Motivational Mondays: Finding The Right Friends **Actual Video Of How My Cat Broke My Phone!**

See This Short Vlog From Myself & #SimonCylusTheTabby Cat Of Us Getting Ready To Hang Out & Do Some# LightMeditation With My #SpiritualTeacher Travis “Kalab” Rashad! You Always Have To Surround Yourself With People Different From You (Possibly Similar) Yet With The Same Mindset & Goals As You! Don’t Allow Anyone To Determine What’s Right For You! Simon Is Always Jumping Into My Videos, But This Time He Came By To Say “Hello” A Little Too Hard! LOL And My Phone Fell Out My Hand! Mommy Still Loves You! Lmaoooo Find Out More About #SimonCylusTheTabbyCat‘s Rescue Story From Animal Humane Society Charlotte By Reading His Article On #RantingsOfMocha! Find Out If You Have The Courage To Adopt A #FurryLove!…




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Scene From The Netflix Original Series “The Get Down”

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Women’s History Month: Activist Angela Davis

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Political Activist Angela Davis at Press Conference
Picture Of Angela Davis Used From BlackPast.Org

Angela Davis, Afro-American Political Activist

Angela Yvonne Davis, Born January 26, 1944 is a inspiration to women whom peruse the Law & Criminal Justice profession. Although she has no actual law background, Davis was able to mingle, conduct business with, and accomplish more because she was actually emotionally invested as a child. Davis grew up in the infamous neighbor in Birmingham, Alabama named “Dynamic Hill” called that because it was common for local hate groups to place explosives. These explosives were targeting Afro-American communities and devastating lives. Davis publicly spoke out stating that she personally knew the 4 girls killed in the Birmingham Church Bombings. She always remembered how it made her felt and vowed to be a advocate for change. As a teen, she organized inter-racial study groups aiming to diffuse the injustice of Afro-Americans in 1950-60’s America.

As a graduate in the 1960’s, at the University Of California, she joined the Black Panther Party, the Che-Lumumba all Black Communist Party; later becoming the Party Leader. Davis was able to obtain a position at the University Of California teaching feminist studies; but later got chastised for her Communist beliefs.

The South In Birmingham, Alabama was definitely a time of racial tension with some still holding on to the hope of unity among us all. If your not familiar with the era of Jim Crow, please take a little time to research this. Then, you will be able to get a feel for how racial tension was heightened especially with the momentum of the Civil Rights Movement.
Picture Of The Soledad Brothers Used From KentaKe

I would be at no surprise that Davis would become a strong supporter of the Soledad Brothers (not really related), accused of killing a prison guard after several Afro-American prisoners were killed in a fight with another guard. Davis landed herself in a bit of hot water with authorities when she was brought up on several charges. The charges she were arrested for involved a escape attempt, in a courtroom, that left several people deceased. Davis was apparently proven to be linked to the gun used via Registration, and reportedly in love with George Jackson. On August 21, 1971, George Jackson was shot to death by a tower guard inside San Quentin Prison in a purported escape attempt. “No Black person,” wrote James Baldwin, “will ever believe that George Jackson died the way they tell us he did.”

On March 27, 1972, the two surviving Soledad Brothers—Clutchette and Drumgoole—were acquitted by a San Francisco jury of the original charges of murdering a prison guard. Davis was detained for 18-months and was acquitted of all charges.

Angela Davis Speaking Tour In Cuba (1972)
Picture Used From GoodReads.Com

She has many accomplishments such as international speaking tour in Cuba (1972), receiving an invitation from East Germany accompanied by an Honorary Degree . Davis also has taught feminist studies, critical theories, Marxism, popular music, social conscience, philosophy, and history of punishment of prisoners. She is always remembered as an inspiration to women whom stood up and used their voice in the face of oppression.

Additional Readings:

“Angela Davis; An Autobiography”, Angela Davis, (1974)

“Women, Race, And Class”, Angela Davis, (1980)

“Women, Culture, And Politics”, Angela Davis, (1989)

“The Meaning Of Freedom”, Angela Davis, (2012)

“Abolish Democracy”, Angela Davis, (2005)


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Women’s History Month: Women Who Fought Back And Won! **Queen Nzinga Of Ndongo And Matamba**

As We Continue On In March With Women’s History Month, I Want To Personally Say That We All Are Beautiful In Our Own Special Ways. Perfectly Created With Each Smell Good Sprayed, And Each Mirror Kiss Blown! Thank You, As Well, To The Fellas That Show Support By Supporting The Hard-Working Women In Your Society. Thank You For All The Shares And Feedback From The Last Article! It Had Over 1.5K Views In A Week!

Often Times Women Articulate, Enterprising, And Ambitious Women Aren’t Recognized In The Light They Should Be. I Set Out To Educate Myself On The Women Who’s Accomplishments I’ve Never Heard Of. I Decided To Educate Myself, And You, On My Findings.. The Uncommon Stories Of When Women Fought Back The Oppressors– And WON! With This Outlet, I Will Continue To Pursue My Destiny By Bringing You The Second Part Of “Women Who Fought Back.. And WON!” Now, An Inspirational Quote From The Marvelous, Late, Great Philanthropist, Professor, Writer & Poet: Maya Angelou “Take Up The Battle. Take It Up.. It’s Yours.. This Is Your Life.. This Is Your World!”

Queen Nzinga Of Ndongo And Matamba


Queen Ann Nzingha, Is The Great National Figure of Pre-Colonial Angola, In Southern Africa. The Extraordinary Scholar John Henrik Clarke Referenced her As The “Greatest Military Strategist That Ever Confronted The Armed Forces Of Portugal.” Queen Nzingha Was Born In Central Africa In A Portuguese Settlement Around 1582 And Her Brilliance Was Recognized Early On. The Fact That She Was A Woman Was Not An Impediment To Her Ability To Lead. She Was Often Sought After First When It Came To Important Issues Of War. Toward The Middle Of Her Life, She Became Increasingly Aggressive In Her Desire To Maintain The Power And Dignity Of The People Of Central Africa. Indeed, Her Military Campaigns Kept The Portuguese In Africa At Bay For More Than Four Decades. Her Goal Was The Final And Complete Eradication Of The Portuguese Capture And Enslavement Of African people.

Queen Nzingha Ambitiously Sent Ambassadors And Representatives Throughout West And Central Africa With The Goal Of Building A Massive Coalition Of Africans To Eject The Portuguese. The Beautiful Queen Nzingha Died Fighting For Her People in 1663 At The Age Of 81. Thank You Once Again For Joining Us Here At Rantings Of Mocha As We Continue To Honor Women’s History Month!

Previous Article On This Subject: Judith Nash



Women’s History Month! Chicks That Fought Back– AND WON…

Definitely Want To Kick Off Woman’s History Month Right With Honoring Women Whom We Feel Should Be Recognized More For What They Brought To The Table. The Month Of March Should Be Celebrated With Great Regards Because Often Times, Women Created, Instilled, Or Helped Developed The Major Things We Use Today Such As The Paper Bag, The Foot-Pedal Trash Can, Starting A Civil Rights Evolution, Or Maybe Inventing A Common Board Game Such As Monopoly! Oh Yeah, It’s A Little Bit Of Everything In This Galaxy! So Lets Get Started! First Make Sure You Like This Post And Subscribe Now For Future Articles.

Diane Nash

diane nash

Diane Judith Nash Born May 15th, 1938, In Chicago, IL. Little Known Fact Is That She Was The Runner-Up For Miss Illinois! She Found Her Purposed In Life When She Transferred From Frisk University In Nashville, TN To Howard University In Washington, D.C And Witnessed The Segregation First Hand. She Too, Was Also Discriminated Against As Well Being Of Lighter Skin. Her Horrible Experiences In The South Lead Her Drive To Fight Against Segregation. She Was A Leader & Strategist Of The Student Wing Of The Civil Rights Movement Successfully Integrating School Lunch Lines. She Was A Member Of The Infamous Freedom Writers, Whom Successfully Integrated Travel Roads, Helped Found The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) And The Selma Voting Committee Campaign, Which Helped Blacks In The South Gain The Right To Vote And Have Political Powers.

diane nash2

Throughout Her Life She Has Worked Along Side Many Of The Well Known Names Of The Civil Rights Movement Such As Martin Luther King, Jr, Septima Poinsette Clark, Rosa Parks, And Even Volunteered To Be Detained To Show Solidarity With The “Rock Hill Nine” In February 1961; The Notorious Black Students Arrested For Sitting In A Restaurant After Refusing To Be Served By Staff Due To Their Race.

Diane Nash Is A Woman That Showed Everyone Around Her That She Was Willing To Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty To Ensure Justice! She Fought Back When Injustice Reared Its Ugly Head! We Here At Rantings Of Mocha Would Like To Say Thank You For Paving The Way For Minorites, People Of Color, And Women Like Me!


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