Six Easy Ways To Clear Your Mind For The Work Week!

I Know, You Want To Just Stay Curled Up In Your Bed.. Whether Your With Your Favorite Snuggle Buddy Or All By Your Lonesome… THE GRIND DOESN’T STOP!

Twisted Motivational Mondays

I Know, You Want To Just Stay Curled Up In Your Bed.. Whether Your With Your Favorite Snuggle Buddy Or All By Your Lonesome… THE GRIND DOESN’T STOP! Task need to get completed, the day must continue, parenthood never ended; but now it’s in full gear.. Mondays… But how the hell do we get over the #MondayBlues?!! Often times as students, parents, and community leaders we forget to take time out to take care of ourselves! I definitely feel you woes, when the weekend is a thing of the past and the next wave of fun is in 4-5 more days!

Wellll that’s exactly what #TwistedMotivationalMondays are for!! Bihhhhh, I got six easy ass ways for you to jumpstart your week to assert maximum #Slayage 🌹👑👸 These topics have been randomly selected based off the polls, questions, and messages sent to #RantingsOfMocha & #Askfm: MochaKittzSays

1. Time Management– Make Sure You Manage Your Time Effectively! If You Need To, Plan Out Your Day To Complete Certain Task. Set Certain Time Limits For Each Task And Stick To It. You Can ALSO Take Extra Steps To Schedule your Spouse/Kids Day As Well If It Pertains To Home Life.

2. If You Have Kids- Organize Their Clothes, School Lunches, Etc. For The Entire Week On Sundays. Trust Me, You Will Appreciate The Extra Time On Your Hands In The Mornings! Go To Walmart And Buy A Plastic Drawer. Label The Drawers With Paper According To Day (Monday, Tuesday, Etc) Place Uniform, Socks, And Anything Your Child Would Need To Put On For That Day. Schedule A Day To WASH Clothes.. Repeat The Process. You Can Also Use Closet “Shoe Racks” To Organize Lunches/After School Snacks.
3. Set Aside Some Time To Just Do Nothing! Yes, I Know It Could Be Hard At Times But You Have To Allow Time For Solidarity! Don’t Let Your Happiness Fall By The Side.. Play Some Music, Find Your Life 🔍, Practice On Something You’ve Always Wanted To🙆! Take The Time To Tell Your Mind, Body, And Soul, And Spirit You Appreciate It. 4. Start A Collage- Put Into The Universe What You Want To Accomplish For The Week By Collaging! Believe That You Will Accomplish Your Goals With Each Paste & Cut! Eh, Even If You Don’t Get To Everything That’s Okay! You Have A Way To Release Some Daily Pressure.





5. ENJOY A NICE HOT BATH! It May Sound Cheesy Or Whatever Chyy But A Nice Bubble Bath With And Awesome Bath Bomb Is Vital For Kicking Off The Work Week.. Soak Your Feet, hunnay they’ve been barking all damn week 😂💪 Deep Condition Your Hair, Etc! Anything That Will Bring Out Your Inner Sensual.


6. Have A Movie Night Or Book Party With Your Closest #LoyalRoyals. Clear Your Mind Through Conversation So That You Can Have The Maximum Support/Motivation To Carry On During The Week! Sit Down And Share The UPS, Downs, And Weirdo Moments Of The Past Week Over Drinks & Food!



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Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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