What Happens When A Nail Tech Asks To Slay Your Hands?! #Magic 🔮 IG: @PolishedJewelz

What’s Happening #InspireNation?! So I Was Able To Stop Running All Over The Damn Place And Take A Second To Enjoy The Moments Of Getting A Manicure… It’s So Sad That As Mothers, Women, Even People In The Working World We Have To Basically Beg For An Extra 5 Minutes Of Sanity.. Lol Once Your Day Gets Going; It’s Gone! People Will Literally Spend Their Whole Day Doing Nothing; And Here I Am Begging For An Extra 15 Minutes! #TUH

Scene From The Netflix Original Series “The Get Down”

This Picture Is Property Of IG: @PolishedJewelz

Good Thing I Have Bomb Ass Advanced Nail Technician Around Me Willing To Play On My Hands 😍 She Has Completed Her Proper Certifications To Come Through In The Clutch! When I Tell You, @PolishedJewelz Slayed My Nails.. This Is Truly An Understatement! I’ve Never Had This Level Of Commitment To A Craft Like This Before I Had My Hands Cared For By Polished Jewelz! #TakingQueenCityByTheHand

Normally When I Go To A Nail Shop They Don’t Put Any Love Into Their Work.. It’s Overcrowded And You Always Seem To Find Something Wrong With Your Nail Due To Rushing! Kat, Owner & Founder Over At Polished Jewelz Damn Near Re-Birthed My Nails; Giving Them The Appeal Of Curiosity & Intriguing Questions! 👏🌠So Here Is My Plug-In… Make Sure You Tell Her MochaKittzSays Sent You!

I’ve Never Been A Person To Have Outrageous Designs Or Long Nails.. To Me, Nails Of A Longer Length Are Unmanageable… I Know My Long Nail Heads Are Going To Give Me The Evil Eye Via Article 😂 To Some Of My Friends; They Are Manageable As Long As They Are A Certain Shape.. Normally Stiletto.. Eh, Tomatoes-Tomatos.. Whatever Floats Your Boat Chy Let It Rock 💯

Me Personally, I LOVE Either Ballerina/Coffin Nails, Stiletto Nails, And Square-To-Squoval Nails… Ballerina Nails Make Me Feel Like I’m More In The Artsy-Grown-Woman Lane. They Are Super Cute And Amazing If You Work In A Business Casual Setting. With Ballerina Nails, I Usually Get Medium Length Because I Like Light Designs And Lots Of Shimmer!

Stiletto Nails Make Me Feel Like I’m In Tune With My Inner Sex Kitten! I Find Myself Clawing At My Cat Curiously To See If He Understands Some Sort Of Hidden Message.. Hold UP 😂 Don’t Judge Me! But I Do Quote Catwoman Often With These Shaped Nails..

Square-To-Squoval Nails Are My Go-To Nail Shape When I Want Something Retro, Nostalgic, & Corky! People Ask Me All The Time Why I Get A Square-To-Squoval Nails; They Claim It’s So 90’s.. Well, Honestly, It Reminds Me Of My Childhood! Going To The Nail Salon With My Mom.. Seeing The Other Women Get Square Nails And Airbrush Designs… Get To Know Me ♀🌹

Love This Mermaid Look.. Hmmmmm

I Think For The Summer Time, I’m Going To Move To More Of An Almond Shape! I’m Growing As A Brand… A Person, And I Want To Incorporate The Symbolization In My Nails.. Your Nails Represent You Before You Even Speak… I Want Mine To Send A Message 😊 With The Help Of PolishedJewelz I Will Get Exactly What I Want For An Affordable Price!

I Personally Only See The Almond Shape On Natural Nails, And I Haven’t Really Seen Anyone My Age Wearing Almond Shaped Nails.. So If You’re #InspireNation You Can Feel The Vibes With MochaKittz By Staying Tuned To See What Designs @PolishedJewelz Slays On My Hands..

Check Out #AllTheFuss By Looking At My Mini-Vlog On Her Work! Follow Her On IG:PolishedJewelz To Schedule Your Appointment To Get Your Ideas Placed On Your Nails! This Time, She Did A Full Colored Acrylic Glitter Powder Set In Yellow/Blue With A Marble Nail Design, Topped Off With A 3D Acrylic Rose Design! I’m Really Considering Making #MarbleNails A Signature As Well!


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Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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