#WhyWedesday: Top Youtube Video Picks

So As You Already Know, YouTube Has Turned Into My Television. It Doesn’t Help That My Smart TV Came With A YouTube Application. Annnd I Can Send The Videos Directly To My Television From My Phone? Chy… I Love That Feature.. And I Love To Bring You The YouTube Video That I Watched During The Week, Made Me Think, Or Had Me Completely Like WTF? So Kicking Off #WhyWednesdays Were Going To Start This Off With A Funny Video.. I Personally Didn’t Find This Video But It Was Submitted To Me! If You Want Me TO Check Out A YouTube Video.. Please Feel Free To Subscribe To My YouTube Channel And I Will Use That List To Sub And Pick Videos! OR You Can Follow My On IG: @BrownBonedBawset And Mention Me In Videos! Okay…. Let’s Get This Shit Started..


When I First Saw This Video On YouTube I Instantly Fell In Love.. Given The Fact That I Rescued A Healthy Cat #SimonCylus From The Humane Society, I Absolutely Adore Owners Who Make Videos Using Their Pet Cats! This Video Is From The Talking Kitty Cat Channel.. I Love The Owners Connection With His Pets! The Commentary Is Absolutely Hilarious And My Cat & I Enjoy It Very Much!

This Next Video Is From One Of My Favorite Singer Tinashe! She Just Released Her New Song “Me So Bad” And I Really Feeling It! I’ve Been Bumping “No Drama” Featuring Offset Because I’ve Been Listening To It This Week A Lot While I’ve Been Completing  Assignments.. Chyyy, Let’s Turn It Up For My Lil Boo (Whom I Don’t Actually Know Lol) Tinashe! My Favorite Song From Her Is “Cold Sweat” My Absolute FAVORITE.. Although It’s Hard To Pick.. Lol



This Story Presented By The Empressive YouTube Channel Really Made Me Think And Reflect About How Blessed I Am. To Be One Of Those People In Life That Can Live Securely Within Themselves. Often Times People Don’t Realize That People With These Types Of Personalities Can Experience The Cruelty In Society At Heightened Levels. To Still Walk Tall.. I Really Have A New Found Respect For Lil’ Mama.. I Never Really Had A Problem With Her.. Her Music Wasn’t My Tea.. But I Could Still Respect Her Grind.. It Really Didn’t Bother Me As Much As It Did Society.. Like Damn Was It That Serious To Treat Her That Way? How Do You Feel After Watching This?

Now To Get Into The Strange & Questionable.. If Your A Lover Of The Paranormal Like Myself, You Should Subscribe To Chills Channel On YouTube! Omgee, Some Of The Shit I See On His Channel I Wish I Could Unsee.. Lol.. One Of The Creepiest Things I’ve Seen Is A The Haunted Dolls Videos From About A Year Ago.. Now, I Low-Key Always Gently Place My Daughters Dolls Down.. Lmao That Shit Blew My Mind! Smh If You Don’t Like Stuff Like This.. Skip It..

When I Say This Had Me In Stitches! Will Smith’s Channel Always Brings A Smile To My Face And Motivation To My Day.. Lol Kind Of Ironic That He Is This Close To Robot.. Because In I Robot I Didn’t Think He Was Going To Make It! Lmao That Robot Is How We Curve These Dudes! But To Be Honest, I Really Don’t Like The Idea Of This Robot Stuff.. It’s Kinda Creepy!

Okay That’s What Really Caught My Eye This Week On YouTube! Stay Tuned For The Next Stings Of My #WhyWednesday Picks! Follow Me On Twitter & Instagram!



Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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