#TrapHairCare: Finding Your Go-To Protective Hairstyle To Ensure Growth!

One Thing I Absolutely Can’t Help But To Stare At IS THE “LUMPY WIG”..

So We Have A Couple Of Hairstyles That We Can Use To Protect Our Hair From The Stresses Of Heat & Weather. The One I’m Known To Use Under My Wigs Is The Classic Corn-Rows Back. Lol Some People Like To Braid Their Hair A Particular Way Because They May Like How The Wig Sits When Installed, They May Customize It A Certain Way That Requires A Braid To Be Clipped, Or You Just May Have A Preference Based Off The Amount Of Hair You Have On Your Head, Chyy..

Often Times, When I Have A Full Lace Wig On, I Braid One Or Two Braids Along The Back Of My Head To Ensure It Doesn’t Move With Time. If You Stay Loyal, Here In Inspire Nation, You Will Be Able To Pick Up The Little Secrets Of How I Look Fabulous At A Very Affordable Price, Your Hair & Skin Will Be Glowing, Your Fashion Will Be Like No Other, And Your Booty May Get A Lil’ Bigger Too Chy.. Who Knows? The Confidence & Life You Will Receive In This Galaxy Will Help You Excel In A Sometimes Harsh & Critical World.. Now We Need To Get Into The Nitty-Gritty…


One Thing I Absolutely Can’t Help But To Stare At IS THE “LUMPY WIG”.. You Know, The Ones Where You Can Tell That The Person Either Just Threw A Cap On Top Of The Unbraided Hair… The Wigs That Are Lop-Sided Because The Braids Aren’t Properly Proportioned.. Or The Lace That Sits In The Forehead/Middle Of The Head.. Crusty & Lifting In The Front.. I Can’t Lie.. When I See Those Lace Fronts.. I Just Want To Fix It.. Straight Up.. Only Because A MF Let Me Walk Around Looking Crazy And I Want To Help! We Can’t Be Sensitive In Trap Hair Care!! Remember, I Taught Myself The Majority Of What I Know (With Help From Loyal Royals) And Tweaked It.. All I’m Doing Is Sharing HOW I DO THINGS.. Lifting In The Front Due To Hair Under The Cap IS A NO-NO!!! If This Is You, I Still Love You But We Got To Get That Wig Leveled Chyy! Just Because You Spent Money On It Don’t Make It “Laid”.. What You Do To It Does.. Lol I Just Be Staring.. Lord Help US! Ima Give It To You Straight.. I See People Flexing For The Gram With All Types Of Things Wrong With Their Wigs, Lace Wigs, Make-Up, And Personality! But Have The Nerve To Talk Shit.. Talk To Your Beautician Or Someone Slayin’ In Inspire Nation.. We Are Going To Look Right! I Hate Bullies.. But You Can Never Win With These “Internet Bitches”…. Carrying On..

rolls eyes

Here Are Some Of The Different Ways You Can Style Your Hair Naturally & Under Your Wigs & Wig Caps! I Get Asked Often How My Hair Is Under My Cap.. And What I Do To My Natural Hair In It’s “Sleeping Slay” OR Resting Phase Of My Hair Care Regimen.

braidsCornrows Straight Back

Damn Near Everybody Who Doesn’t Have The Time OR Arm Strength To Braid All Day.. I Usually Do This Common Braiding Pattern If I Would Like To Move To The Next Stage.. Installation… Lol My Full Lace Wigs & Silk Wigs Tend To Lay The Flattest In This Pattern.

braids2The “Honey Comb”

Sometimes I Want To Break Up The Natural Memory My Hair Has Created During The Time Of It Being Braided. I Don’t Want My Hair To Thin Out In These Stressed Areas So When I Re-Braid My Hair After A Wash, I Will Re-Braid It A Different Pattern. My Lace Fronts Tend To Lay The Flattest With This Pattern.

braids3Or Any Braid Pattern You Feel Fits Your Liking.

It’s Okay To Try Different Methods To Achieve The Look Your Going For.. Because There Are Different Looks For Your Wigs… But We Will Get There #InspireNation, I Promise! This Is Some Of The Content I’m Bringing To You On My YouTube Channel.. You Ask Me All The Time So Let’s Get Into It!


Property Of Rantings Of Mocha

High Puff With A Head-Wrap

This Is My MAIN STYLE! I Even Have A Special Head Wrap That I Wear When I Wear My Hair This Way. I Would Suggest You Invest In Some Head Wraps So When Your Hair Is In Its “Sleeping Slay” You Can Always Throw It On And Keep It Moving.

“Resting Phase: The Period Of Time (Usually A Week) I Let My Hair Rest By Deep Conditioning It, Moisturizing My Scalp And Replacing The Nutrients It Was Missing While My Lace Wig Was Installed. The Way I Install My Lace Wigs, It Usually Stays In Place For About 2 Weeks. Of Course With Light Maintenance Of My Side Burns.. I Sleep Wild!

Property Of Rantings Of Mocha


This Protective Hairstyle Is One Of My Favorites In The Winter Season Because I Feel It Gives My More Of A Artsy Look. I Love Using A Variety Of Colors And I’ve Had Streaks Of Blonde, Dark Brown, Purple, Pink, And Even Blue! Me Personally, I Like To Put Little Hints Of Color In Strategic Places.. I Had Chicks That Didn’t Really Like Me Copying My Exact Styles.. Lol Where Were They When No One Was Wearing These In The Office? Came Back The Next Week… ERRBODY Had Updo’s Smh That Goes To Show.. Even If People Don’t FWU.. They DO! With My Help, Ima Get You There Too!

Property Of Rantings Of Mocha

Two-Strand Twist

LOVE THIS LOOK! A Hat Can Spruce Up This Look Up Any Way.. Any Kind Of Hat Actually! You Can Also Wear This Protective Style When You Want To Just Head Out With Minimal Maintenance. The Only Thing I Don’t Like With My Hair Texture; I Tend To Get A Lot Of Shrinkage.. I Just Usually Apply Some Moisturizer And Oil For The Week. Possibly Taking Out My Twist On The Last Day!

Property Of Rantings Of Mocha

Front-Facing Mohawk

Another Protective Hairstyle That I Use A Head Wrap For. If I Take My Hair Out A Day Or Two Early, And I Have A Lot Of Shrinkage (Usually In The Back), I Will Just Fluff The Front And Wrap The Back. This Technique Just Makes Things So Much Easier For Me!


These Are Some Of My Go-To Protective Hairstyles! Hope This Helps.. We Will Get A Little More In Detail About HOW To Do Each Style In The Future.. Leave A Comment In The Comment Section For What You Would Like To See Next From #TrapHairCare. It’s Early In The Series, I Know, But We Have To Be Considerate To People Whom Are New To The Natural Hair Thing. We Want To Show Compassion As We Collectively Create This Massive Hub For Natural Hair Noobs & Outcasts! Love You All!

Property Of Rantings Of Mocha


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