#ThoughtfulThursdays: A Rainy Day Vlog *Earn $4-5 Using My AliExpress Code!*

Catch This #Vlog From Rantings Of Mocha… I Intended To Go Out And Vlog But It Rained That Day.. So I Just Let The Camera Roll As I Ran Around For The Day! Catch A Glimpse Of Me Answering A Question From #InspireNation: “What Does Your Normal Everyday Look For Your Eyes…” And Sign-Up To AliExpress Using My Sign-Up Link And Receive $4 Towards Your Purchase! Once Signed Up, You Will Be Able To Purchase The Same Products I Will Be Reviewing In My Videos! We Will Be Combing Through The Cosmetics, Electronics, Clothing, And Weird/Corky Products Of AliExpress.Com!

It’s No Secret That I Battle With Excema.. My Sensitive Skin Has Been An Issue With Me For Years.. I Will Normally Get One Good Season Out Of My Skin Before It Goes Back To Becoming Flaky! I’ve Tried All Types Of Products That Claim They Can’t Moisturize My Skin, But Only A Few Have Came Through Swinging For My Dry Ass Face! Lmao I’ve Been Listening To The #KittzMail And Trying Some Of The Products You Suggested; And I See Great Results… A Good Bit Of My Footage (These Days) Are Taken Without Make-up & Things Covering My Imperfections Just To Appease Some People. I Just Won’t Fall Into Being “Made-Up” For Every Video.. It’s Just Not Me!! Now When I Actually Do Blow Up, You Will Know That Underneath All The Glamour Of My Personal Make-Up Artist Work; My Skin Is Crusty AF, Yet Healthy!


Catch This #Vlog From Rantings Of Mocha… I Intended To Go Out And Vlog But It Rained That Day.. So I Just Let The Camera Roll As I Ran Around For The Day! Catch A Glimpse Of Me Answering A Question From #InspireNation: “What Does Your Normal Everyday Look For Your Eyes…” And Sign-Up To AliExpress Using My Sign-Up Link And Receive $4 Towards Your Purchase! Once Signed Up, You Will Be Able To Purchase The Same Products I Will Be Reviewing In My Videos! We Will Be Combing Through The Cosmetics, Electronics, Clothing, And Weird/Corky Products Of AliExpress.Com!

Also, Don’t Forget To Sign To Aliexpress So Your Shipping Can Be Covered Through My Vendor For #TrapHairCare (When You Use My Link For Discounted Prices!) By Signing Up To Be A Supporter Of #InspireNation, You Will Receive Inside Information On How I Install, Customize, And Care For My Natural Hair & Wigs! Gaming, Home Improvement, And Spirituality Advice Live Streams Will Be Included For The People Not Interested In #TrapHairCare, But Still Want To Show Support!

Thank You So Much For Stopping By My Galaxy!

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The Super Loaded-Super, Super Dope Bawsey Shoppers Guide TO SAVING BIG! 2018 Edition

Where Do You Know You Can Find Me Most? Minding My Business, Applying The Best Exfoliation For My Skin, And Definitely Preparing To Send Off For This Years MEGA STACK Of Manufacturers Coupons!! Yeah, Yes, And Hell Yeah, #TheGoodSisOfCLT Is Back At You Another Year With The ‘2018 Bawsey Shoppers Guide To Saving Big’ Where I Will Show You Where ( And How) I Ask Major Corporations For Valuable Coupons!! So If You Have A Little Bit Of Time To Spare For Your Budget.. Pull Up A Chair And Boil A Kettle; It’s Going To Get BAWSSSEY!

If You Haven’t Had A Chance To Catch Up On Last Years Edition Where I Showed You How To Order A $3.99 Fee Pre-Paid Rush Card And Capitalize Off Of It, Using It To Turn Your Points—Points Turned To Pay-Pal Money– Earned By Taking Surveys From Your Phone.. Didn’t Read It? YOU SHOULD! After Your First Load On Your New Pre-Paid Debit Card, You Will Receive A $30 Sign-on Bonus By Using My Link!! ***USE THE LINK IN THE BELOW ARTICLE FOR YOUR $30 BONUS*** Also, You Can Use My Referral Codes For Some Of The Hottest Apps (Grab Points) And Earn Extra Points Just By Signing Up USING MY CODES! Yes, It’s That’s Simple And You Can Literally Do This From The Phone You Are Gazing At All Day Any Way.. Lol If You Don’t Want To Be Lost In This Article, Check Out The Previous Article All About It Here!


Creating Your Coupons & Saving E-Mail

If You Love The Sound Of Your E-Mail Notifications Harassing You Or Flooding Your Business E-mail; Then Skip This Bullet Point! I Feel Like This Is Important Enough To Repeat In This Article.. And I Know That Some Of My People In The Back Probably Didn’t Refer To The Previous Article Either.. Lol On The Serious Note, I Highly Suggest That You Set Up A Separate Email For When You’re Preparing To Send Off For Coupons. Often Times, Companies Require That You Sign Up For Newsletters And Various Monthly Releases; Just To Show You New Content First! They Want To Keep You Updated As A Valued Customer. After All, You Did Contact Them Saying How Much You Love Their Products! I Will Say, When I’m Sending Off For Free Samples I Do Get A Light Flood In My Inbox From Marketing Companies. Asking Me To Sign Up For Free Magazines, New Samples, Etc… I Love The Magazines… ( I’m Addicted To The Perfumes Samples LMAO) Any Who, You Will Thank Me Later And Appreciate The Fact That You Can Mute The Notifications, Wade Through The Suggested Samples & Recipes, And Find Your Real Emails At Ease!


Create A List Of The Products You Use Everyday And Seek Out The OFFICIAL WEBSITE

For Me This Is The Easiest Part! I Literally Look Into My Cabinets, Pantry, Beauty Bags, And Laundry-Room In A Saving Frenzy! When I’m In My Kitchen, I’m Sort Of Manifesting The Meals I Will Create In The Future, In My Head, As I Go! Ha, You Will Realize As You Get Deeper Into Your Savings Journey; A Lot Of Your Favorite Products Are Made By Some Of The Same Companies.. I Really Didn’t Find This Out Until I Started To Take Notice To Labels And Symbols.. But That’s A Completely Different Post.. For An Entirely Different Day!  It Doesn’t Necessarily Have To Be Edible Either. You Can Score Coupons For Beauty, Household, Outdoor, Clothing & Apparel; Anything Your Heart Desires If It Is Available To You In Coupon Form.. Just By Asking.. Yes, Ever Heard Of The Historic Saying “You Ask And You Shall Receive”? The Odds Are Higher When You Go Directly To The Companies And Simply Ask!


If You’re Enjoying This Article, Please Sign Up And Follow This Article Site. I Would Greatly Appreciate The Support As I Help You Get To These BAWSEY SAVINGS! Be Sure To Share This Article With Another Person Interested In Saving A Little Dough On The Products They LOVE!

Start Sending Out Your Requests For Coupons & Savings Deals!!

Once You’ve Made It To This Step You’re Almost There! I’m So Happy For You! Start Going Down Your List Of Products & Companies That You Would Like To Request Your Coupons And Saving From! Visit The OFFICIAL Website And Seek Out The “Contact Us” Section. Many Times I See The Company Already Has A Section Set Up For “Complaints & Coupon Requests”. If They Do, Then You Are In Luck! They Most Likely Will Send You Some REAL AWESOME Coupons. If Not, You Can Always Seek Out Their Email Address And Send Your Request Directly To Them.

When Sending Your Email Please Be Sure To Include Your Name, Address For Coupons To Be Mailed, One Product You Love From The Company, And Why! Please Always Check Your Address Before Hitting Submit! I Like To Share Personal Experiences With The Company Normally Centered Around The Product. One Time, I Sent A Request Off To Luigi’s Icees. You Know, The Icess You Eat Out Of A Cup With Your Wooden Spoon? Anxiously Waiting To Conquer The Sour Buildup Of Flavor On The Bottom? Yes, That One!! I Told Them Exactly That.. It Was True, Personal, And I Will Always In Some Way Think About My Nostalgic Moments While Eating It! When I Tell Yall, I Had Coupons For Days And HELLA Cool Moments In The Summer With My Kids Eating Out Our Icee Cups. Don’t Be Afraid To Let Your Personality Shine Through. You Can Also, Share Kind-Hearted Suggestions If You Feel Like A Certain Product Needs A Certain Improvement (More Seasoning, Etc) I Have Actually Been Asked To Be A Part Of A Paid Survey Panel Based Off My Purchasing Opinions As A Result! Try It Out And START SAVING! PLEASE DON’T FORGET YOUR ADDRESS!!



It Will Normally Take About 4-12 Weeks For Your Coupons To Arrive To Your Mailbox! During This Time You Can Learn A Little Bit More About How To Get The Best Amount Of Products For Your Coupons By Doing Some Online Research. You Can Always Seek Out Local/Online Couponing Groups On Your Favorite Social Media Sites.. There Is Literally Millions Of Places Where You Can Pick Up Little Bits Of Couponing Habits And It’s Completely Okay To Start Off Slow As You Go! To This Day, I Seek Help From The Krazy Koupon Lady! She Has A Site That Explains Exactly How To Apply Your Coupons In Common Stores Such As Food Lion, CVS, Bi-Lo, AND MANY MORE! Don’t Forget To Comment In Her Comment Section, Rantings Of Mocha Set You Straight!


I Also Like To Send Off For My Magazines & Free Samples During This Time As Well. I Love Getting Free Samples In The Mail, Magazines With The Latest Scents, And My Sanity Knowing That I’m Saving Money On The Products I Use Everyday! Samples And Some Coupons Tend To Arrive At The Same Time And I Feel Like I’m Literally Getting New Gifts Everyday! We Will Get Deeper Into Send Off For Free Samples & Magazines With The Part 2 Edition Of ‘2018’s Bawsey Shopper Guide To Saving BIG!’ Good Luck On Your Saving Journey, I Hope This Master List Of Companies Is A HUGE Jump Start For You As It Was For Me!



Instagram: @BrownBonedBawset

Twitter: @MochaKittzSays




2 Week Review: Using Grab Points AND Swag Bucks

When things are free, they are so much better! 😊 Can you think of a time when you really wanted something but you had priorities; or maybe didn’t have the full amount?! Well as you know, I’ve introduced to you the #BawseyShoppers guide to saving big (check the previous blog); but here is an update! I wanted to show #InspireNation my results after earning points.

Now, I will admit I’m not a person that is on these apps faithfully. Maybe on the weekends will I earn the most for the week. I normally do a survey when I have down time; or claim the daily points sent to me, if nothing at all. I just like the option to not paying​ full price for the things I would normally buy! You, on the other hand, may be a pro with the finessing of the point system! Whatever’s your deal hunnay, I’m just here to spread the word…

**Here Are My Points At The Middle & End Of Week 1***

This Took 2 Surveys On Grab Points

Call it whatever you what, but Swag Bucks is a lot of work! So my preference is Grab Points. Why do they make you work that hard? Lol

“It’s not about who does it first, it’s about who does it best!! If your authenticity is someone else’s blue print; have fun playing catching up! “-Mocha Kittz

 I just didn’t feel like my time was worth it for so little points from Swag Bucks. Soooo, I just redeem the daily codes for points on their Facebook wall. I really don’t engage with the application. Well, only to see what new possibilities are out. If Swag Bucks has it, you can believe the Grab Points does as well, and you’ll most likely get more points from it!  You can still send the Swag Bucks points to your PayPal account once you accumulate enough earnings! It’s sort of a cushion to what you earn fron Grab Points.

In my opinion, Grab Points gives you way more points for qualifying (and completing) surveys; their rewards are more obtainable, and you can start claiming rewards literally with 4 completed surveys! Eventually, you will be able to buy something personal, for a loved one, or for your pet!

🎭🎭I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but ummmmm, when I put my race as African-American, I don’t seem to qualify for many surveys. Why is that? Why is it when I use I’m either full Caucasian or Caucasian with a Spanish background, I almost always qualify! Why is thaaaat?! I literally didn’t start feeling like I was earning my time; until I change that small info, and started applying. 🎭🎭

**I don’t know if it happens to anyone else; but it is definitely noted. If you don’t qualify often, change that info, *Looks Around the Crowd** & try your surveys out 🙊**

Do you know of any other apps that help others earn points to covert money, gift cards, etc.? Please feel free to comment in the comment section! Where can they be downloaded?  Please leave your referral codes for me to use below when I try new apps..  😍I think I wanna do something #Jazztastic I will record myself drawing them out of a BAWSEEEEE BETSEY JOHNSON BAG! (I love Betsey Johnson) You know my saying “Help Me, Help You” **Good Luck** 

Ok, Grab Points is where it’s at! Check out my current point accumulation after 2 weeks:

The Results Are In! I Like It! 😍

Not bad right?! My goal is to eventually cash out at 20,000 points! Which will be equivalent to $20.00 PayPal money. How have attached a little cheat sheet to the Rewards system, just so you can get a better understanding of how it works! (IDKY you haven’t gotten the app yet, though lol)

Easily Obtainable Rewards On Grab Points
Easily Obtainable Rewards On Grab Points

I love the fact the have so many places to choose from! 😍

Enjoy A $10 Gift Card To Sephora from Grab Points!!
Easily Obtainable Rewards On Grab Points (StarBucks)


*89+- They Didn’t Forget The Fellas! It’s So Many Rewards Out For You Too!

Seee, I told you! They are much more obtainable than Swag Bucks and my secret is really the surveys guys, I can’t stress that enough!

Look How Much Points Your Opinion Is Worth!

The various ways you can earn points for cash to “slay on ‘ya haters” from Grab Points is to read articles, watch videos, complete surveys/offers,  download applications, share things on Facebook, and play games!  Check out some of the photos below if you don’t have the Grab Points app, and want to get a sneak peek! 

Easy Ways To Earn Grab Points

Quick Links & Referral Codes To Websites:

Get #free gift cards with #GrabPoints! Start with 500 points with my invite code to Grab PointsVDGU6O

Here’s the link to get a Swag Bucks to cushion up your Grab Points!!

Click here To Get $30 On your first load, when you order a FREE PRE-PAID Rush Card!!

Ya girl is full of goodies and surprises! I must admit, I’ve “Surprised” a couple chicks in my day 😁😂 #Insider 👊 Oh, I crack myself up!



I’ve been on a long, tiring, yet rewarding quest to saving money legally… Lol A sweet darling of #InspireNation messaged me about a app called IBotta! The name itself makes you want to know more right?! I know, so I’ve set up an account & can use it to do grocery shopping! 

The New Game Changing Grocery Saving App Called Ibotta

Not only am I saving by using my in-store saving card; I’m earning points on my PlentiCard, annnnd I can now earn more money towards PayPal by using IBotta?! Don’t let me even think about shopping at Walmart and use my savings catcher app! 👏👏 People… **MIND EXPLODES IN… 3…2….1…🌋***

Join IBotta Today! Check out Ibotta to get cash back! Use my referral code, tbgkecm, and you can earn an extra $10!!!

Have you seen the advertisement for a website called RoseWholesale.com?

Wonderful products are offered on Rose Wholesale!


Well, I’m sure you have and just scrolled by it. Im suuuure you couldn’t deny the beautiful products they had either! Lol Or maybe you loved something, browsed, and thought you wouldn’t be able to afford it! If you sign up with this website, they have a option where you can “Share & Get It Free”. Hellll, no it’s not that easy as a simple share. You definitely have to read the fine print here, folks! 

What the button looks like! It’s Your New Friend!

You sign up for a free account on the website, once in you can browse (and shop) all the products available. If you see something you like, it will be a pink button under the item saying “Share & Get It Free”.. The next step is Share, share, share! Lol 

A detailed break-down of the “Share & Get It Free” option.


When people sign up using your link, they get AMAZING codes to use towards purchases, INSTANTLY! WHICH IS GOOD FOR YOU, because they (or one person) would have to buy about 2-3 items to get you your product free (or $50 voucher). The sign up codes are spectacular, they are also available to you as well! Can you imagine all of your friends and family using your sign up code? The possibilities are limitless 🌺🌹 You can basically get the items you really love on your wish list! Definitely head on over and see what all the fuss is about! 

Help support my dreams, my ambitions, my hustle! See why I go so hard! I’m still in the learning stages, yet so humbly willing to grow!! Read more of my story HERE!



💫💫Find A Star In My Cosmos And Search Through My Latest Posts By Clicking Here! Thanks Again For Stopping By In My Galaxy! Please Contact Me If You Are Interested In Brand Ambassador Services, Features & Collabs On Youtube, Clearance To Use My Videos (Kudos Or Roast), And Much More By Contacting Me Through My Business Email: RantingsOfMocha@Gmail.com Book Me Today For Venue Appearances, Motivational Speaking Conventions, And Anything Arts Under The Sun… Or Moon 🌛🌜

The #BawseyShoppers Guide To Saving Big!

So as you know, I’m a huge lover of free things! I’ve spent numerous and countless hours online hunting everything free! From samples, to coupons, you name it, I’ve probably requested one. BabEEEE, I’ve got something I want to tell you! There’s always a coupon code somewhere. Its up to your frugal ass to find them! LOL

So as you know, I’m a huge lover of free things! I’ve spent numerous and countless hours online hunting everything free! From samples, to coupons, you name it, I’ve probably requested one. BabEEEE, I’ve got something I want to tell you! There’s always a coupon code somewhere. Its up to your frugal ass to find them! LOL Often times, you can get awesome bonuses to saving by using them. They can be found on initial sign up or payment forms. Look out for them because sometimes you only get ONE chance to collect your savings! Like I said, a bih loves the “free-ninety-nine!” I’ve taken the time to compile a sort of “Savings Hub” for you to save! So let’s get started on the journey of NEVER PAYING FULL PRICE AGAIN. Oh yeah, and did I mention discounts?

***First thing I suggest is that you create a brand new e-mail strictly for freebies, couponing, and redeeming points. You can get a good bit of e-mails with promotions and companies trying to get your feedback. You will appreciate the clarity in your main e-mail, believe me! Make it cute and fun, it goes a long way because you will be seeing it often! Some times I use my real name, sometimes I don’t it’s completely up to you. As long as your intentions are whole heatedly for saving!***

Pre-Paid Cards For Earning Points To Convert To PayPal Cash

You can definitely use a variety of outlets to accumulate points. Once you accumulate these points, you can cash them in for a variety of gift cards like Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon.com, and even Pay-Pal! You can use either one or several. I use multiple point earning outlets and send all pay-outs to one Pay-Pal account.  I obtained a Rush Card and just simply linked my PayPal to it.

Rush Card For Pre-Paid Services:

I was skeptical about getting one because of the stories that I’ve heard about missing money,  over-draft fees, the list goes on. But for the purposes of converting points for cash; I decided to give it a try. I went online to the website using a referral code of my special fella and signed up. If your thinking about getting a Rush Card click the link below and….

BE SURE TO insert the referral code EXACTLY how it is below (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT):

For each friend that applies, sets their PIN, and loads funds at least equal to the ONE-TIME loading fee, you’ll get a $30 bonus loaded to your account! Here’s the thing, YOU WILL ALSO GET A EXTRA $30 TOO!!

Once you apply and get approved, they will send you an e-mail to the #FreebieEmail address you provided upon sign-up. They will send a e-mail with your account and routing information. You can then go to PayPal and set up your Paypal account; using this information.

Make sure when signing up, you use this link to set up your online banking profile at RuchCard.com and start sending out your REF OWN CODE! You can earn up to $600 a year. They also have awesome free programs such as RushBucks, Rush Goals (A smart tool that will help you reach financial goal **FEE-FREE**), VISA Discounts (Which you can use when Shopping with Swag Bucks/Grab Points ***WILL EXPLAIN LATER**), Operation Hope (Which will help you organize you credit report **FEE-FREE to RushCard Holders**), and lastly a Pharmacy Discount E-Card (Which you can Screen Shot/Print and present to the pharmacy for reduced prescriptions.. So many options that we never knew were available! Why don’t they advertise things like this? Imagine how many people walk around with these cards and don’t even know the programs available to them. But I love you, I really do! And I want you to #BEGreat, #BEYou, BEInspiring, so I don’t mind telling you know whats up!


Power Youtube Banner

Online Freebies BaBEEE, YAAAASS

I have to give the ugly side of things. It does take some time for you to complete a lot of this stuff for the mere fact that you have to continuously enter your address. I suggest using a smartphone. My ZTE Max Duo (THANKS BAE ) usually fills in the address for me. Be careful though, you can forget to add your referral codes and your experience may not be packed with as many savings! Hunnnay, I have a few sites that I swear by… I’m a huge lover of fancy magazines, you know, the thick one with the fragrances.. Comfortable feminine products,…. and coupons! My beloved coupons! Check out these savings catcher websites and #CarryOn!

Www. ILoveFreeThings.Com









I go to these websites above because I believe them to be 100% legit, they give clear instructions on how to claim the samples, and I’ve actually received free things from the links! If it’s a free samples, most likely you can find it at any of these sites.


You can definitely use a variety of outlets to accumulate points. So the top applications I use are Swag Bucks And Grab Points. They can be downloaded in your Google PlayStore. MAKE SURE YOU either click the link or copy it & paste it into your address box. Also, make sure you refer back to this page for referral codes for bonuses!

Swag Bucks:


Tip: Use the search engine in the app (or website) to search for what you normally would and earn Swag Bucks (SB). You can also fill out offers/surveys, shop, and answer daily poll questions for SB. The most common rewards are gift cards towards Amazon.com, Target, Wal-Mart, and Pay-Pal purchases. Once started on your OWNNN Swag Bucks Dash Board, you can go to the referrals tab and start helping your friends save! **Which will bring more bonuses for you!!** Make sure you like their Facebook Page to stay up-to-date with the daily promo codes to earn SB!! Here’s the link


Grab Points:  REF CODE: VDGU60

TIP: Earn 500 points when your referrals earn 1,000 points! And its very easy to accumulate your points! Complete the SSI Surveys when the notification becomes available on your phone. They total 500 Grab Points (GP)! Even if you can’t be active on the app as often as you’d like, this is a great way to still accumulate money over time. They also make promo codes easier by sending the alerts directly to your phone. Unlike, Swag Bucks, they make you go online to their Facebook Page for low SB points daily.. But hey, those count over time as well! Be sure to like Grab Points of Facebook for special promotions! 

I only answered 2 Surveys.. 😜😜


How many times have we asked people for help getting freebies and they act like they have to pay for it out of their pockets?! Like really, STOP BEING STINGY!🙅 With time and patience, you can start to save too. Watch it pile up, and knock ’em down! People ask me all the time about getting coupons. They come over to my house and just see piles, upon piles of coupons, some NEVER EXPIRE.. I love those kind of coupons! Honestly, it’s a science. I get great inspiration from TheKrazyCouponLady.Com.

There you can get a better understanding of the logisticists of getting the most savings. I normally request coupons and stay up-to-date with the #KrazyCouponLady. Chyyy, there isn’t enough time in the day for me to go find all those deals, type up everything, and still complete my daily task! I give great props to eveyone on that team! #MuchLove

#MochaYourOffTrack, Okay,Okay… I find myself being preeetty lazy when I know coupons could be delivered straigh to my mailbox! Who doesn’t love a good “FREE Coupons by mail?” The most popular way of getting High Valued Coupons sent to your mailbox is to just simply ask! You know the old saying “Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed”? Soooooo, this totally fits here! Collect the contact info of your favorite products and use your “Freebies E-mail” to send them a message. You can also go directly to the company websites and look for the “Questions” or “Contact Us” tab.

Explain briefly what you love, like, were displeased with, etc., about the product. I find that you get more coupons when you share a product name and why it is special. Share genuine stories, recipes, or experiences you’ve had with the product. Possibly offering suggestions for improvement for flavors, package sizing, the stuff that you think would really make the product thrive! Be honest, but not brutal. Someone is actually paid to sit back and read your questions and concerns. Make your message stand out! I remember a time when I shared a story about always getting a Italian Icee (They old school one with the wooden spoon, you know, when you had to flip the icee over for the sour sugar?! Ohh, the good ol days) after school with my grandma. They literally sent me more coupons than I could spend! I had to give some away! Oh yeah, include others in your stories especially if you’ve introduced a product to someone. Companies love to see their product has “word of mouth” with you; and they tend to pay you for your loyalty graciously.

**Remember to always include your full address in your message to ensure you receive your coupons**

Below is a list of companies that LOOOOVEE hearing from saving savvy shopper like you. They really rely on customers like us to improve their companies. Why not enjoy a little savings while buying the products you love?! When I first started couponing TheKrazyCouponLady.com and Www.LivingRichWithCoupons.Com

were the 2 websites that never steered me wrong. I give major credit to the grooming they have caused on me to be a #BawseyShopper! These companies are really awesome at sending coupons by mail 2017!

34 Degrees: 34-degrees.com

4c- 4c.com

4grain- 4grain.com

Bayer: livewell.bayer.com

Alka Seltzer: AlkaSelter.com

Angel Soft: AngelSoft.com

Annie Chun: AnnieChun.com

Apple & Eve: AppleandEve.com

AquaFresh: AquaFresh.com

Aquaphorus: Aquaphorus.com

Argo Starch: ArgoStarch.com

Arnold Bread: AronoldBread.com

Arm & Hammer: ArmandHammer.com

Aunt Hellies: AuntHellies.com

Aussie: CustomerSupport.secure.force.com

Axe: Axe.com

Azteca Foods: AztecaFood.com

BG Pickles: BGPickles.com

Baby Ganics: BabyGanics.com

Ball Park: BallParkBrand.com

Banana Boat: BananaBoat.Com

Barber Foods: BarberFoods.Com

Beechnut: Beechnut.com

Beligioso Chese: Belgioiso.com

Bertolli: VillaBertolli.com

Blue Diamonds: BlueDiamonds.com

Bob Evans: BobEvans.com

Boogie Wipes: BoogieWipes.com

Bird’s Eye: BirdsEye.com

Breyers Ice Cream: Breyers.com

Brillo: Brillo.com

Buddy Fruits: BuddyFruits.com

Bubba: BubbaFoods.Com

Bumble Bee: Bumblebee.com

Burt’s Bees: Burtsbees.com


Carpelli USA: CarpelliUSA.com

Carolina Rice: CarolinaRice.com

Pinnacle Foods: PinnacleFoods.com

Celestial Seasonings: CelestialSeasonings.com

Chiquita: Chiquita.com

Chobani: Chobani.com

Chore Boy Scubbers: ChoreboyScrubbers.com

Ciaobella Gelato: CiaobellaGelato.com

Clabber Girl: ClabberGirl.com

Coca -Cola: CocaColaCompany.com

Coffee Mate: Coffee-Mate.com

Colgate: Colgate.com

Comet Cleaner: CometCleaner.com

Dannon: Dannon.com

Dove: Dove.com

Duncan Hines: DucanHines.com

Edge Shave: EdgeShave.com

Earth’s Best: EarthsBest.com

Eckrich: Eckrich.com

Enfamil: Enfamil.com

Energizer: Energizer.com

Flips: Demetsflips.com

Folger’s: FolgersCoffee.com

Frank’s Red Hot: FranksRedHot.com

Fresh Pet: FreshPet.com

Gerber: Gerber.com

Glad: Glad.com

Goya: Goya.com

Hot Pockets: Hotpockets.com

Huggies: Huggies.com

Iams: Iams.com

Idahoan: Idahoan.com

Jimmy Dean: JimmyDean.com

Jiffy Mix: JiffyMix.com

Johnsonville: Johnsonville.com

Karo Syrup: KaroSyrup.com

Kikkoman: Kikkoman.com

Liptons Kitchen: LiptonsKitchen.com

Luvs: Luvs.com

Minute Rice: MinuteRice.com

Nissain Foods: NissainFoods.com

Ocean Spray: OceanSpray.com

Pampers: Pampers.com

Sara Lee: SaraLeeDesserts.com

Scott Tissue: ScottBrand.com

Seapak: Seapak.com

Similac: Similac.com

Skinny Cow: SkinnyCow.com

Smithfield: Smithfield.com

Smart Ones: EatYourBest.com

Sweet Baby Ray’s: SweetBayRays.com

Taipe Foods: TaipeFoods.com

Thomas Breads: ThomasBreads.com

Uncle Ben’s Rice: UncleBens.com

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