Motivational Mondays: “Staying A Warrior Of Light”

Wellll Hello There All You Beautiful, Radiant, And Ambitious People Of Inspire Nation! I Want To Start Off This Motivational Monday With An Inspirational Quote From Michelle Obama (Since It’s Still Women’s History Month), The First Afro-American First Lady Of The United States:


It’s A Rainy And Dreary Day… I Love When It’s Raining. The Sounds Of The Rain Hitting My Window Is Like A The Tunes Of An Rain Warrior Beating Its Drum Strongly.. My Nose Is Stopped Up With Mucus.. Maybe Too Much Information, But I’ve Been Battling Bronchitis Issues For A Couple Of Days… Grumpy, Still Productive.. Lol My Chest Is Burning With Each Cough; Yet I’m Still Happy To Be Able To Share My Gifts Another Day. How Many Of Us In Inspire Nation Wake Up Each Morning Giving Thanks To Have Made It Another Day? Often Times We Are Moving Too Fast In Life And Only Want To Smell The Coffee Brewing In The Mornings.. Lmao

As I Continue To Pour My Coffee In My Super Cute Zodiac Coffee Cup I Scored A Couple Years Back; I Caught An Ear Shot Of What Was On My Television In the Living-Room. YouTube Is Known To Take You Down A Series Of “Holes” Based Off The Content You Watch Regularly. I Had Been Moving Too Damn Fast, Trying To Get My Morning Kicked Off Because I’m Not Feeling Well.. I Have A Massive Pile Of Freelance Work I Need To Complete.. My Personal Issues.. Blah- To Damn-Blah… I Had Stopped Listening.. Focusing On My Massive Amount Of Work, To Assignments & Deadlines.. (THAT I ALWAYS COMPLETE BTW.. Actually Get My Best Work Done Too.. Lol)…. But What I Heard Made Me Completely Stop In My Tracks.

I Turned To Check It Out… Everything In Me Told Me To Tune In At That Very Moment. The Message To Me Was “Stay A Warrior Of Light.” I Know, I Know.. Five Simple Words? How Could It Possibly Speak To ME On SO Many Levels? The Show That Was Playing On My Television Was The Van Jones Show Broadcasted On CNN; The Guest This Particular Show Was Oprah Winfrey. I Watch Shows Like This On My Free Time To Stay Updated With Issues In The World; And To Clear Out Some Of The Propaganda Television Aimed To Pollute The Growth Of Society As People.

If You’ve Been Living Under A Rock– Or In Another Galaxy– And Don’t Know Whom Oprah Winfrey Is; She’s “An Afro-American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. She is best known for her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show, which was the highest-rated television program of its kind in history and was nationally syndicated from 1986 to 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.”

As Of Lately, I Will Share With Y’all, I Feel Like I’ve Been Presented With Challenges That Test My Growth & Character. I Know Damned Well If I Chose To Flip The Switch And Join The Evil In This World–Truth Be Told– I Would Probably Be Somewhere Not Being True To Myself. Lol I Wouldn’t, In Fact, Feel Like I’ve WON Anything; And Metaphysically I Would Feel Empty. You Ever Been Around A Group Of People; Maybe Not In The Conversation Yourself And You Feel Like You Could Apply The Conversation To Your Own Life? Maybe It Wasn’t That And You Overheard Something On The Radio Or Television And You Thought The Message Was Directed Towards You? Yeah, This Was One Of Those Situations.

Oprah Then Began To Explain Her Theory That Confirmed Exactly What I’ve Been Battling With Confirming Internally. She Stated That The Presence Of Evil And Hate Is Becoming So Strong In Today’s Society. I Agree With Oprah’s Statement About People Whom Are Out Here Genuinely Happy In Life.. To Sum It Up, She Stated The Evil In This World Has Become SO Powerful, That Everyone’s Internal Light Is Quickly Depleting; Now They Have To Attempt To Dim Another Person’s Light Just For Them To Feel Adequate! I Never Understood Why People Place Validity Of Themselves In Others Perceptions… SMH Continuing On, Oprah Stated That We Needed More People In the World To Stand Up And Fight The Good Fight. Displaying Positivity, Well Wishes, And Becoming A Positive Person Within The Community! Although It May Seem Like People Are Deliberately Trying To Destroy You; They Are Actually Giving You An Opportunity To Display Your Light! Inspire Nation, I Challenge You Walk Into This Idea! You Must Remain A Warrior Of Light! EVERYTHING CLICKED FOR ME! I’m Evolving Into A Phenomenal Woman.. We.. Inspire Nation.. Are Growing Into Our OWN Purpose!

I Wanted To Share This Moment With You Because I AM NOT PERFECT! DO NOT IDOLIZE ME.. I Won’t Appreciate It.. I Am Not Almighty.. A Mere Human Still On Her Spiritual Journey.. Admittedly, I Do Have Moments When I Want To Fight Petty-With-Petty.. Have A Relapse Because I Know Just As Powerful Is My Good.. My Evil Hand Has No Mercy… I Can Smell And Spot Out Bullshit From A Mile Away.. Do You Know How Many Individuals I Told An Idea To.. In The Name Of ‘Love & Light’… And They Abused Trust & Ran Off With It? We Are In The Era Of The “ME TOO’s”, “Clout Chasers”, And “Serum Snatchers”.. If They Cant Beat You OR Join You; Society Today Tells Them To Try To Destroy You SO They Can Be “Happy”. I Don’t Agree With That, I Can Truly Wish A Person The Best Life And Not Deal With Them Again. I WILL NOT Spend Countless Hours Stalking That Person’s Social Media, Trying To ‘Out Do’ Or Imitate Them In Each Post.. LMAOOO I’m Not Saying Be A Complete Flunky.. HELL NO.. What I’m Saying Is Pick And Choose Your Battles.. Never Dim Your Light Entertaining Another Person’s Insecurities. They Need To Either Leave You Alone Or Go Seek Professional Help. We Are All Grown Now…. No Excuses For Irrational, Hurtful, And Deceitful Behaviors On An Adult! PERIOD!

Moral Of The Story:

So I Say This To All My Warriors Of Light In #InspireNation, Never Dim Your Light To Appease Someone Else’s. These People Are Miserable And They Look To You For Healing. Just Think Of It As A Moth Attracted To A Bright Light… Sad But True. Brush Off The Negative Vibes… You Should Continue To Peruse Your Dreams With Love, Light, And The Will To Seek Wisdom. All This Matters In Life, It Really Does. The Dumb Shit In Society Gets The Most Responses.. Yes, But Why Is That? What Do You Want Representing You In Life? You Cant Afford To Mess Up Your Progress… You’ve Come Too Far… You Cant Afford To Tarnish Your Reputation For Virtual Likes.. Half Them People Will Use The Same Outlet To Watch You Struggle, But Not Offer A Helping Hand.. You Cant Afford To Skip Out On An Opportunity Because Someone Else Desires To Pull You Down.. At Least Until They Can Come Up.. Lol You Know How That Goes.. I Love Y’all And I Want You To Grow As Well! I Love Hearing Your Stories!! Guard Your Ideas… Guard Your Mind… But Love Openly And Always True To Yourself & Your Chosen Path. We Only Get One Opportunity.. One Shot To Get It Right In This Life. I Want Us To Be Pleased With The Energy We Behind!! I Love You TO Pieces



Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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