“No Feelings, No Questions” #WeirdChickChronicles

“What Happend To Your Ass?”, Rachael Said With A Puzzled Look. “.. And I Know Damned Well You Don’t Have A Bruise On Your Face… What The Fuck Happened?” I Could Barely Finish Chewing My Half-Warm Cafeteria Food Because I Was So Shocked And Embarrassed. I Finished Chewing Up A Lie And Replied, ” Things Got Heated, But We Worked Everything Out.” Rachael Wasn’t Having It. “What The Hell Is Wrong With Men In Fayetteville? You Need To Leave His Raggedy Ass Alone.”

We Sat There For About A Hour Burning Time, As I Told Her Half Of What Happened The Night Before. It Seemed Like I Was Re-living A Night Of Hell. She Shared An Experience That Happened To Her In High School. A Time Where She Experienced Domestic Violence.. Rachael Advised Me That Day In The Café to Leave Him Alone; It Only Gets Worse. I Heard The Advice, But I Neglected The True Message.

Rachael Had 1 More Class To Go To For The Evening. We Said Our Good-byes And Parted Ways. I Admittedly Decided To Neglect My Last Class For The Day.. Heading Back To The Dormitory. All Day I Had Been Getting Calls From Trey. Messages Of Apologies, Offers To Buy Me Sneakers & Clothes.. I Completely Ignored Them. My Body Reminded Me Of The Real Him..

As I’m Walking Back To My Dorm, I Notice His Lincoln, Lights Off, Parked In The Parking Lot. My Heart Sank Into My Shoes. I Think This Was The First Time I Actually Feared A Man. My Phone Had A Little Charge From Taking A Few Pictures Of Our Café Food. Of Course The Endless Calls & Messages Didn’t Help My Charge Either.

“I So Need To Get Me A Job..”

I Walked Swiftly Across Campus Trying To Avoid Conversations.. Avoiding Stopping And Making Myself A Sitting Duck For Whatever Else.. My Phone Is Ringing Manically.. As Soon As I Held My School I.D To The Dorm Security Entrance, His White Lincoln Whipped Into The Gates Of My Dorm Entrance..

What If I Had Stopped To Converse?… What If I Had Stopped To Answer His Calls? Was He Trying To Time Catching Me Enter The Dorm?”

Was He Following Me? I Literally Shiting Bricks… Feelings So Alone… Isolated.. I Was In “Roommate Transition.” Meaning My Original Roommate Moved Into The University Apartments. I Truly Had 1-Half Of A Whole Dorm Suite; To Myself Until They Found A New Roommate For Me. It Also Didn’t Help I Was On The 1st Floor And I Wanted To “Claim” The Window Side, Furthest From The Bathroom.

I Immediately Threw My Phone On The Charger And Texted Rachael. “I Think He’s Following Me. Look Out For His Car.” It’s Not Uncommon For Girlfriends To Look-Out For Each Others Fellas. Hell, Sometimes You Can’t Trust Them Either.. But I Knew She Wouldn’t Tell Me Any Lies! (At This Point In Our Friendship)..

Rachael Normally Hung Out With Other Students At The Gazebo Or The Benches In Between Dorms. It Was The Only Time To Chill Under The Stars And Get Lit! We Would Play Uno, Chess, And Other Card Games Until We Dropped! I Usually Would Hang Out Too Until My Bed Started Calling Me 😂 I Have An Old Soul.. My Ass Get Tired Quick! I Actually Ran Into Trey There Hanging Before We Got Intimate. I Didn’t Even Notice Him.. How I Wish I Could Go Back To The Day He Was Just A GUY ON CAMPUS.. Invisible To My Mind & Eyes..

If Anything Went On, Rachael Always Knew The Tea Sis 💯 I Didn’t Really Like Her Other Messy Friends.. But You Can’t Deny, They’re On Every Scene. With The Real Joose! I Really Wanted Her Findings To Prove Me Wrong.. That I Was A Conceited, Self Centered Bitch, Who Thinks Everyone Wants Her.. I’m Not That Cute.. Why Would He Follow You All Day? A Dramatic Analysis To Stroke The Answer To Be “I’m The One That’s Gone Mad.. ” But He Was On Campus And Lingering..

I’d Become Terrified At This Point! Why Didn’t He Just Get The Picture.. I Never Called 911 To Make A Report Of His Assult… So I Know It Wasn’t That. Trey’s Charm Completely Switched Because He Wasn’t Getting His Way.

“I’m Just Trying To Love, Live, Life”

Rachael Explained To Me She Saw Him Multiple Times Riding Around Campus. Even Parked In The Parking Lot Diagnal From My Window, In Plain View Of The Campus “Hang Out” Benches. She Even Claimed To Have Seen A Female With Him In His Car At One Point. The Female That Was In His Car This Night Lived In The All Female Dorms Across Campus. Rachael Suspected He “Wanted” To Be Noticed Because His Vehicle Is So Identifiable. All His Tinted Windows Were Completely Down; And His Sound Horn That Played His Favorite Music Outside His Car Was On Maximum. As He Rode Down The Main Road, He Made Sure To Blast His Music; Calling For The “Bench Sections” Attention.

For Some Reason I Felt A Fluster Of Emotions. I Felt Angry.. Hurt.. Scared… All Of The Above.. To Put Me Through This As If He Cared? To Just Be Smashing Another Female Across Campus? We Wasn’t In A Relationship But You Claim To Feel So Strongly About Me? Why Even Blow Up Like He Did If He Had Hoes?

Despite Everything In Me Calling Me To Go Outside, I Stayed Inside My Room & Wept. Who Was There To Witness It Anyway? I Wanted To Go Outside, Sexy As Ever, Just For Revenge. I Wanted To Get Even.. I Wanted To Do Some Lurking, Exposing, Annnnnd Releasing (Minus The Tears). My SOUL Told ME It Wasn’t Smart To Leave My Safe Dorm room.. The Rage Changes To Pain & Before I Allow My Self-Esteem To Crumble More, I Drift Off Silently To My 90’s R&B..

Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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