Women’s History Month! Chicks That Fought Back– AND WON…

Definitely Want To Kick Off Woman’s History Month Right With Honoring Women Whom We Feel Should Be Recognized More For What They Brought To The Table. The Month Of March Should Be Celebrated With Great Regards Because Often Times, Women Created, Instilled, Or Helped Developed The Major Things We Use Today Such As The Paper Bag, The Foot-Pedal Trash Can, Starting A Civil Rights Evolution, Or Maybe Inventing A Common Board Game Such As Monopoly! Oh Yeah, It’s A Little Bit Of Everything In This Galaxy! So Lets Get Started! First Make Sure You Like This Post And Subscribe Now For Future Articles.

Diane Nash

diane nash

Diane Judith Nash Born May 15th, 1938, In Chicago, IL. Little Known Fact Is That She Was The Runner-Up For Miss Illinois! She Found Her Purposed In Life When She Transferred From Frisk University In Nashville, TN To Howard University In Washington, D.C And Witnessed The Segregation First Hand. She Too, Was Also Discriminated Against As Well Being Of Lighter Skin. Her Horrible Experiences In The South Lead Her Drive To Fight Against Segregation. She Was A Leader & Strategist Of The Student Wing Of The Civil Rights Movement Successfully Integrating School Lunch Lines. She Was A Member Of The Infamous Freedom Writers, Whom Successfully Integrated Travel Roads, Helped Found The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) And The Selma Voting Committee Campaign, Which Helped Blacks In The South Gain The Right To Vote And Have Political Powers.

diane nash2

Throughout Her Life She Has Worked Along Side Many Of The Well Known Names Of The Civil Rights Movement Such As Martin Luther King, Jr, Septima Poinsette Clark, Rosa Parks, And Even Volunteered To Be Detained To Show Solidarity With The “Rock Hill Nine” In February 1961; The Notorious Black Students Arrested For Sitting In A Restaurant After Refusing To Be Served By Staff Due To Their Race.

Diane Nash Is A Woman That Showed Everyone Around Her That She Was Willing To Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty To Ensure Justice! She Fought Back When Injustice Reared Its Ugly Head! We Here At Rantings Of Mocha Would Like To Say Thank You For Paving The Way For Minorites, People Of Color, And Women Like Me!


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Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

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