#WeirdWednesdays: A Light Stroll Through Harris Teeter For Subs! *Youtube Link Included!*

 I’m Standing Up To The Lies & Hate From Cut Off “Friend-Haters”.. You Don’t Have To Like Me, But YOU WILL RESPECT ME…  I Never Liked The “Invisible Part” Sew-In Stage..  At Least I Know Where I Come From.. Some People On My Friends List Have Since Created New Pages; But On My OLD Facebook Page.. They Remained.. I CAN NOT BELIEVE How Much People Forget WHERE THEY STARTED! OMGEEEE, But I Kindly Got My Screenshots And Kept It Moving!

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ThrowBack Picture Of Me In My Modeling #MochaApplebum Days

Each Month, We Will Review My Hair Vendors Wigs, How I Customize My Wigs From Scratch, And You Will Receive EXCLUSIVE Online Coupons So You Can Get Them For The Prices That I Do! You Will Also Be Able To Have A Wig Customized By Me Personally! Each Customized Wig Lace/Silk Wig Will Come With The Proper Care Instructions For The Texture Of Hair You Purchased! #InspireNation OUuuuuuUUU We About To Come Together Really Nicely! I’ve Noticed That A Lot Of People Will Stalk My Pages And Use What They See On My Shit; Without Paying Respect! I’ve Helped A Lot Of Loyal Royal Chicks, Haters, And Invisible Lurk Pages Wigs And “Their Drives To Get Off Their Asses” This Past Year! I Appreciate The People That Came To Me Wanting To See Where We Can Mend, Replace, And HUSTLE Together.. Sometimes You Can Allow Another Person’s Envy To Determine Whether YOU Actually Like A Person.. We Need To Stop Doing That & Give The Person A Chance Ourselves! You May Be Surprised At What You Discover… If I Told You Not To Like A Person, Just Because I Didn’t PUT ME ON BLAST IN THE COMMENT SECTION.. I Don’t Move Like That.. Not For Some Petty Stuff.. Now If You Physically Hurt My Loyal Royal.. We Got A Issue.. Other Than That, I’m Too Damn Old For The Young Chick Games! 💯💅

I’ve Always Had A Level Of Classy, Unique, Weird & Corky, And Fashionista! This Is A Picture Of IG: @Inspire_2_Ignite & I Back In Our Promotional Modeling Days For DCP.. I’m No Longer Affliated With That Brand (Thank God!) Check Out My Article On My Experience Being A “Plus Sized” Model In Charlotte, NC! Menu—Blog Post Rantings—-

Thank You For Giving Me Props & Allowing Me To Grow! To Be Real, The Type Of Shit That I Do Is A Thankless Job For My Doubters… Kind Of Like Being A Momma! Lmao My Haters Will Never Acknowledge That I Give Them Life.. They Can Stalk My Page Quietly, Get Their Wigs Snatched, And Act Like They Came Up With It On Their Own.. Truth Be Told, If You Happen To Be Good-Looking AND Claiming This Theory; People Will Most Likely Label It As “Conceited”.. Once People Got To Know Me; They Saw I’m Far From It.. Well Hunnay I’m About To Start Pulling Cards! I’m Tired Of It! How I Created My Own Lane.. At This Point, You Can Tell Where The Inspiration Is Coming From! Hell, I Can Send Out Invoices Just Like Drake Did! #Don’tPromoteABusinessIfYouDontOwnIt You Making Us Bawsets Look Bad Out Here Sis!

Use The Contact Me Section In My Menu To Be Added To The Newsletter.. When I Get Everything Signed & Squared Away We Will Go Into “HOW I INSTALL MY HAIR…” Ya’ll Know My Installs Truly LAST 2 Weeks Or More (With Light Work On The Edges.. But Ya’ll Know I Hinted At My #QuickFix Method! It’s Unconventional, Unique, And Made Especially For You! ) I Was Lurking On My Old Facebook Page.. The Original Facebook Page.. And I Was Really Shocked At How My Eyebrows & Makeup Looked!🤧🤢😷👩🏽‍⚕️  My Hair Has Always Been On The Fleeky Side.. I Got All My Pictures And All My Past Hair “Streaks & Designs”.. So You Will Be Able To See What I Wore Coming Into My Womanhood! So We About To “Debunk” All These “I’ve Always Put This Color In My Hair..” “I Came Up With The Color Streak In This Section In…”(My Placement Is Strategic.. When I Looked “Back Then” I Didn’t See It For You SIS) “My Product Is High Quality When You Can Get It For $2” (The Scramble To Stay Relevant Against My Grace For Social Media Attention) .. These Lies Goin Fucking Stop! Like Cardi B Says.. Yooo, Nobody See When You Are Provoked… Only When You Smack Back!! Thats Real.. Two Different People… With The Same Mindset.. GETTING PAID! Love That Bihh To Pieces #ARealBronxBih!! To All My “Friend-Haters” That Got Cut Off Who Claim I Haven’t Given Them LIFE Over The Years.. Haven’t Covered For Your Fake-Book Lies For Likes…  I Can Prove I Did! Yall Going Stop Running With My Style! Either You Hate My Guts Or Your A Fan.. Pick One! But Messing With Me & My Brand Going Get You Exposed! It’s Best To Just Leave Me Alone; And I Will Do The Same For You..


  I’m Standing Up To The Lies & Hate From Cut Off “Friend-Haters”.. You Don’t Have To Like Me, But YOU WILL RESPECT ME…  I Never Liked The “Invisible Part” Sew-In Stage..  At Least I Know Where I Come From.. Some People On My Friends List Have Since Created New Pages; But On My OLD Facebook Page.. They Remained.. I CAN NOT BELIEVE How Much People Forget WHERE THEY STARTED! OMGEEEE, But I Kindly Got My Screenshots And Kept It Moving!


One Person That (I Feel Like Is A Was A ‘Friend-Hater’ Then) Was Literally On Everything I Posted.. Like SOME FAN SHIT.. Confirming What I Say To This Day; She Wants To Suck My Cootch Dry LMAO And Even Then, I’ve Always Showed Love Back..I’ve Never Been A Hateful Person.. Check My Old Profile For Facts! I Was Young; I Didn’t See The Signs..  I’ve Overcome So Much Shit Since Then, We Both Have.. As Soon As A Person Feel Like Your Doing Better Than Them; That’s When The Jealousy, Hate, And Envy Comes In.. I Tried To Help; But She Wasn’t On The Same Shit I’m On.. To Me, We Were Both Equal Regardless Of Lifestyle Differences.. I Played Along With The Shits Because I Never Got Crossed.. When Something Was Done I Didn’t Like; I Checked It.. One Time Is A Mistake.. Multiple Times Is A Choice.. When A Person Finally Gets An Audience.. They Will Often Start To Perform… She Like The Attention Of People Who Really Don’t GAF.. Just Living In The Situation.. Me.. I’ve Always Been This Way.. People Want To Get To Know Me.. I Don’t Want To Get To Know Everybody.. #NaturallySheDope The Backstabbing, Cattiness, And Fake Love Began.. I Quickly Cut Her Ass Off! I Miss My Friend Sometimes, Yes.. But The #Rebirth In Me Already Knows Whats Up.. To Keep Everything Calm & Cool.. My “Beings” Locked Up (One Is Ready & Petty) … And I Just Keep My Distance.. For Our Safety And For The Sanity Of My Lifestyle.. Brand.. Beings.. And SO IT SHALL BE I Will Not Fall From Grace With You! TUH


One Of My #LoyalRoyal Diam & I At Her Baby Shower! Congrats On The Baby Boy Boo!! Both Of Our Nails Were Slayed By IG: @PolishedJewelz!! #TakingQueenCityByTheHand
Diam & I Around The Time We First Met At Work! I Know, We Still Look The Same.. Just Grew Up!

Let’s Get Straight Into This Video! Make Sure You Like It, If You View It! I See My Last Video For #MotivationalMondays Ruffled A Few Feathers.. I (NOW) Rarely Get Messages Like “Were You Talking About Me In That Last Post?”.. Those Always Catch Me Off Guard Because YTF Would You Have Access To Me If It Were You? I Cut Off People And They Scramble To Still Find Me.. No Harm Or Hate Bih.. But Go Be Great.. People I Don’t Even Check On Are In Deep Competition With Me And It’s So Cute!

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#TheGagIS The People I Cut Off Showed Their Hate Doing Subliminal Posts.. When You’re Friends With A Person For A Long Time; You Know How They Move In Certain Emotions/Situations.. They Know What Words/Phrases To Use To Get The Point Across.. It May Seem Like Nothing To The Average Person; But The Purpose Of A Subliminal Post Is To Talk Shit To A Person Without Acknowledging Them To Give Them Clout.. Now Chicks Are Straight Up Lying In Sub Posts JUST FOR CLOUT! Like, “Come Look At My Page.. Ya’ll Like Mess Don’t YA!?” The Scramble For Attention On Social Media From People With Nothing To Offer Is Sad.. SMH

I Tweet About How Much My #SerumSnatchers Post Subliminal Posts & How I Could Expose Their Whole Fake Social Media Image.. How They Make People Feel “Less Than” And They ARE NOT DOING Shit Spectacular With Their Lives… The Serum Snatchers Start Posting About The Universe, Inspirational Shit, And Much More… ALmost All On The Same Day.. I’m Like Yeahhh, You A #SerumSnatcher..  Since When You Been Into Shit Like That? Lmao  I Can Honestly Say: A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE SHOWN ME THEIR TRUE COLORS.. The Exact Time I Asked The Universe To DO SO.. I Believed The “Friend-Hater” When She Said She Wasn’t Talking Junk TWICE.. Bih NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE.. There Is Nothing A Person Could Tell Me About a Person I Consider A #LoyalRoyal.. Bihh, I Need Proof.. To My Face, Eyes, And Ears.. The Same People She Flexed On Me For; People RAN To Prove It.. I Got What I Needed & Cut Them Off Too Lmao I Could Care-Less About A “Confrontation..” That’s What They Were Waiting For… I Got Better Things To Do And I Actually Have Stuff To Lose LMAO

 I Guess That’s Why I Rambled So Much In The Last Paragraphs.. It’s Just A Shame To See The Sad Attempts Of All Of Them Looking At Me Through A Screen Now.. If You Don’t Know Me Personally, You Would Never Know That This Is How I Operate NOW.. When I Was Younger; You Already Know Whats Up.. But What Would I Gain Personally? I Would Lose MORE Engaging.. I Would Lose MORE Being Thirsty For Attention.. I Know The Type Of Friend I Am… The Type Of Love I Give My Loyal Royals.. When I Started To Stop Playing Into These Bitches “Imaginary Friendship & Thin-Air Careers…. I Began To Make More Genuine Connections.. I Got To Know People For Myself… I Got The Same Amount Of Love I Gave Out..  I’m Grown Now.. WE’RE Grown Now..  Chyyyy, I Refuse To Be Some Other Bitches #CoSignerOFLies.. Go Clique Up With The Proper Section..


Anywho Chy, That Loyal Royal Video Had More Views Than Likes! I’ma Need For That To Match Up! I Don’t Want Anyone To Think I’m Buying Followers.. Lmao I Will Be Damned If I Buy Followers Likes, Views, Comments, Or Watch My Own Damn Videos Everyday For View.. Ya’ll Know Damned Well I’m Broke As Hell! Social Media IS Not That Important To Me.. It Goes Back To What I Said Earlier, My Haters & Lurkers Be Watching My Shit Faithfully.. How Do You Have That Many Views (50-Something) And 2 Likes? Who Exactly Are These People? Well Damn! Lmao Just My Thoughts For #WeirdWednesdays… Smh


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#WhyWednesdays: My Weird & Corky Youtube Video Picks With Links! 👩‍💻

Chy You Know I Like To Rattle Your Days With The Stimulating, Alluring, WTFs, And Down Right Hilarious Youtube Videos….. So Let’s Just Slide Right On In This Thing Like A Sizzling Plates At Olive Garden! I Love That Damn Place… 

Ask You Know, I Don’t Really Watch Regular Television Like I Would Assume The Normal Person Does. InCollege, And My Old Roomate Can Attest, I Would Put Both Of Our Televisions On News14 Just To Go To Sleep. I Used To Watch The News A Lot.. Until I Started Seeing The Words Between The Words.. I’m Guessing I Watch On Average About Less Than A Hour Per Week Watching Normal Television. Lol Does That Make Me Weird? I Get The Greatest Feel Of The World And Real Life Perspectives From My Fellow Youtube Creators. At Least With Some Channels, You Can Still Get A Honest Opinion From A Person From A Completely Different Background From Yourself. Not The Scripted Opinions Of Local Newscasters. If I Do Happen To Watch Television, I Will Always Most Likely Be The Older Shows.. The Jefferson’s, All In The Family’s, The Twilight Zone’s, Alfred Hitchcock Presents’; To Name A Few..  Yeah I Know, It’s Seems Like I’ve Been Here Before.. Lol My Friend Believes I’m “Ancient”— Whatever That Means…

Chy You Know I Like To Rattle Your Days With The Stimulating, Alluring, WTFs, And Down Right Hilarious Youtube Videos….. So Let’s Just Slide Right On In This Thing Like A Sizzling Plates At Olive Garden! I Love That Damn Place… 🍝

Paranormal Activity Virtual Reality Gameplay

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming Is Starting To Become Increasingly Popular Within The Gaming Community. With Countless Gamers Creating Accounts Daily With The Popular Gameplay Streaming Website, Twitch, More Gamers Are Turning To VR Gameplay. I’ve Recently Been On A Indie Horror Game Kick. If You Haven’t Had A Chance To See Me Stream On Twitch, You Totally Missed Out On The Red Barrel Games Indie Horror Game “Outlast”! This Game Calls For You To Escape A Mental Asylum, Literally In One Piece, As You Document Your Torture As An Investigative Journalist! Although It’s Not In VR, Paranormal Activity Is, And I ABSOLUTELY Can’t Wait To Experience It For Myself! If You Have Kids, I HIGHLY SUGGEST That You Make Sure They Are Sound Asleep Before Playing Either One Of The Games I Just Mentioned! Check Out This Erie Videos I Watched On Youtube This Week Of The VR Gameplay Of Paranormal Activity Brought To You By Youtube Creator: IGN!!

Georgia Woman Heading To Las Vegas Deplaned The Entire Flight Because She Wouldn’t Get Off

A Lady Flying Out Of Atlanta, Georgia Using Spirit Airlines Heading Towards Las Vegas Claims That The Airline Closed The Gate Early Causing Her To Miss Her Initial Flight. She Refused To Exit The Plane Because She Felt She Was Treated Unjustly Because She Saw A Women Board After Her; Catching The Very Flight She Missed. Once She Got On Her Plane, The Security Asked Her To Leave Stating That She Was Unruly Prior To Sitting Down. Watch This Video I Got A Glimpse Of On Youtube Creators: Pet Tea Blog’s Youtube Page And See If She Was Justified.. Leave Your Comment In The Comment Section!



Small Youtube Creators Channels I Watched This Week! Did You Make It To The Site?

Want Your Youtube Channel Featured On Rantings Of Mocha? All You Have To Is Ask! Yes, Literally Ask! Follow Me On Instagram, Send Me A Message With Your Link And I Will Check It Out! **Must Be Subscribed To Rantings Of Mocha On Youtube To Be Eligible!** That Simple.. RantingsOfMocha@Gmail.Com

It’s Always Cool To Get A Inside Look Into A Person’s World On The Other Side Of The World. I Truly Enjoy Looking At The Scenery, The Artistry,  The Passion That Is Put Into The Production Of A Small Youtube Channel. I Have Just Over 250 Subscribers And I Can’t Wait To Gain More Loyal Supporters Of #RantingsOFMocha! So Just To Piggy-Back Off What I Was Saying Earlier, I Do Actually Watch Your Videos. When I Subscribe To Your Channel, Although Youtube Can Flush Videos At Times, I Do Actively Watch Your Videos! This Next Few, Is A Few Of My Fellow Youtube Creators, Loyal Subscribers, And Overall DOPE Individuals On My Instagram Timeline!

Sheedah’s Vlogs: How To Make Yam Pottage/Porridge! Yummy 😋


Allan “A2DaWellZ” Wells: Check Out His Youtube Page Where He Puts Down Some Dope, Banging, Incredible  Beats!



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#WhyWedesday: Top Youtube Video Picks

So As You Already Know, YouTube Has Turned Into My Television. It Doesn’t Help That My Smart TV Came With A YouTube Application. Annnd I Can Send The Videos Directly To My Television From My Phone? Chy… I Love That Feature.. And I Love To Bring You The YouTube Video That I Watched During The Week, Made Me Think, Or Had Me Completely Like WTF? So Kicking Off #WhyWednesdays Were Going To Start This Off With A Funny Video.. I Personally Didn’t Find This Video But It Was Submitted To Me! If You Want Me TO Check Out A YouTube Video.. Please Feel Free To Subscribe To My YouTube Channel And I Will Use That List To Sub And Pick Videos! OR You Can Follow My On IG: @BrownBonedBawset And Mention Me In Videos! Okay…. Let’s Get This Shit Started..


When I First Saw This Video On YouTube I Instantly Fell In Love.. Given The Fact That I Rescued A Healthy Cat #SimonCylus From The Humane Society, I Absolutely Adore Owners Who Make Videos Using Their Pet Cats! This Video Is From The Talking Kitty Cat Channel.. I Love The Owners Connection With His Pets! The Commentary Is Absolutely Hilarious And My Cat & I Enjoy It Very Much!

This Next Video Is From One Of My Favorite Singer Tinashe! She Just Released Her New Song “Me So Bad” And I Really Feeling It! I’ve Been Bumping “No Drama” Featuring Offset Because I’ve Been Listening To It This Week A Lot While I’ve Been Completing  Assignments.. Chyyy, Let’s Turn It Up For My Lil Boo (Whom I Don’t Actually Know Lol) Tinashe! My Favorite Song From Her Is “Cold Sweat” My Absolute FAVORITE.. Although It’s Hard To Pick.. Lol



This Story Presented By The Empressive YouTube Channel Really Made Me Think And Reflect About How Blessed I Am. To Be One Of Those People In Life That Can Live Securely Within Themselves. Often Times People Don’t Realize That People With These Types Of Personalities Can Experience The Cruelty In Society At Heightened Levels. To Still Walk Tall.. I Really Have A New Found Respect For Lil’ Mama.. I Never Really Had A Problem With Her.. Her Music Wasn’t My Tea.. But I Could Still Respect Her Grind.. It Really Didn’t Bother Me As Much As It Did Society.. Like Damn Was It That Serious To Treat Her That Way? How Do You Feel After Watching This?

Now To Get Into The Strange & Questionable.. If Your A Lover Of The Paranormal Like Myself, You Should Subscribe To Chills Channel On YouTube! Omgee, Some Of The Shit I See On His Channel I Wish I Could Unsee.. Lol.. One Of The Creepiest Things I’ve Seen Is A The Haunted Dolls Videos From About A Year Ago.. Now, I Low-Key Always Gently Place My Daughters Dolls Down.. Lmao That Shit Blew My Mind! Smh If You Don’t Like Stuff Like This.. Skip It..

When I Say This Had Me In Stitches! Will Smith’s Channel Always Brings A Smile To My Face And Motivation To My Day.. Lol Kind Of Ironic That He Is This Close To Robot.. Because In I Robot I Didn’t Think He Was Going To Make It! Lmao That Robot Is How We Curve These Dudes! But To Be Honest, I Really Don’t Like The Idea Of This Robot Stuff.. It’s Kinda Creepy!

Okay That’s What Really Caught My Eye This Week On YouTube! Stay Tuned For The Next Stings Of My #WhyWednesday Picks! Follow Me On Twitter & Instagram!



Showing Love, To Those There From The Start.. My Readers 🎀

What Up, What Happened? And Whatssssss Good?! Lol A Little Strange Greeting From A Low-Key Stranger, Huh 😅 I Know My Throat Has Been Kinda Dry 😅 But The Good Sis Has You Super Covered.. Always SUPER Straight.. Believe That! So Don’t Fret, I Haven’t Forgotten About #InspireNation 😘

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Lost & Forgotten Afro-Americans In History: Ester “Baby Ester” Jones Presented By Rantings Of Mocha And #TEMG

Often Times We Hear About The Same, Yet Pivotal Afro-Americans During The Month Of February For Black History Month; Such As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Honorable Thurgood Marshall, And Fredrick Douglas. We Value The Hard And Sometimes Deadly Sacrifices They Made Before, And For Us Today. But How Often Do We Hear About People That Played Key Influential Roles In American History, Music & Entertainment, And Science Such As Matthew Henson, Ella Baker, And Claudette Colvin? Please Join Rantings Of Mocha, As A Member of Tiger Eye Management Group, As We Discover The Lost & Forgotten Afro-Americans In History! The Real Question Is, “Why Did They Get Left Out Of History?” This Is A Glimpse Of Ester “Baby Ester” Jones A Cabaret Jazz Performer… Turned Cartoon Personality Icon.. By Theft Of Black Girl Magic!


Ester “Baby Ester” Jones was claimed and proven to be the Real Betty Boop! Her style personality, stage presence, and clever one liners captured the hearts of those whom got a chance to see her perform. Not to be confused with another Jazz Singer “Little Ester”, Ms. Jones was a regular performer at The Cotton Club in Harlem, NY. After tiring research, I could literally only find one picture of Baby Ester and absolutely NO AUDIO! 😥😢 Hmm.. Carrying On..

Cartoonist Max Fleischer had the opportunity to see a performance by Baby Ester and was inspired by the Jazz singer in the early 1920’s. The cartoon Betty Boop was dubbed the “First Sex Symbol In Animation.”


Betty Boop was best known for her revealing dress that showed off her curvaceous figure, and signature “Boop A Doop” tag line. As controversy swirled during the 1920’s and even then, some say Betty Boop the cartoon character, can be traced back to Ester’s trademark vocal styles using “boops” and other high-pitched scatting sounds. During this time, a singer & performer, Helen Kane had a chance to see Ester Jones perform at an event in Harlem, New York and quickly adopted her style for herself. WOW! Can you say “Swagga Jackin” LOL


Anywho, when cartoon Betty Boop was finally introduced to the world by Paramount Publix Corporation and cartoonist Fleischer, Kane sued them claiming that they were using her image and style. Theatrical manager Lou Walton testified during the Fleischer v. Kane trial that Helen Kane saw Baby Esther’s act in 1928 with him and appropriated Jones’ style of singing, changing the interpolated words “boo-boo-boo” and “doo-doo-doo” to “boop-boop-a-doop” in a recording of “I Wanna Be Loved By You”. Who do you think would have exclusive rights to the unique sound? Take a guess.. 👀 Max Fleischer located a sound film made in 1928 of Baby Ester performing, which was introduced as evidence in court. Did you guess Baby Ester? YOU my friend, guessed right!

The courts ruled Helen Kane had no exclusive rights to the unique “Booping” sound she claimed to invent. Now today, the (revised) world wide image of Betty Boop is actually a caricature of ESTER JONES… Well… Actually… NO IT’S HELEN KANE!! In 1930, Fleischer Studios animator Grim Natwick introduced a caricature of “Helen Kane”, in the form of an anthropomorphic singing dog with droopy ears and a squeaky singing voice, in the Talkartoons cartoon Dizzy Dishes. “Betty Boop”, as the character was later dubbed, soon became popular and the star of her own cartoons. In 1932, (So from 1928-1932 the character resembled an animal— 😑.. I’ll continue y’all 😑) Betty Boop was changed into a human, the long dog ears becoming hoop earrings. Her appearance became more appealing to the eye and resembled the then Official voice of Betty Boop, Helen Kane..


The soul, personality, and heart of Betty Boop Is Most Definitely Ester Jones!

Ester’s Date of Death was deemed in 1934 and declared “Death In Absentia” which is when a person is declared legally dead despite the absence of direct proof of the person’s death, such as the finding of remains attributable to that person.. Something Just Doesn’t Seem Right Here… Hmmm… None the less, she can still live (partially) through the personality of Betty Boop. Kind of makes you think twice when you see cartoons glorified over the years, Huh? #MindBlown

“Lost & Forgotten Afro-Americans In History: Ester “Baby Ester” Jones Presented By Rantings Of Mocha And #TEMG” Written By: Mocha Williams 07 February 2018

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Are You Filtering Yourself Into A Mental State?

How Often Have We Seen The Same Person.. Same Picture.. Different Day? We Have All Been There.. The Undeniable Selfie! Selfie In The Bathroom Mirror.. Selfie In The Work Bathroom Mirror.. Then We Graduate; Selfies In Walmart.. Selfies With Food.. Selfies Behind Random People! Does This Make You Egotistical? Narcissistic? Hell Naw! We Actually Have Real Scientist Research That Says Otherwise.

I’m Glad Someone Had The Free Time To Do This Research For Us 😂 HUNNAY, I’m More Interested In The Action Of Posting Lmao

Researchers At Brigham Young University Performed A Study On What Truly Motivates People To Take Photographs Of Themselves. The Study Came Back With Some Cool (But Clearly Not Obvious) Findings. In The Study, Participating Selfie Takers Were Asked To Rank Various Statements About Why One Would Take A Selfie In Order From Most To Least Tuned With Their Personal Reasonings. This Information And More Details About The Actual Study Can Be Sited In The Visual Communication Quarterly.

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The Brilliant Researchers Spent Long, Hard, Countless Hours, Coming Up With This Conclusion.. So Let Me Stop Talking Shit & Keep It Moving.. Without That Research, I Would Never Be Able To Bring You It’s Findings!!

Sooooo, Okay Y’all! It’s Three Types Of Selfie Takers In This World! Let Me Collect My Light Research Notes & Put You On Tea! The Researchers At Brigham Young University Published It, So People Like Myself Come Get The Information; Then Filter It To The People! #TheGoodSis

Types Of Selfie Takers

  1. Communicators
  2. Autobiographers
  3. Self-Publicist

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Communicators: These Types Of Selfie Takers Share Selfies As A Way To Connect With And Open A Dialogue With Followers. These Types Often Post Pictures Of (Or With) Objects. Maybe Posting A Selfie Holding A Certain Countries Flag To Show Nationality. Possibly Posting A Picture Doing Community Service To Spark To Urge In Others To Serve. Check Out Some Examples Below:

Drew Barrymore Show Her Support By Taking A Picture With A

Autobiographers: The Autobiographer Selfie Taker, Shares Selfies As A Tool To Document Their Lives And Log Significant Moments. Whether It’s An Accomplishment At Work, In Business, Or Social Advances. They Don’t Seek The Feedback And Engagement That The Communicators Wish. Check Out Some Examples Below:

Photo Credits Pinterest

Self-Publicist: This Type Of Selfie Taker Is The Type Of Person To Document Their Entire Life. What They Are Doing That Day… What They Ate For Dinner… Where They Are Shopping… The List Goes On & On! They Are Most Commonly Viewed By Some Followers As Egotistical For No Reason 😂🆗 They Hope To Document Their Stories In A Positive Light. Check Out Some Examples Below:

So After Careful Review, Which One Are You? Which Selfie Profile Best Suits You? Honestly, I See Myself As A Autobiographer. I Would Say I’m A Communicator When It Pertains To My Brands. I Say This Because I Really Don’t Sit Back Before I Post A Picture And Think “This Will Show Up These MFs”… “This Will Get Likes”; It’s More Like “I Wanna Outdo My Last Profile Picture”. An After Thought Of “Damn, I Didn’t Capture The Shit I Want To Feature Last Pic”😂 When A Person Goes Through My Photo Album I Want The Glow To Go Up ⏫ Not Down ⏬ I’m Not Going To Lie! 💯👋 Half The Time I ONLY Have Likes From #Loyals… You Know, That Group Of People Who ALWAYS Like Your Posts? 😂😂

Often Times People Won’t Share Your Post, But Still Know What’s Going On–On Your Page! Has That Ever Happend To You?! Lol



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Truth Be Told, The Stupid Shit Gets The Most Likes & Normally People “Doing It” Isn’t Really Worried About All That. That Crowd Normally Comes With Success!

Artificial Intelligence/Augmented Reality Is Affecting Us More Than You Think…

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Where Did I Say I Was Better Than You?? In Fact, I’m Always Saying We Are One In The Same.. My Wig Comes Off Just Like Yours.. My Body Reacts Monthly.. Just.. Like.. Yours.. Society Has Made Us Complacent With The Bullshit.. I Know The Truth.. It’s A Distraction To The Divine. We Are Here Assigned Certain Roles From Within.. I’ve Come To The Conclusion That We Are Grouped & Are Living In Different Places Mentally. Your Energy/Conversation Clarifies Your Dimensions To Me.. When I Walk Outside My Door.. I See Trees.. I Smell The Odors Of My City.. I Admire The Roses.. The Broken Limbs Bc They Remind Me Of How Often I’ve Been Cracked, Broken, Twisted, And Turned But Always Managed To Sync Back Into My Natural Order Of Nature.. How Do You React When You Realize What’s Real? What Really Matters In Your Life.. Not Anybody Else’s?

I Will Never Expect You To Understand Me.. Respect Is Vital Though.. I Have No Interest In Proving Anything.. But Just Understand I Am Human As Well.. We’ve All Lived.. We’ve Been Broken & Revived.. Learned & With Will To Be Led.. To Grow… To Lead… All I’m Asking Is For Ppl To Realize– REAL LIFEEEEEE Is Passing You By.. Your Just Distracted By Foggy Dimensions… Clouded By Meaningless Judgement Of Those Whom Are Not Even Mentally Present.. But Still Lost In The World Wide Web..

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