Trailer For Rantings Of Mocha’s Official YouTube Page

After Popular Demand From #InspireNation, I’ve Been Asked To Start A YouTube Channel! I’m SO Happy And Appreciative That You Love Me For Who I Am! Definitely Working My Best To Bring You Amazing Content… My Beauty Tips… What Fashions I Think Are The Shit For The Seasons.. So When We Start To Get This Apparel Out People Will Know What Your Really About! You Will Even Be Able To Tell If These Haters Take Notice To Your New Found Confidence… I Love Helping You Love Yourself.. Identifying With The Weird & Corky… Unique & Alluring People Of #InspireNation… Loving That You Support Me In Everything I Do! This Website Was Created As An Outlet For Me To Express My Creativity… In Turn, It Had Tuned Into A Galaxy Where We Inspire Our Fellow Positive ONLY Filled Supporters, Lurkers, And The Serum Snatchers!


So Here It Is.. I Hope You Like It! The Introduction Music Was Mixed And Mastered My Charlotte, North Carolina’s Music Artist & Producer IG: GeenDaPlug And The Sample Music Is Actually ME! Yes ME! Lol Head Over To Instagram And Check Out Some Of His Dope Beats! You Can Also Download The Spotify Application In Your Apple/GooglePlay Store And Check Out His Music On Spotify!


๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’ซFind A Star In My Cosmos And Search Through My Latest Posts By Clicking Here! Thanks Again For Stopping By In My Galaxy! Please Contact Me If You Are Interested In Brand Ambassador Services, Features & Collabs On Youtube, Clearance To Use My Videos (Kudos Or Roast), And Much More By Contacting Me Through My Business Email: Book Me Today For Venue Appearances, Motivational Speaking Conventions, And Anything Artsy Under The Sun… Or Moonย ๐ŸŒ›๐ŸŒœ

Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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