Women’s History Month: Women Who Fought Back And Won! **Queen Nzinga Of Ndongo And Matamba**

As We Continue On In March With Women’s History Month, I Want To Personally Say That We All Are Beautiful In Our Own Special Ways. Perfectly Created With Each Smell Good Sprayed, And Each Mirror Kiss Blown! Thank You, As Well, To The Fellas That Show Support By Supporting The Hard-Working Women In Your Society. Thank You For All The Shares And Feedback From The Last Article! It Had Over 1.5K Views In A Week!

Often Times Women Articulate, Enterprising, And Ambitious Women Aren’t Recognized In The Light They Should Be. I Set Out To Educate Myself On The Women Who’s Accomplishments I’ve Never Heard Of. I Decided To Educate Myself, And You, On My Findings.. The Uncommon Stories Of When Women Fought Back The Oppressors– And WON! With This Outlet, I Will Continue To Pursue My Destiny By Bringing You The Second Part Of “Women Who Fought Back.. And WON!” Now, An Inspirational Quote From The Marvelous, Late, Great Philanthropist, Professor, Writer & Poet: Maya Angelou “Take Up The Battle. Take It Up.. It’s Yours.. This Is Your Life.. This Is Your World!”

Queen Nzinga Of Ndongo And Matamba


Queen Ann Nzingha, Is The Great National Figure of Pre-Colonial Angola, In Southern Africa. The Extraordinary Scholar John Henrik Clarke Referenced her As The “Greatest Military Strategist That Ever Confronted The Armed Forces Of Portugal.” Queen Nzingha Was Born In Central Africa In A Portuguese Settlement Around 1582 And Her Brilliance Was Recognized Early On. The Fact That She Was A Woman Was Not An Impediment To Her Ability To Lead. She Was Often Sought After First When It Came To Important Issues Of War. Toward The Middle Of Her Life, She Became Increasingly Aggressive In Her Desire To Maintain The Power And Dignity Of The People Of Central Africa. Indeed, Her Military Campaigns Kept The Portuguese In Africa At Bay For More Than Four Decades. Her Goal Was The Final And Complete Eradication Of The Portuguese Capture And Enslavement Of African people.

Queen Nzingha Ambitiously Sent Ambassadors And Representatives Throughout West And Central Africa With The Goal Of Building A Massive Coalition Of Africans To Eject The Portuguese. The Beautiful Queen Nzingha Died Fighting For Her People in 1663 At The Age Of 81. Thank You Once Again For Joining Us Here At Rantings Of Mocha As We Continue To Honor Women’s History Month!

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Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

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