Where The Hell Have You Been? And Why Haven’t You Been Writing? Bihh LOOK! Lol

” (MochaKittz She Cooking Up– I See You Hoes At The Stove Again”– My Remake Of Cardi B & Sza’s “I Do” Lmao Stop Promoting A Brand If You Don’t Own It! You Making Us Boss Bitches Look Bad!

Now You Know Damned Well I Will NEVER Let Go Of My Precious Babies Of #InspireNation!! No Matter How Far I Go In My Career, I Will Forever Remember Who Was Genuinely There For Me.. Not To Gain Clout Or Coat Tail Ride.. But To Be a Part Of My Movement! Thank You So Much To Those Whom Have Kept Your Ear To The Streets, And Having My Back When Weaker People Try To Destroy My Character Based Off Their Own Transgressions!


(MochaKittz She Cooking Up– I See You Hoes At The Stove Again”– My Remake Of Cardi B “Money Bags” Lmao Stop Promoting A Brand If You Don’t Own It! You Making Us Boss Bitches Look Bad!

  I’ve Missed Y’all So Much And If You Are Subscribed To My Youtube Channel & To My Newsletter, You Will Catch A Lot Of The Content That Doesn’t Make It To My Social Media Pages! As You Know, I Battling With Gaining Control Over My Respective Rights To My Name.. “MochaKittzSays” And “BrownBonedBawset” As I Battle With My Account Being Used As A Catfish!! LMAO I’M FLATTERED BUT MAD AS HELL!! If You’re Subscribed To My Newsletter, I Know You Actually Care About What’s Going On To The Point That You Follow My Career! Thank You To The Lovely Young Ladies Whom Sent The Information To Me! For That, I’m Forever Thankful!!

You Know You The Shit When People Try To Imitate Your Identity! You Know Your Also The Shit When A GROUP OF BITCHES Don’t Like You… For No Reason… Why Me Tho? I’m Not Beyoncé! Just A Regular Girl From Brooklyn That’s City Slick & Country Sharp! Must Be Doing Something Right… AH HA & Oh Well, Keep Mocha On Your Dick-Beaters…

“Ironing Out The Pressed On Achievement At A Time”– MochaKittzSays

Anywho, I’ve Been Achieving All That I Set Out To Do, Although The Universe Tells Me  Doubters Are Waiting For Me To Fail.. So I Won’t Reveal Too Much.. But Please Believe Me, I’m Super Charged And Ready To Counter IT ALL!! I’ve Had The Most Energy I’ve Ever Had In My Life And I’m Blessed To Be Reaping The Benefits Of What I Worked Hard For! WITHOUT USING MY BODY TO DO SO! But We Can’t Focus On The Known THOTS Of The Community! We Have To Keep Moving Forward With This Movement! As You Know, Cardi B Showed Some Tremendous Love To Rantings Of Mocha! OMGEE Can You Imagine Being Able To Speak To Your Favorite Indie Turned Industry Artist? I Thank Her, And The Other People That Have Shared My Content As Well! I Can Tell How Often My Site Is Frequented, AND ITS INCREASING! If You Haven’t Had A Chance To Stream Invasion Of Privacy, I Highly Suggest You Go Ahead And Do That! I Can Definitely Relate To A LOT Of The Tracklist 😉 You Knowwwwwmmm Sayin’! This Hitting Hard Right Now With A Few Other Artist!



Yes, With Your Thoughtful Asses.. I’ve Still Been Writing… Lol Making Plays.. Giving The Stalkers A Show…  Motivating My Supporters.. Ironing Out The Pressed One Achievement At A Time! Make Sure You Join My Newsletter To Stay Up-To-Date With Behind The Scenes Content From Rantings Of Mocha! Be Sure To Check Out My New Writing Column In Soon In Creative Loafing Charlotte, Youtube, And The Blog Space Of Tiger Eye Management Group #TEMG!!! Also, Don’t Forget To Check Out #TheBandwagonPodcast New Episodes Airs EVERY WEDNESDAYS/SUNDAYS On itunes, Soundcloud, And Youtube!!! We Have A NICE LIL’ SEASON COMING UP FOR YALL ❤ LOVE ALL WHO LOVE ME BACK FRFR!!


Video Pick Of The Week: One Of The Baddest Biiishes That I Rock With Heavy! #IamDDB Ya’ll Should Check Her Out Because My Bae On The Come Up! Lol Say Hello! 


@BrownBonedBawset/ @MochaKittsSays

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Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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