Balancing The Fuss As A “Mom-trepreneur”.. The Struggle, Fashion, And Clients!

What Is The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name? How Would You Describe Your Blogging Style?  Get A Few Of Your Questions Answered With This Light Sitdown With #MochaKittzSays!!

What Is The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name?

Rantings of Mocha® is a reflection of the feelings, opinions, emotions, and just taboo shit that I habor internally. I’ve always gotten in trouble for voicing my opinion, often when the time was wrong. Lol I feel like I needed a nest to explain shit that I say because sometimes… It just doesn’t come out in the right words verbally. Surprisingly, I say what a lot of people are actually thinking!

How Would You Describe Your Blogging Style? 

My blogging style is definitely bougie chiq, meets gamer chill girl from next door, crossed with a hint of unconventional humanitarian! I’m still looking to grow personally as a Professional Figure in my community. I’m focused now more than ever; as far as the content that I publish to my readers. 

“I want my readers to feel like we are at a lounge, relaxing, and having a conversation face to face. Still walking away from the conversation THINKING; whether good or bad conversation Sparks change!”


How Do You Manage Time To Run Your Blog Effectively? 

Time management is something that I’m definitely working on. I would have to say procrastination, as well, is definitely a weakness of mine. Luckily technology has advanced over the years and allows me to start writing on my phone. I normally come up with the concept for what I need to write on my phone– then transfer them to paper. I know, I know! It’s fucking weird but I’m just old-fashioned I can never get out of the habit of writing my ideas out by hand. It seems like it flows out of my soul better! Until I can afford to get one of those laptops that changes into a tablet; and you can doodle on your notes, yeah I’m going to have to stick the pen and paper! Nothing like fresh heart doodles after writing a poem!


Do You Draw? You Mentioned “Doodles”? What Are Some Of Your Other Hobbies?

Actually I do draw a little bit. I’m more of an adult coloring book type of chick. An admitted hobby of mine is teaching myself new things! I’m the all around DIY female!

My main hobby is writing though. When I was younger I used to get out of trouble by drawing “I’m Sorry” situations; and gave them to my mother. I thought it would explain how I felt better. After that, I graduated to actually writing letters. Lol 

I wrote lyrics, taught myself how to make/produce music! I even made a mix tape that I may possibly polish off! Lol To this day, I still have raps… Poems… Pictures/paintings… Clothing designs all types of stuff; over 15 years worth of creativeness that I am ready to share. A lot of my creations (if I had published & pursued when I actually got the idea) would already be successful. I’m seeing what I predicted over 15 years ago play itself out today. I INVENTED BODYCON DRESSES 😖😞😂 This goes back to why I feel like I missed a piece of my calling… I haven’t missed out fully because I’m finally being obedient to my goals. THIS IS MY TESTIMONY!

What Was Your Greatest Failure And What Did You Learn From It?

My greatest failure, I would say, is probably waiting so long to actually pursue my dreams. I’ve literally had visions & dreams of how I would be NOW when I was younger. I felt like I was spending so much time helping other people pursue their dreams, that what I really loved (and needed) to pursue happiness in life was falling to the back burner. One day, it’s so crazy– I got a fortune cookie and I read the fortune inside. The question asked “When are you going to finally accept your greater good?” The lesson that I learned from it was to always follow your path that is placed inside of your heart. You may not know why you are placed here, but you just got to keep doing what’s right! What you feel like you should be pursuing is your destiny.

What Is Your Most Challenging Moment In Your Blogging Journey So Far?

The most challenging moments in my blogging journey so far is explaining to everyone the hard time, work, attentiveness, and craft that it goes into creating an article! Whether it be an article, blog, or promotional page. Its time-consuming! 

A lot of people expect me to do stuff and really have “attitudes” when I asked could they make a contribution to my budding business Inspire My Bawset (Launching November 2017). It takes a lot of time… I love what I do so I want to make sure it’s perfect for my customers! Paying & Free! PERIOD I have no problem buying or supporting products from people; but it seems like when it comes time to support me– (something I don’t even ask a set amount) just something to show that you support… Chyyyy, it’s a big issue! Why is it so hard for people in Charlotte, NC to support other local business owners? Without expecting everything for free? Support is given both ways.. I have bills as well people!

WOW! That’s Deep! Why Do You Still Support People Who Wouldn’t Support You?

I was always told that you put out into the Earth what you want received back. I still support people who I feel like don’t support me; mainly because that’s the type of person that I am. There is no winning with me harboring poor feelings towards the next person. The only thing you can do is learn who is on your team and who is not. Bag that shit up and keep it moving. At the end of the day all good light will come your way. This here is just instincts.. I bet I will never forget & always remember those who was loyally by my side. 

In The Future, Where Do You Want Your Blog To Take You?

Okay so I’m all for speaking stuff into existence. I would love to have a personal column in a corky, innovative, magazine or possibly broadcasting on somebody’s Network! One of my favorite Network’s to watch is Viceland. Viceland is my favorite because I feel like it’s such a real & authentic Channel! My personality would fit just right for it and they need a weird-ass, black chick to come on and spark conversation through fashion, life, & universe; from a mildly bougie point of view! I also wouldn’t mind being a radio personality; a positive role model to the kids in the community. You know, stuff like that. I WILL make a difference and change generations to come.

How Would You Describe Your Personal Style Of Dress? Do You Have A Celebrity Icon Whom Inspires You?

My style of dress reflects everything that I’ve been through in life. So no celebrities–just life lessons, cultural influences, and diversity.. My outfits?  Normally a reflection oddly of the music that I listen to, afrocentric, anime themes, Afro goth, mixed with boho, etc… You can’t really pinpoint the origin of my outfits and I like it that way.. 

I can listen to something with a beat that speaks to my soul and come up with an outfit based on my emotions.. Come out and have some cute ass outfit on hunnnay… Every one is definitely looking! Lol I love accessories to the max!


P.s- Always Keep A Betsey Johnson Bag Handy 🌹🌴😍


Author: Mocha Kittz, Rantings Of Mocha

2 Truths & A Lie: *I enjoy walking on the sides of my feet.* *I love to yell out the window to people walking by. And watch them look for me.* *I have a pet Lizard*

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