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ThrowBack Picture Of Me In My Modeling #MochaApplebum Days

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One Of My #LoyalRoyal Diam & I At Her Baby Shower! Congrats On The Baby Boy Boo!! Both Of Our Nails Were Slayed By IG: @PolishedJewelz!! #TakingQueenCityByTheHand
Diam & I Around The Time We First Met At Work! I Know, We Still Look The Same.. Just Grew Up!

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Thanks For Stopping By My Galaxy!

#TrapHairCare: Finding Your Go-To Protective Hairstyle To Ensure Growth!

One Thing I Absolutely Can’t Help But To Stare At IS THE “LUMPY WIG”..

So We Have A Couple Of Hairstyles That We Can Use To Protect Our Hair From The Stresses Of Heat & Weather. The One I’m Known To Use Under My Wigs Is The Classic Corn-Rows Back. Lol Some People Like To Braid Their Hair A Particular Way Because They May Like How The Wig Sits When Installed, They May Customize It A Certain Way That Requires A Braid To Be Clipped, Or You Just May Have A Preference Based Off The Amount Of Hair You Have On Your Head, Chyy..

Often Times, When I Have A Full Lace Wig On, I Braid One Or Two Braids Along The Back Of My Head To Ensure It Doesn’t Move With Time. If You Stay Loyal, Here In Inspire Nation, You Will Be Able To Pick Up The Little Secrets Of How I Look Fabulous At A Very Affordable Price, Your Hair & Skin Will Be Glowing, Your Fashion Will Be Like No Other, And Your Booty May Get A Lil’ Bigger Too Chy.. Who Knows? The Confidence & Life You Will Receive In This Galaxy Will Help You Excel In A Sometimes Harsh & Critical World.. Now We Need To Get Into The Nitty-Gritty…


One Thing I Absolutely Can’t Help But To Stare At IS THE “LUMPY WIG”.. You Know, The Ones Where You Can Tell That The Person Either Just Threw A Cap On Top Of The Unbraided Hair… The Wigs That Are Lop-Sided Because The Braids Aren’t Properly Proportioned.. Or The Lace That Sits In The Forehead/Middle Of The Head.. Crusty & Lifting In The Front.. I Can’t Lie.. When I See Those Lace Fronts.. I Just Want To Fix It.. Straight Up.. Only Because A MF Let Me Walk Around Looking Crazy And I Want To Help! We Can’t Be Sensitive In Trap Hair Care!! Remember, I Taught Myself The Majority Of What I Know (With Help From Loyal Royals) And Tweaked It.. All I’m Doing Is Sharing HOW I DO THINGS.. Lifting In The Front Due To Hair Under The Cap IS A NO-NO!!! If This Is You, I Still Love You But We Got To Get That Wig Leveled Chyy! Just Because You Spent Money On It Don’t Make It “Laid”.. What You Do To It Does.. Lol I Just Be Staring.. Lord Help US! Ima Give It To You Straight.. I See People Flexing For The Gram With All Types Of Things Wrong With Their Wigs, Lace Wigs, Make-Up, And Personality! But Have The Nerve To Talk Shit.. Talk To Your Beautician Or Someone Slayin’ In Inspire Nation.. We Are Going To Look Right! I Hate Bullies.. But You Can Never Win With These “Internet Bitches”…. Carrying On..

rolls eyes

Here Are Some Of The Different Ways You Can Style Your Hair Naturally & Under Your Wigs & Wig Caps! I Get Asked Often How My Hair Is Under My Cap.. And What I Do To My Natural Hair In It’s “Sleeping Slay” OR Resting Phase Of My Hair Care Regimen.

braidsCornrows Straight Back

Damn Near Everybody Who Doesn’t Have The Time OR Arm Strength To Braid All Day.. I Usually Do This Common Braiding Pattern If I Would Like To Move To The Next Stage.. Installation… Lol My Full Lace Wigs & Silk Wigs Tend To Lay The Flattest In This Pattern.

braids2The “Honey Comb”

Sometimes I Want To Break Up The Natural Memory My Hair Has Created During The Time Of It Being Braided. I Don’t Want My Hair To Thin Out In These Stressed Areas So When I Re-Braid My Hair After A Wash, I Will Re-Braid It A Different Pattern. My Lace Fronts Tend To Lay The Flattest With This Pattern.

braids3Or Any Braid Pattern You Feel Fits Your Liking.

It’s Okay To Try Different Methods To Achieve The Look Your Going For.. Because There Are Different Looks For Your Wigs… But We Will Get There #InspireNation, I Promise! This Is Some Of The Content I’m Bringing To You On My YouTube Channel.. You Ask Me All The Time So Let’s Get Into It!


Property Of Rantings Of Mocha

High Puff With A Head-Wrap

This Is My MAIN STYLE! I Even Have A Special Head Wrap That I Wear When I Wear My Hair This Way. I Would Suggest You Invest In Some Head Wraps So When Your Hair Is In Its “Sleeping Slay” You Can Always Throw It On And Keep It Moving.

“Resting Phase: The Period Of Time (Usually A Week) I Let My Hair Rest By Deep Conditioning It, Moisturizing My Scalp And Replacing The Nutrients It Was Missing While My Lace Wig Was Installed. The Way I Install My Lace Wigs, It Usually Stays In Place For About 2 Weeks. Of Course With Light Maintenance Of My Side Burns.. I Sleep Wild!

Property Of Rantings Of Mocha


This Protective Hairstyle Is One Of My Favorites In The Winter Season Because I Feel It Gives My More Of A Artsy Look. I Love Using A Variety Of Colors And I’ve Had Streaks Of Blonde, Dark Brown, Purple, Pink, And Even Blue! Me Personally, I Like To Put Little Hints Of Color In Strategic Places.. I Had Chicks That Didn’t Really Like Me Copying My Exact Styles.. Lol Where Were They When No One Was Wearing These In The Office? Came Back The Next Week… ERRBODY Had Updo’s Smh That Goes To Show.. Even If People Don’t FWU.. They DO! With My Help, Ima Get You There Too!

Property Of Rantings Of Mocha

Two-Strand Twist

LOVE THIS LOOK! A Hat Can Spruce Up This Look Up Any Way.. Any Kind Of Hat Actually! You Can Also Wear This Protective Style When You Want To Just Head Out With Minimal Maintenance. The Only Thing I Don’t Like With My Hair Texture; I Tend To Get A Lot Of Shrinkage.. I Just Usually Apply Some Moisturizer And Oil For The Week. Possibly Taking Out My Twist On The Last Day!

Property Of Rantings Of Mocha

Front-Facing Mohawk

Another Protective Hairstyle That I Use A Head Wrap For. If I Take My Hair Out A Day Or Two Early, And I Have A Lot Of Shrinkage (Usually In The Back), I Will Just Fluff The Front And Wrap The Back. This Technique Just Makes Things So Much Easier For Me!


These Are Some Of My Go-To Protective Hairstyles! Hope This Helps.. We Will Get A Little More In Detail About HOW To Do Each Style In The Future.. Leave A Comment In The Comment Section For What You Would Like To See Next From #TrapHairCare. It’s Early In The Series, I Know, But We Have To Be Considerate To People Whom Are New To The Natural Hair Thing. We Want To Show Compassion As We Collectively Create This Massive Hub For Natural Hair Noobs & Outcasts! Love You All!

Property Of Rantings Of Mocha


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Type 3A-4C Hair Struggles Unleashed.. Tips On How To Reach Hair Harmony!

Not Everyone Can Just Throw Their Hair In A Ponytail And Keep It Moving. Most Of The Time, When I’m Wearing My Natural Hair, I Normally Wear A Two Stranded Twist Out.. Even Then, I Still Have To Deal With Shrinkage… Alllat… So When You Sit Back And Think About It, It’s True That 3A-4C Hair Requires A Lot Of Extra TLC..

We Are Unapologetically Accepting Our Roots More & More Each Day πŸ’― So Don’t Ever Gauge Your #TrapHairCare Journey With Another Person’s… It’s Not A Healthy Behavior And I Wanna Discourage Natural Hair Bashing On My Outlet. Instead, We Are Going To Try To Tackle (Together) The Toughest Issues We Have With Our Hair!

As I’ve Stated Numerous Times.. I’m Not A Professional Beautician; But I Do See Beautiful Results In My Daughter’s & I Hair For Sure. These Techniques Can Be Used By Both Genders To Maintenance Your 3A-4C Hair.

If You’re Not Caught Up With The Previous #TrapHairCare Post CLICK The Menu Tab And Review Previous Articles Tagged: Trap Hair Care

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According To The Responses From The #KittzMail Newsletter, Most Of Inspire Nation Either Struggles With Breakage & Edge Growth, Products, And Protective Stylings.. In This Section, We Are Going To Focus On Breakage & Edge Growth! Stay Tuned For The Follow Up Releases… They Will Be Sure To Leave Your Wig Snatched! Lmao 😭

Breakage In Your Hair Can Be The Exact Reason Why You May Not Be Seeing Results. Honestly, Breakage Can Be Accounted To A Number Of Things.. Stress On Your Hair, Heat Damage, Lack Of Moisture, Over-Processing.. Omgee The List Can Continue Like Trump Rambling At A Gathering Rally For Cheeto Colored Balloons πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Sad But True, So I Say This To Say, You Have To Identify What Triggers Your Hair For Breakage. What Make Your Hair “Snap” Literally

Me? My Hair Does Really Well When I Give It A Tall Glass Of “Leave It The Fuck Alone” πŸ˜‚ I Co-Wash It Using Only Conditioner, Oil It With Vitamin E, Seal That With A Creme/Butter, Grapeseed Oil To Seal That.. Protective Hairstyle.. Boom.. I Try To Sprinkle In A Trim To Ensure My Ends Stays Healthy Every 2-3 Months.. I Find This Method REALLY Protects My Ends So I Don’t Have To Trim Them Often. You–Must Spend About A Year (And Then Some) Learning What Your Hair Loves And Foes.. This Is The Only Way… Or Hire A Licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist… (Shit, Sounds Good But I’m Too Broke For That πŸ˜…)

Moisturize! Moisturize! And Seal Your Hair.. The Point That You See Your Hair Is Dry And Brittle; It’s Most Likely Already Too Late. I Won’t Lie, I Do Have Times Where I May Extend A Products Welcome In My Hair.. A LIL’ TOO LONG..

I May Maintenance My Hair A Week Or 2 Late And Notice It’s Really Pitiful Looking πŸ˜‚ I Will Then Use A Hair Masque (Find One You Like), Oil Treat It With Vitamin E (Don’t Get Too Much On Your Face! It Can Clog Pores Causing Ache #Honest), And Repeat The Previous Steps Listed Above For The Sealing Regimen!

**By This Time–With The Help Of The Newsletters– You Should Of Determined Your Products.. Stay Updated With Your Email To Catch The PeriscopeTV Private Link To Chat It Up Live! We Will Be Taking A Look A The Exact Products I Use And I Hope It Can Help Be A Gateway For You To Pick Your HAIR FAVS πŸ™Œ**

Edges?! Ummm, So Let Me Just Keep This Real. It Was A Point In Time I Actually Damaged My Edges! Damn Near Bald…Bih Yeah, My Sexy Ass Was Walking Around Looking Like Who-Damn-Hot-Mess πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Where I Played Myself At Was The Part Where I Felt Like “Tight” In Sew-Ins Equalled Slayed.. My Braids Were Too Tight, The Thread Was Pulled Too Tight.. I Played Myself Entirely Too Much Using “Burt’s Beeswax” Edge Control Without Researching And Literally Over Caked My Hair Follicle By Trying To Always Have It “Laid”, AND TO TOP IT OFF.. I Didn’t Moisture My Hair While I Had The Sew-in πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

I’ma Keep It All The Way A Band With You… At All Times. Whether It Embarrasses Me Or Not.. Find People Like That In Your Life.. They Goin Let You Know What’s Up.. I Don’t Mind Sharing My Truths. We All Have Our Hidden Hair Issues.. I Never Pretend Everything Is Perfect Over Here.. I Bleed Too! Lol You Just Have To Be In My Circle To Know It “As It Happens”

Personally, I FEEL One Of The Biggest Reasons People With Our Hair Types Continue To Wear Weaves, Male Lace Fronts, Etc.. Is Because They Just Don’t Know What Else To Do With Their Hair. That Moment When We Know Our Real Hair Needs Help. The More We Share Our Stories, The More We Can Discontinue The Trend Of “Natural Hair Bashing”, And The Feelings Of Being Lost When It Comes To Our Natural Hair.

Anywho, What I Had To Do Was Say Big #LetGo And I Actually Evened Out The Hair On My Side Edges That Still Remained. So To Explain This Horrible (Yet Fixable) Situation I Had A Closure That Sat In The Crown Of My Head. I Played Myself Braiding The Baby Hairs “Newborns” And Had The Audacity To Sew It In TOO DAMN TIGHT To My Scalp. This Caused My Edges To Become Brittle And Damaged As I Stressed My Hair Follicles By Tugging And Applying Too Much Product. This Resulted In No Edges ON Both Sides Near My Temples πŸ˜žπŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜²

Don’t Play Your Life Like Mocha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Chy, I Cut The Fucked Up Edges Section Down To An Even Length.. Even Clipped My Ends.. Why Not? Lol I Vowed To Love And Take Care Of My Natural Hair From That Moment Forward. It Usually Takes Some Drastic Shit Like That.. Maybe Your Hair Is Heat Damaged/Over-Processed And Your Hair Comes Out In Sections… Or Your Hair Does The Unthinkable And You’re Sitting There Like– “Forget This I Got A Wig That I Can Just Throw On”.. You Take It Off And Your Hair Is Severely Damaged… Then, You’re Like “I Gotta Take Better Care Of My Real Hair”. It’s Okay, Honestly baBEE πŸ’‹ It’s Okay! Never Feel Bad, You Just Didn’t Know– Neither Did I– You Just Aspire To Want To Learn & Grow..

I Stopped Wearing The Sew-Ins, Switched To Wigs, Made Sure My Edges Were ALWAYS Moisturized & Oiled, And About 6-9 Months I Was Able To Braid Them Again. To This Day, When I Get Braids–Whatever, My Edges Are Off Limits πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚ #Facts. I Don’t Even Braid Them For My Wigs.. Eco-Styler Gel Is Just Fine For Me!


Check Out This Cool Drawing My Friend Of Many Years @ODROZZ Drew For Me! He Is My Personal Tattoo Designer πŸ˜‚ But To You, He’s A Dope Ass Sneakerhead That Can Draw! Add Him On IG: To See His Dope Drawings! #MyArtistIsBetterThanYours #GetYourOwn 😎😊 Don’t Forget To Tell Him #MochaKittz Sent Ya 😝 #Trendsettas

I Love You Guys, I Really Do And I Hope This Light Article Does Some Justice To Discuss This Part Of #TrapHairCare Breakage & Edges: The Struggles. Make Sure You Stay Updated On The Articles Released From This Site!

#TrapHairCare: Porosity Test

Here’s A Quick Way Top Find Out Your Hairs Porosity By Completing A Few Tests At Home! That’s Right, The Cheap Way 😎 The #GoodSis Has Got You Covered πŸ‘Šβ™€

If You Need To Freshen Up On The Past Series Of #TrapHairCare With Inspire Nation Click The Links Below For A Good Reading 🌹🌻

  1. #TrapHairCare: Determining Your Hair Type
  2. #TrapHairCare: What Does Porosity Mean In Hair Care?

The Standard Porosity Test

Fill A Glass Or Bowl With Room Temperature Water. Take A Couple Strands Of Your Clean Hair And Put Them In The Water.

**⚠⚠Clean Hair Is Definitely Important Y’all**

Watch Your Hair For 2-4 Minutes. If Your Hair Sinks Immediately, It’s High Porosity. If Your Hair Is Still Floating 4 Minutes Later, It Has Low Porosity. If Your Hair Is Slowly Sinking, You Have Normal Porosity!

The Slide Method

Grab A Strand Of Clean Hair On Your Head. Starting From The End Of Your Hair, Slide Your Fingers Up The Hair Shaft Towards Your Scalp.

Having A Bumpy Ride? You Have High Porosity Hair..

Smoothly Sailing On? You Have Low Porosity Hair..

A Little In Between? You Have Normal Porosity Hair..

These Methods May Vary For Different Hair Types And Textures. Continue To Do Your Research As We Discover More With Each Other.. We Will Learn To Tend To Our Natural Hair Together!

I AM NOT A BEAUTICIAN πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ But I Just Love The Idea Of Researching Things And Building New Ideas. I Want To Share What Has Been Helping Me Achieve My Hair Goals.. I Would Love To Help Others Identify Issues With Their Hair By Just Giving Out Basic Knowledge That Helped Me!

So Please, Don’t Be Discouraged Just Stay Positive, Study Up Hair Regimen In Your Newsletters Based On Hair Types, And Have Fun! (YOUR HAIR CAN TELL! LMAO)

Chyyyyy, See You Next Time With #TrapHairCare! Don’t Forget To Subscribe, Comment Your Feedback, & Share This Article From Rantings of Mocha!

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#TrapHairCare: What Does “Porosity” Mean In Hair Care?

According To Diane Bailey, Master Natural Hair Stylist & Shea Moisture Brand Ambassador, The Simplest Definition Of Porosity Is ” The Hairs Ability To Take In Moisture, Water, Color, Or Any Liquid”

Low Porosity

  • Cuticles are closed, so moisture does not enter easily / resistant to moisture.
  • Products sit on your hair.
  • Does not absorb hair color or treatments easily.
  • Water beads up on hair.
  • Hair takes a long time to dry.
  • Looks healthy but doesn’t have much elasticity or volume.

It’s Best To Use Grapeseed Oil To: Strengthen Hair Daily & With Conditioner. You Can Also Use Grapeseed Oil As Additional Heat Protection Due To It’s Ability To Withstand High Temperatures. (For Those Of You Natural Ladies That Don’t Mind Using A Little Heat On Your Hair)

Other Oils To Use For Maximum Protection/Growth:


You Just Really Have To Figure Out What Products Work For Your Hair. What Works For Your Homegirl May NOT Work For You. And That’s Perfectly OKAYYY! ONCE You Find Out What Products/Essential Oils Your Scalp Loves; You Can Start To Enjoy Your Journey..

Me Personally, I’m Planning To Wear My Hair Out More. I’ve Purchased Head Wraps With Tribal Designs On Them And I Can’t Wait To Receive The Fabric! The Reason Why I Don’t Wear My Natural Hair Out Often Is My Protective Hairstyles Have Aided My Length Retention Drastically. I’m Lazy. Also, I Just Absolutely Adore The Companies That Want Me To Review Their Hair Products β™€πŸ˜˜ I’m Just Being Honest πŸ™Œ


Now Listen, Linda πŸ˜‚ I Have Low Porosity Hair. When I Finish Washing My Hair, My Shit Looks Like A Hot & Bothered Keith Sweat At One Of His Concerts In The 90’s.. Hunnnayy, I’m ‘Talkinbout’ Water Drippin’ Everywhere πŸ˜­πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ™‡

I Usually Wash It With Conditioner And 10-15 Drops Of Peppermint. Once Completely Rinsed WITH COLD WATER, I Use A Method That I Will Discuss In Another Article From #TrapHairCare, And I Seal My Ends To Prevent Dry Split Ends..

If Haven’t Already Discovered Your Hair Type With #InspireNation, Click The Link To Check Out My Previous #TrapHairCare: Determine Your Hair Type HERE!

High Porosity

  • Absorbs too much moisture, but is unable to retain it.
    Looks and feels dull and dry.
  • Generally damaged and over processed with torn cuticles (but not always)
  • Tangles easily because the cuticles get caught on each other.
  • Hair dries quickly.
  • Tends to be frizzy.

It’s Best To Use More Butters & Cremes To Keep Your Hair Moisturized For Maximum Growth. Often Times You Can Have Low Porosity Hair And Use A Small Amount Of Butters To Mix With Your Hair’s Favorite Oils. A Great Product To Use Is Organic Root Simulator Or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Other Products & Oils To Use For Maximum Protection/Growth:

  • ELASTA QP Mango Butter Curl Smoothie

There’s A Quick Video From Afro Khadisiac’s YouTube To Show How To Care For High Porosity Hair:

Make Sure You Like, Share, & Subscribe To Her YouTube Channel If Your High Porosity!

UMMMMM, Yeah I Have Absolutely No Comment Because I Can’t Relate… Or Can I? Actually, If Your A Lover Of Brazilian, Peruvian, And Bundles You Can Take Notice Here For Your Hair Maintenance. Some Of The Essential Oil Products Listed Above Can Work Wonders For Your Aged Hair!

Have You Ever Seen Someone With Expensive Hair But It Just Looks Dry? Like, Oh No baBEE What Is You Doing?!! Actually, One Of The Wigs I Received Did Just That…. But That’s A Whole ‘Notha Story!!

Oh What Adventures We Are About To Have In The TRAP HAIR CARE Series πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š What Will We Discover Next? πŸ‘€πŸ”

#TrapHairCare: Determining Your Hair Type

This Week Kicks Off The Official Beginning Of Our Natural Hair Care Journey Together! With The Pride And Courage From My Supporters, I Cut 2 Inches Off My Hair.

My Ends Are Completely Rejuvenated And My Natural Hair Is Neatly Layered βœ‚


You May Feel A Little Uneasy.. You See A Little Length In Your Hair… But It Isn’t Looking Voluminous Or Healthy. I Suggest You Either Trust A Licensed Beautician, A Truth-Worthy Cousin With A “Growing Hand”, Or Check Out This Video On YouTube From One Of My Favorite Hair Guru’s iamKeliB For How To Properly Trim Natural Hair! Make Sure You Like & Subscribe For Wonderful Natural/Protective Hair Care Tips!

You May Already Be Going Into The Trimming Situation Feeling Some Type Of Way. But Man Listen, When You Get Those Naughty, Unruly, And Down Right Disrespectful Ass Coils Out Your Hair; It Will Thrive!

I’ve Been Really Enjoying The #KittzMail You Send In With Your Questions. I Feel Like Im Always Giving Y’all Props 😘 But I’ve Got To Be Honest With You.. I’m No Damn Beautician πŸ˜‚ So Schooled Heffas Don’t Come For Me About My Untraditional Methods Of Getting Dolled Up, Okay? I Think I’m Going To Call It #TrapHairCare 😩 I’m Still Earning My Wings 😳😁

I Just Go For What I Know And Keep It Moving… And The #SerumSnatchers Surely Take Notice… #InspiringHatersSince88 πŸ’― #InspireNationBombshell

“Everything Doesn’t Work For ERRBODY! You Have To Take Notes, Here & There, And Apply What Speaks To You– TO YOUR LIFE!” -MochaKittzSays

Ok, Ok, So I’ma Shut The Hell Up With The Rantings And Get To What #AllTheFuss Is About With This It’s Just Hair Challenge πŸ‘Œ

The Types Of Natural Hair

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Wavy-Curly
  • Kinky-Curly

Straight Hair

1A (Fine): Hair Is Absolutely Straight From The Root To The Ends. This Hair Type Is Very Rare And Will Not Hold A Curl. THIS Type Of Straight Hair Is Soft And Shiny, But Thin And Wispy. It Is Very Easy To Manage And Style, But It Often Needs A Little Bit Of Lift At The Roots. A Hairstyle We Recommend For Fine Hair Is Swept To The Side β€” For An INSTANTLY Sexy Look That You Can Blow Dry. Make Sure To Get A Hairstyle With Layers, For An Appearance Of More Depth.

1B (Medium): Since it has a bit more volume and body, medium hair can be very easy to manage. A Sleek Ponytail Is The Perfect Candidate For This Look, As It’s Thick Enough To Give The Hair Some Style, But Not So Thick That It Breaks Rubber Bands In The Process. This Sophisticated Look Can Be Worn ANYTIME.

1C (Course): This Type Of Hair Is Usually Stick-straight And Difficult To Make In Waves or Curls, Instead Coming In With One Or Two visible β€œS” Waves. Long And Layered Is The Way To Go Here, Otherwise It Might Be A Little Too Hard To Handle. This Is The Most Resilient Of All Straight Hair Types, But It’s A Bit More Difficult To Manage, Because Of It’s Thickness. Take Advantage Of It’s Resilience And Wear It Long And Parted In The Middle.

Wavy Hair

2A: Your Waves Are Fine And Thin With A Loose, Tousled Texture.

  • Your Lack Of Volume And Definition Means That Products Can Easily Weigh Them Down And Strands Can Become Straight So Use Lighter Styling Products Like Mousses And Gels.

2B: Your Hair Is Mostly Straight At The Roots And Falls Into More Defined S-shaped Waves From The Mid-lengths To The Ends. It Is A Medium Texture With Some Frizz At The Crown.

  • Plop Your Freshly Washed Hair For More Definition.

2C: Your Waves Are More Defined And Start At The Roots, Than With Curls And Ringlets. This Texture Is Typically Thick Or Coarse, And Is Prone To Frizzing

  • Diffuse Wet, But Not Soaking Hair Upside down After Washing For More Volume.

Wavy-Curly Hair

3A: You have big, loose curls and spirals similar in circumference to a piece of thick, sidewalk chalk. Your curls tend to be shiny, with a well-defined S-shape.

  • Twirl small sections of curls around your finger while hair is still damp to encourage definition.

3B: Your springy curls can vary from ringlets to corkscrews. They are voluminous and have a circumference similar to a Sharpie marker. Type 3b hair tends to be coarse and dense.

  • Use an anti-humectant (humidity blocking) styling cream or styling milk for less frizz but more definition.

3C: This type often is referred to as curly-coily and tends to be very dense, tightly packed corkscrews that are the circumference of a pencil or a straw. Type 3c hair tends to experience the most volume, but also the most shrinkage of curls.

  • Gently enhance and safely stretch without heat using a twist-out, bantu-knot out, flexi rod set, or perm rod set.

Kinky Curly Hair

4A: Your dense springy coils are either wiry or fine, and have the circumference of a crochet needle. They are tightly coiled, with a visible S pattern.

  • Use thicker natural emollients like mango and Shea butters to maximize your wash-and-go, twist-out, or bantu knot-out style after washing.

4B: Instead of curling or coiling, your hair bends in sharp angles like the letter Z. The curl is tighter and less defined – about the circumference of a pen – with strands that range from fine and thin to wiry and coarse.

  • Pre-poo with coconut oil or castor oil to help retain natural oils in your scalp.

4C: Your densely packed hair is similar to a 4b, but experiences less definition and more shrinkage. The tightly coiled strand texture ranges from super fine, thin and soft to wiry and coarse. It is very delicate.

  • Use a creamy humectant as a leave-in to maximize protection from the elements.

Still Don’t Know What Your Hair Type/Texture Is For Sure? Chy, When I First Started Learning About My Hair It Was Informational, Tiring, And Shocking! So I Feel Your Struggles If You’re Still Confused! It Took Me A While To Find Out My Hair Has 3 Textures In DIFFERENT Blended Spots! Yessssss Via Licensed Beautician For Natural Hair:

The Front Half & Right Side Of My Hair Is 4A & 4B (Makes My Silk/Lace Wigs Look So REAL πŸ˜‚ #TeamEcoStyler) Literally Looks Like It’s Coming Out My Scalp WITH My Edges 😍 (Not Bragging, Just Blessed πŸ™ To Found A Strong Protective Hairstyle)

  • And The Center Of My Head Is 4A-4C! #StoryOfOJ πŸ˜‚

Can YOU Remember A Time Trying To Use The Wrong Products For Your Hair? Yes, Complete And Certain Frustration! You Ever Used A Product That Works For A Particular Part Of Your Head Before? βœ‹πŸ˜‚ Can’t Get The Results You Like At All? Blended Textures Could Be Why! On The Other Hand, You May Not Have Had All The Extra Headache I Did Because Your Hair Is Pretty CONSISTENT! Lol

Once You’ve Cleansed The “Naughty Coil Ju-Ju’s” 😎😎 Check Your Email For This Week’s Daily Hair Growth Regimen. Now Is The Time To Start Training & Telling Your Hair You Love It! No, Not Literally (Although I Do Talk To My Hair– As If It Were A Plant 🌹) But Speaking Into It Life By MAKING Sure Your Hair Is Moisturized, Free Of Build-Up, And Always Thriving! The Time Is Now, To Rejuvenate Your Antennas πŸ“‘

If You Haven’t Signed Up To Receive EXCLUSIVE Hair Care Regimen Emails, Please Submit Your Name, Social Media Username (For A Tagged Response If Applicable), And Anything Else Under The Sun β›… To: MochaKittzKittz@Gmail.Com

As I’ve Stated Before, I’m Only Posting General Information About Hair On Rantings of Mocha πŸ‘‘πŸ’„If That’s What You’re Here For, Thank You So Much For Stopping By!

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Dedication To Natural Hair: The Rejuvenation Of My Antennas πŸ“‘ Chapter 1πŸ“‘

All My Life I’ve Struggled With My Hair. It Was Too Hard To Manage. I Was Getting Too Old For The Doll Baby Hairstyles My Mother Did.. You Know, The Ones With The Gigantic Ribbons/”Bow-Bows” & Of Course, The BANGS! Being A Teenager In The 90’s Was A Little Hard. Lol I’ve Always Had A Nice Texture.. Just REALLY THICK! To Me, I Didn’t Feel Too Pretty With My Naps…

My Mother Didn’t Allow Me To Get A Perm In My Hair Until I Was 13 Years Old! If You’re Unfamiliar With The Term “Perm” For Natural Hair Care; Basically It’s A Styling Method That African American Women Use To Give Their Hair A More Pressed/Straightened Look.

I Begged My Mother, And Begged, Until She Finally Gave In. I’m Not Sure If The Hassle Of Doing Three Children’s Heads, Working, And Maintaining A Household Had Anything To Do With It. But In My Eyes, I Won! “Finally, My Hair Could Look Beautiful…”

When I Got My First Perm, I Had My Hair Cut Into A Short Hairstyle To Give Myself A Sense Of “New-New” πŸ˜‚ I Loveeeed The New Perm Look, But Still Didn’t Know How To Take Care Of My Hair. I Had No Knowledge Of Curlers And Flat Irons; Resulting In A Lot Of Heat Damage, Breakage, And Split Ends. Now, Although I Somewhat Achieved My Desired Look For My Hair; It Wasn’t As Healthy As My Natural Hair Was Initially!

My Hair SLOWLY Grew Through The Damage. Once I Got To High School, I Decided To Clip My Ends.. It Helped A Great Deal! For A Second. I’ve Always Loved Weaves & Hair Clip-ins, So BABEE When I Say I Killed Them πŸ’― They We’re Dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This Actually Allowed My Hair To Grow, But In A Damaged State! Uggggh, I Didn’t Know What Was Going On! I’m Like πŸ˜’ Using Every Product Labeled “Grow”, “Anti-Breakage”, & “In Jesus’ Name”, #YouNameIt I Tried It! Facts!😭

During My College Years, I Rediscovered The Possibility Of Going Back COMPLETELY NATURAL.. Starting Over, My Life Was Beginning Yet Another Chapter. I Wanted To Honor It! I Escaped A Domestic Violence Situation, My Son Was Completely Healthy After The Ordeal, And I Was Coming Into “Knowing The Self”


When I Was Younger I Saw Myself.. My Image.. My Aural Badges.. My Essence… For Years I Felt I Was Supposed To Resemble Erykah Badu.. Lol I’m Just Keeping It Real.. For One Of My #RantingsOfMocha Supporters To Draw My Spiritual Manifestation In A Picture Blew My Mind! I Feel SO HONORED. Here’s His Depiction Of Me, Mocha πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘


One Day I Was Just In This State Like: “Today Is The Day I Start Accepting My Antennas” I Went Into The Bathroom And Conducted #TheBigChop! At First I Was Like “What The Fuck Have I Done?” I Slowly Took To My New Hairstyle.. I’m Not Going To Lie..






I’ve Decided To Write This Post Because I Receive A Great Amount Of #KittzMail About My Hairstyles And My Natural Hair Under My Protective Styles! So Here’s What I’ve Decided To Do… I’m Going To Cut 2 Inches Off Of My Hair!! Yes, I SAID IT! I’m Doing It In Honor Of The Rantings Of Mocha #ItsJustHairChallenge To Inspire MORE People On The Fence About Going Natural!

MAYBE: You Don’t Know How To Take Care Of Natural Hair, You Don’t Know What Products To Use, You Feel Like You Won’t Be Able To Wear Weaves, Wigs, Etc.. If You’re Interested, Please Join The Movement! Please Email: MochaKittzKittz@Gmail.Com To Be Signed Up For The Weekly #HairSlayChallenges 😘


They Will Not Be Posted On Rantings Of Mocha! We Have To Weed Out The People Here For Personal Gains (Serum Snatchers.. Go Read That Post), But Don’t Bother To Support!

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