“My Missing Turtle Taught Me A Life Lesson”: Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

I Woke Up One Morning And It Was MISSING.. My Cousin (Whom Was An Adult, Married, With A Teenage Son.. Living With My Great Aunt–Her Mom) Told Me That It Ran Away.. But I Actually Think They Ate It! Real Shit.. Explain How A Turtle Can Escape Out Of A Tank? #MyGuyDon.. We Need More Answers!!

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For Some Strange Reason Or Another, I Was Talking With My Family About How We Used To Visit South Carolina To See My Family We Called Then, As Native New Yorkers, “Family Down In The Dirt” Lol As We Watched Turtles Eat Various Things On Youtube Channels, I Pondered.. I Used To Go Down To South Carolina As A Child & Pre-Teen To Visit My Grandfather. He Was Always Fascinated With Nature, Animals, And Gardening Beautiful Vegetables. He Was The Youngest Boy Of Many Kids, Born To Parents Who Had Made A Name For Themselves By Purchasing Land And Building Their Own Properties! Even As A Young Child He Ended Up Winning Some Kind Of Contest Farming Cows! He Later Went On To Be A  Infamous Afro- American Wrestler! Lmao To This Day, That Entire Town In South Carolina Remembers My Family’s Legacy; Actually The Main Cemetery In The Town Holds My Entire Ancestry Line From That Side Stopping At My Grandfather.

During The Times Of Segregation & Discrimination In The South, My Family Was One Of The Few Afro-American Families In The Town That Actually Held Up A Name For Themselves Displaying Immaculate Agriculture Skills. Growing Up, I Would Always Love To Visit Just So That I Can Smell Clear Air For Once. The South Carolina Rain Blending With The Red Dirt Smelled So Good To My Soul… I Got Great Excitement From Feeding The Hogs He Raised, Helping Him Plant His Vegetable Garden, And Just Living In The Middle Of Nothing.. And The Food He Cooked.. I Can Almost Smell His Cooking Now.. Me Reverting Back To This Childhood State.. Rolling Out Of My Wobbly Bed In The Second Guest Room Of His Trailer! The Good Ol’ Days..💭💭💭


Anywho, As I Was Talking About The Things I Used To Do On His Farm– Almost Bragging To My Son That MY Generation Had It Worse Than His It Dawned On Me! I Had A Pet Turtle Growing Up And What The Hell Actually Happened To It! I Probably Forgot About It Over The Years Because It Disappeared Just As Fast As It Came Strolling Down My Older Cousins Poolside!  I Can’t Even Remeber The Damned Turtles Name Chyyy.. I Woke Up One Morning And It Was MISSING.. My Cousin (Whom Was An Adult, Married, With A Teenage Son.. Living With My Great Aunt–Her Mom) Told Me That It Ran Away.. But I Actually Think They Ate It! Real Shit.. Explain How A Turtle Can Escape Out Of A Tank? #MyGuyDon.. We Need More Answers!!

property of rantings of mocha
Since We Flashing Back.. Look What I Found! Only Getting Better With Time!

I Honestly Still Remember Going To The Pet Store And Spending My Last Little Bit Of Money Buying Some Food For It. I Believe I Had The Turtle For A Total Of 3 Damn Days, Guys! And BOOM, Gone.. All Hell Broke Loose Then, I Called My Mom And Asked Her To Come Back Home To New York. After The Turtle, They Just Started To Become Really Mean To Me. My Great-Grandmother (And My Grandfathers Siblings) Was Mixed With A Number Of Things. She Has Long Stringy Hair That She Would Always Keep Braided In A Ponytail.. Rolling It Up Into A Bun. When She Took Her Hair Out, It Stopped At Her Behind. All Of The Women On My GrandFathers Side Of The Family Are Lighter Skinned With Stringy Hair. My Mom Is A Darker Skinned Woman, But She Also Has The Stringy Hair! ANNND, Before My Mother’s Being, My Grandfather SIBLINGS Openly Showed Disapproval When My Grandfather & Grandmother Started Dating. My Grandmother…. To This Day COMES TO SLAY And She Gave Them.. And My Grandfather.. A Run For Their Money.. She Brought Her Own To The Table.. So All They Could Attack Was Her Skin Tone.. But Her Line Of The Family Is Equally As Fierce..

My Grandfather Thought It Would Be A Great Idea For Me To Spend The Summer With My Great Aunt And Their Families Because It Would Give Me A Chance To Be Around Other Girls & Women.. I Think That Was When I Realized, That They Were Not Who They Seemed To Be, And Everyone Is Not To Be Trusted. They Come From A Different Time Era, It Took Me A While To Understand That. The Darker You Are, Even If You’re Family, The Lower You Are In Their Eyes. Now, My Grandfather Wasn’t Light-Skinned But He Was A Beautiful Fair-Skinned Man, With Bright Greenish-Hazel Eyes, And Sandy Brown Wavy Hair; Whom Was Agriculturally Skilled…. You Do The Math.. He Could Of Easily Kept The Family “Light” But They Despised Him Because He Liked Chocolate! Lmao Even At My Grandfathers Funeral, They Showed My Findings To Be True.

A Quick Story, Way Before His Passing; Grandfather’s Sisters Have Always Been AMAZING At Baking. Growing Up One Great Aunt Of Mine Used To Make Us All Types Of Cakes When We Came Down.. My Grandfather Though After A Certain Age Would Only Eat Pound Cake– As The Others Were Too Much For His Health. He Was A BIG Sweets Person.. House Was Always Filled With Ice Cream In The Freezer… And He Would ALWAYS Sneak Us (Or Me Any Ways) Some When My Mother Said “No!” Get To The Story, Okay So One Time We Came Down To Visit, My Great Aunt Made Us Two Separate Cakes.. One Pound Cake, The Other Red Velvet Cake.. I Take My First Slice And Go Sit Outside To Eat It.. I Get Thirsty And Go Back Into The House For A Grape Soda. As I’m Eating, I Notice A Cricket Leg Inside Of The Cake! My Kid Mind, I Chop It Up To Being Dumb Enough To Leave My Cake Outside.. I Knew My Mother Wouldn’t Let Me Get Another Piece, And I Just Throw It Away And Began To Play.. Never Thought To Mention It To My Mother.

The Cake Is Half Gone, We’ve All Been Eating The Dark Red Moist Cake With Homemade Cream Cheese Icing! I’m Inside The Trailer Fixing Another Slice Of Cake. This Time, The Images Of The Cricket Inside Of My Cake Is Messing With Me. I Start Monitoring & Breaking Down The Slice To Sort Of “Soothe” My Thoughts.. TO MY DISGUST, Flattening Out The Cake With My Fork; I Discovered A Half Body Of A Cricket! I Start Gagging And Making A Scene And My Mother Cames Flying In Asking Me Whats Wrong.. All I Could Do Is Point At My Plate.. Explaining The Porch Situation To My Mother, The Half Body Of The Cricket In My Slice, Coupled With The Dark Coloring Of The Cake– She Decides To Investigate Further.. DO YOU KNOW, This (Now Identified Kitchen Witch) Had Hella Cricket Legs And Cricket Bodies In Our Cake?!!!!!!! What She Was Doing? We Will Never Know! Of Course My Grandfather Comes Back From His Daily Farming, Denying The Suspicions And My Great Aunt Also Denied Knowing How The Bugs Got There. We Left Back For New York, And Didn’t Hear From Them Again Until My Grandfather’s Funeral.

Looking Back On The Whole Situation, Me Thinking About That Missing Turtle Mystery Opened Up A World Of Discovery. At That Age I Was Dealing With Bullying From School-Mates For Being Dark-Skinned. The Only Thing That Saved Me Really Was My Attitude And My Hair.. ABSOLUTElY Not The Texture.. But The Braids & Beads I Wore. The World Is So Shady! I Wanted So Desperately To Be Accepted By Them And They Just Didn’t Care To Get To Know Me! This Situation Called For Evaluation Of The Adult Me..  I Realized, Friends, Family, Strangers, Whomever Will Not Always Have Your Best Interest At Heart. It Is Up To You, To Set Up Boundaries And Step Goals For Yourself! You Maybe Doing Things In Your Adult Life, Trying To Get Back At People From Your Earlier Life.. Disabling Your Future Blessings! So You May End Up Hurting The Wrong People Instead.. Innocent People.. Imagine How That Can Change A Person’s Life? For What? Because Your Dealing With Deep Rooted Issues? Get Over Yourself!

This Situation Combined With The Social Child Developmental Skills Part Of School– Constantly Beating Me Down Is One Reason Why I’ve Discovered I “Can’t” Trust People! It Made Me Realize WHY I SHUT PEOPLE OUT… Assuming They Will Disappoint You.. Instead Of Identifying “The Wrong People”. If My Family Can Do It To Me For No Reason; You Can Too!” This Is My Mentality.. Is This A Fair Thing To Do To People? Hell No, But I Use It As A Coping Mechanism To Be A Introvert In My Adult Life.. I Have A Hard Time Trusting People! Maybe You Have A Situation In Your Life You’ve Covered Up. Taking And Confronting The Issue Head On May Bring You To A Place Of Peace!

Chyy, I Just Wanted To Share That Story With Y’all Because The #KittzMail I’ve Been Getting Is So Crazy, Corky, And Inspirational! Someone Asked How Many Different Pets Have I Owned In My Life Once Before On Askfm And I Mentioned My Turtle, But Never Went Into Detail About It! I Know, I  Know You Want A Little Bit More About My POWERFUL Family History! Hope You Guys Liked My Reflection And I Challenge You Supporters, Doubters, Lurkers, And Serum Snatchers To Do Your Own Reflections As Well!



Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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