBNation, y’all know I love me a good comic.

🙋🙋 I just feel like a show like The Carmichael Show would be vital in today’s society. For instance, some of the senerios featured within the storyline of The Carmichael Show actually took place in Charlotte, NC.

One episode showed the HORRIFIC Mall Shooting that took place here a couple years ago that resulted in one life lost. Jerrod Carmichael’s character came in contact with a couple moments before they were fatally shot during the incident. Only to discover that a simple chance of fate played a major part in his own safety.

Another incident that was reflected on the show was the police involved shooting of an unarmed person. Now, with what is going on here; in the United States, and police brutality, I can’t help but to think that episode was a reflection of the 2 incidents of unarmed black men that was slain by police. Johnathan Farrell and a man (I knew personally) Keith Lamont Scott!

This show was actually bringing to light the majority of the issues that black and brown people face daily. Even if you aren’t a person of color; you could relate. You had the opportunity to listen to very diverse sides and point of views.

Often times, shedding light to blurry situations people of certain lifestyles may not be exposed to. It was AMAZING at giving light humor to heavy situations. In my opinion, it was giving a nudge towards open communication. Something we need on mainstream television..

Now why they hell would NBC decide to cancel this show? Do I need to say it?! People Of Color, hell society is awakening so fast! Why would they want to show that people can actually come together, hear another’s point of view, and if they can’t come to a conclusion; we still show respect?!

Oh The Horrors… NBC… The CATASTROPHIC Events That Might ACTUALLY Take PLACE!! 🙅🙅🙅

So #RantingsOfMocha Is putting together a petition to be sent to Netflix And Hulu headquarters for a proposal to pick up The Carmichael Show! How many of you loyal watchers would actually sign the petition?!

If we link together and stand strong, we can get this show picked up! Possibly with more creative control from the cast to keep it even more genuine!

The time is now for real issues to be broadcasted! Stop sugarcoating our television with your agendas!

Obviously Jerrod Carmichael’s Show was barking up the right tree 🌲 Especially with what took place in Charlottesville, VA; I see no reason to keep ignoring the real issues of the Black/Brown/universal community in entertainment! I HAD a chance to read reviews from the other watchers and they claim that the show suddenly went dark. Claiming that the issues they reflected on the show put them in a mindset of awkwardness. Sorry to say this, but the people with the most negative things to say, was definitely not people that I’m assuming can handle REALITY! THEY seem like the people in society that are okay with the unspoken truths.. And it wasn’t flowers and rainbows in their profile pictures either 🔍🔍


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